ChrIstmas on a budget - How I have kept cost down

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Losing my job this year and also having a Little one to buy for my purse strings were very tight. I know there will be a lot of people in the same boat as us, so thought I would share how I have managed this year.

This post is all about the ways I have kept prices down and some bargains I have found.

Boots 3 for 2 

Boots is popular this time of year for gift sets especially for the members of the family that are hard to buy for. Be careful though as some sets are cheaper to buy from elsewhere even with the 3 for 2 offer. Lynx sets for example. Boots are selling them at £6.50 making them £13 for 3 where Home Bargains have them on at £3.15 each making it only £9.45. You could buy 4 for cheaper than Boots.

I did do some bargain shopping in boots though. Last week they had their spend £50 get £10 free points. I also managed to get a bit of a glitch saving too. I bought my son a Push and learn Thomas at £20 and then I got 2 Soaper Spa Gift sets from Soap and Glory. These were in the 25 percent off sales and still in the 3 for 2 deal from £20 to £15. This is where the glitch came in it should have been £35 for the three items but when I looked at the receipt they had only charged me £30. They had put them all through at £20 each giving me the Thomas free and then discounting me £10 for the 25 percent off. So I got each set for £5!!

I also picked up a birthday gift for my mum at £21 so this made me hit the £50 total and I relieved £10 worth of free points. Amazing Day.

Boots Points 

I collect boots points throughout the year and save them for Christmas. I have £20 on there at the moment and I will use them for any last minute gifts I need to get. I have picked up a little stocking filler for my sister too, this was in the sale at £3 and I used my points so really I guess you could say it was free.

Poundland & Poundworld 

Pound world have a 4 for 3 offer on all christmas items at the moment. I always struggle with the boys in the family especially sisters other halves. This year I have decided on a Ted baker gift set ( 3 for 2) and also a gift box full of chocolate. They all have a sweet tooth. Pound World had lots of lovely gift boxes on the 4 for 3 offer so I picked out a good selection and both shops have a deal on multipack chocolates. I got a few packs of those too. I have made 4 boxes and on average they have cost me £3 each to make taking advantage of the 3 for 4 deal.

As you can see this is a popular gift my littles ones hands were straight in there. Also the Chocolate Honeycomb Block was a £1 too from Poundland.

The book selection is always good to look at in the pound shops too. I managed to find a few Disney book and CD sets. Perfect for the little girls in my family.

Charity Shops

I have been looking in all the charity shops lately as you can get some lovely items that people have never even used. The last few weeks has seen me pick up a lot of books. I picked up most books for 4 for 1. The 2 jigsaw books don't look used and will make perfect stocking fillers for little ones.

Online Christmas Deals and Discount Codes

Yesterday I ordered 3 photo diaries from Photobox from my little boy to the Grandmas. I love personal presents but they can be very expensive. I saw they had a deal on where the more you buy the less they cost I got 3 for £24 and then they wanted to charge £5.99 postage. A quick search online and I found a free delivery code.  2 weeks ago when I looked they were £14.00 each so I would have spent £42 plus delivery so sometimes it worth waiting to get a deal.

Its always worth googling the online shop you are buying from for discount codes, many times they are not shown on their site.

What bargains have you found this Christmas?

Carrieanne xx

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