Looking after me!

So if someone told me 6 years ago that someone could feel my head and tell me exactly what was wrong with me, I would have told them to stop being stupid. All that changed when I saw my partner having a treatment with an Osteopath following a car accident. I watched in amazement as he was being massaged and manipulated and It wasn't long before it was me booking in for a body fix.

It was about 5 and half years ago and I was getting a lot of head aches so I thought why not give it a try. I had nothing to loose and it was better than pumping my body full of drugs. I booked in with a lady called Tracy at Huddersfield Osteopathy. I was a little scared to begin with but I was soon at ease with a gentle set of hands behind my head (I now call these magic hands).

She worked on me for around 45 minutes and after I felt a little tired but like all the stress had been taken from my shoulders and neck. She also told me that she thought she could feel an imbalance in my reproductive system. Now fast forward 2 weeks and a letter came through the post to say my smear results have come back with cell changes. Resulting in me having to have a Colonoscopy to remove abnormal cells. Could she really tell this from feeling my head? I can't see that this could have been a coincidence, it blew me away.

Over the years I have gone back maybe on 6 to 12 month intervals for a follow up treatment and I guess you could say a body MOT. It is helping keeping my migraines at bay and if I do suffer with them I book an appointment and they are once again sorted. I think I am going to make more time to look after me this year and go get massages and take more relaxing baths. Now I am a mum I find that I will pay anything for my son and even the dogs but when it come to spending money on my health I am a little more hesitant. I find this with a lot of people. It's time we start looking after us, because when you feel your best you can then give your best to the others around you.

A lot of people think Osteopaths just treat joint and muscle pain but this is far from the truth. Are you suffering from migraines or a body ache that you just cant seem to get rid of? Osteopathy might be something to look into.


This is not a sponsored post nor have I been asked to write this

Monthly Money Report - Working from Home

Sorry this is a little late, but thought I would share it anyway. This is what I earned over the month of December - £1222.98.

This month is a little different as I have done some cover work so I did make £700.00 from that. Because of this I relaxed a little over Christmas and took time off to spend with family.

Matched Betting - I only made £158.00 this month but this was because I stopped doing it when I was doing the cover work. This was for 1 weeks efforts so I am happy with that.

Admin and Social Media - £122.20. This is for helping out a family members business with Social media and admin on a Saturday. I am hoping this will be higher next month as I have lots of new ideas. Don't be afraid to offer your services to people, the worst they can say is no.

Ebay - £242.78 I had a good Ebay month. I had a big clear out ready for Christmas. I have kept this in my Paypal account and done all my food shopping online and haven't had to pay a penny towards it yet. Shopping online has stopped any impulse buys. I have a few more bags of stuff to still list so hopefully next month will be ok too.

So I made £522.98 this month for all my side bits. Lets see what January brings.

Just remember losing your job doesn't have to be the end of the world. Take a deep breath and think positive and think of ways you can make money until a permanent job comes your way.

Carrieanne xx

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