Losing My Job and How I Have Made Money

Monday, November 28, 2016

So you may notice I haven't posted for a while that is because on the 1st of this month I got a call to say I had lost my job with immediate effect. I have a 18month old a mortgage and Christmas was round the corner and I would be losing about £1000 a month.

I could have easily sat and cried but for some reason I didn't. Not one tear. I set on a mission to make money from home. I knew I only had to make £800 from home as I could look after Grayson. If I worked from an office I would need at least £1400 a month to cover childcare.

So it is coming up to the end of the month and I thought I would tell you how much money I have managed to earn from home in the past 3 and half weeks.

Drum roll please .......... £711

So here is the breakdown and how I got onto doing it.

Matched Betting - £398
I had seen a bit about matched betting before and always thought it sounded too good to be true and too much work and never signed up. I decided to Youtube it and came across Cora Harrison's video on how see makes serious cash by doing matched betting. Here is her video explaining it! I believed her and decided to start and guess what she was right!

Ebay - 129.00
I then watched more of her videos and realised she and her partner Helen also resell on Ebay. This gave me the motivation to look through my wardrobe and guess what, I had lots of clothes and shoes I could sell. I am so happy with the money I have made and I still have lots of items listed and still to list.

Admin and Social Media work - £184.00
So this is a few things I have pushed together. I know and speak to a lot of bloggers that do social media work for companies. So I spoke to a family member who I knew who could benefit from this and did a few Saturday shifts organising their social media side and also wrote them a blog post.

Also a lot of fellow bloggers have helped me keep level headed during this time. Including Hayley, CorrineJenna, SharonKatie, Anoushka, Sarah and Amy. I have made so many good friends through this blog and I am not ready to give it up yet.

So next months mission is to make over £800 and I will update you and let you know how I have done.

So if you lose your job, please know its not the end of the world and if you put your mind to it you can earn the money from home to keep you afloat until you can find yourself another job. Also check out the Cora and Helens Youtube channel as they gave me the motivation to stick at it the last few weeks. Their smiles are infectious and they are so helpful. They are trying to get to 5k subscribers for Christmas too, so go on click the sub button and make their day.

Signing off a very happy, very motivated,  self employed

Carrieanne xx

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  1. Ah Carrie I know how hard you've had it this month so glad it's been working out. And you know we'll always be there to support you x

    1. It has really helped having you lot to talk to X

  2. I could not have more respect for you, for sharing your journey, or the way you have brought yourself and your son through it! It takes a LOT of strength to hear that news and turn it into determination. I hope that an employer sees what a star you are and gives you a wonderful role, but for now, keep smashing it and enjoying your time at home with G xxx

    1. Thank you honey. This comment meant a lot. My partner works hard too. But unfortunately we wasn't in a position to live off his money alone x

  3. You have my great admiration for your resolve in what most people would consider a time of crisis - losing one's job, having an 18 month old to care for and a mortgage to pay is daunting. Kudos to you for taking the initiatives to become self-employed and earn money from home. It's nice that you found fellow bloggers to contact and share experiences and information with.



Thank you for reading
I read all of my comments and am grateful for each and every one

Lots of Love

Carrieanne xx

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