Brantano Autumn Boots Wishlist

Ankle boots are always my go to footwear I wear them all year round. They go with everything This past 2 weeks have seen me ruin both pairs of my ankle boots the first to the rain. The sole has come away and they now talk to you (they also make a farting noise when walking in the wet which is very embarrassing). The second I dropped an open bottle of nail polish which smashed and splashed my beautiful suede boots and nothing will remove it.... Sob.

I have been looking on the Brantano website and they have a brilliant selection of ladies ankle boots so I have made myself a little wishlist.

The first boots that took my eye were the Clarks Orinoco Spice Ankle Boots. I've not had a pair of Clarks Boots since I were a child shopping for school shoes, but instantly fell in love with these. I think they will look perfect with thick black tights and dresses this Autumn.

I think a Chelsea boot is a staple for any wardrobe I love to wear them with skinny fit jeans and dresses. The Emilio Luca X  Ankle Boots would fit into my wardrobes perfectly. The size of the heel is ideal for everyday wear and I can imagine me getting a lot of wear out of these. 

These Lotus Madisyn Ankle Boots have to be my favourite I love the 2 types of material on the boots it just gives them that little bit extra. I heart this shade of brown and teamed up with a matching dark tan bag will pull an outfit together perfectly. I like to have 2 different colour boots in my wardrobe to chop and change my outfit look.

Brantano have a huge selection of womens shoes and boots what is your favourite choice of footwear?

Carrieanne xx

*this post is in collaboration with Brantano

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X - 3 Month Update

lazer hair removal

Have you heard about the laser hair remover you can use at home? I hadn't, I thought this type of hair removal could only be done professionally. 

Well I got to give the Tria 4X a try myself and thought I would share with you my experience. First I would like to say do your research before you buy. The device can only be used on light and medium skintones and cannot be used on naturally blonde hair. 

How the device works

The Tria hair removal lasers feature the same core diode technology preferred by professional Dermatologists. This technology is proven to be more effective for permanent hair removal results compared to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. The lasers are suppose to disable the hair follicles by targeting the colour pigment at the root

For best results you are to use the Tria 4x once every 2 weeks for 3 months. Hair grows in cycles so results will not be seen immediately. This is why it is important to use over  a 3 month period. It is not a one time use product.

How to use 

Step 1
Cleanse, shave and towel-dry for the most effective treatment.

Step 2
Customise to your comfort with 5 energy levels. Start on a low setting and work your way up.

Step 3
You’re one pulse away from smooth skin. After each pulse, lift and place the tip in an overlapping pattern.

I was surprised at how easy it was to use. I read the instructions and a couple of minutes later I was doing the patch test. 

I love the fact the device is locked until it tests that your skin is a suitable shade preventing any damage being done to you skin. 

Once I held the bottom of the device over my skin the device unlocked and I was ready to use. I applied the Tria Calming Gel and set the intensity setting to 3 using the button on the top and off I went. 

I used on my legs and underarms as these are the bits I feel like constantly needs shaving. I couldn't feel any pain on my legs but the underarms I did feel some. It wasn't unbearable and over time this became less and less. 

Now I am a natural dark blonde hair girl and didn't realise until after I used the product that it may not be suitable. So some of my hairs where too light for this to work. My leg hairs are so much lighter than my underarms and I think this is why there was no pain. 

It took me about 35 mins to do both legs and my underarms so longer than shaving but if it going to stop having to shave in future months I was all for it.

The Results

So has I previously mentioned my hair is naturally a dark blonde so I wasn't expecting the best results. Having said that my legs are definitely less hairy than they were 3 months ago but I can't give up shaving just yet.

I have to say though I really impressed with the reduction of hair growth on my under arms I would say it has easily reduced by half and I think my aiming may have missed a few spots so i may be hair free in a few more months.

Because I didn't think this was a fair trial due to my hair being the wrong shade I also got my sister to try has she has naturally dark brown hair. She has only used the device 2 times on her lower legs and she too has already seen an improvement.

All in all I'm impressed with the Tria 4X and hopefully soon shaving my underarms will become a thing of the past! Damn you dark hair girls who can get totally hair free bodies without the need to shave or monthly waxing treatments as does anyone really enjoy doing this.

Ill update you in a few months time to let you know if I'm totally hair free and how my sister is reacting to it too

Carrieanne xx

*this post contains a sample sent for review all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Cocktail Masterclass at Radisson Blu | The Light

radisson blu
Last Tuesday I was lucky to be invited along to a cocktail masterclass at the Radisson Blue Firelake Restaurant and Bar in Leeds.

The masterclass itself Lasts an hour to an hour an half and included in the package is a glass of prosecco, 2 cocktails and some amazing bar snacks. There is also a chance to go behind the bar and show off your own cocktail making skills. The food was absolutely delicious and at £29.95 per person for groups under 10 and an amazing £20 for groups of 10 or over, you should really check them out. 

radisson blu

radisson blu

radisson blu

What I love about the Firelake Bar is that the drinks can be tailored to you. Each classic cocktail can be transformed to something you like by adding passionfruit puree or strawberry syrup. I told him exactly what flavours I liked and the spirt and he made me an amazing drink. 

radisson blu

radisson blu

radisson blu

Would I pay to go again .... Yes I definitely would and will be suggesting this for future hen parties and birthdays as if you have 10 people I really think this is exceptional value for money. I don't think you could get the same standard of food and drink from anywhere cheaper. 

The staff were extremely helpful and friendly too. I was there a good half hour before anyone else and they put me at ease and made sure I had a drink. 

Have you been to a cocktail masterclass?? 

Carrieanne xx

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