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Friday, May 06, 2016

Right here I go ...... Im drunk, this doesn't happen much. Actually this NEVER happens. Yes Im now one of them boring mums. What do I do for fun you ask?? Well I have a bath and some times I put on a face mask silly... I know Im bloody party animal.

Tonight is a rare night I'm drinking, drinking at home (with the partner, I'm not that much of a loser) and I have drunk quite a lot. Why?? Because I wanted to. I needed to let my hair down, I have had a poop few weeks and needed to let go. So its currently 10.30 and I have already been dancing around in my PJs to imaginary music ( everything from the robot to body popping). Don't worry the child isn't in he is staying at the grandparents for the night, thats what they are there for right?

So why has life been challenging this last couple of week? Well I'm buying a house, and flipping heck its stressful. Did I believe everyone when they said this to me? Erm no. I hate the word solicitor and contract and completion. Just when you think everything going to plan, you have a move in date, So you book your internet date, order your sofa and bam something goes wrong and its going to be another 3 weeks.

I don't get bad luck I'm cursed .... yes you read that correct I have the Drew Curse. Its true all the Drews have it. My dad lost his job and got hit by his caravan (someone crashed into it whilst he was pulled up on some of road) sending him flying through the air, all in one day. Also the new caravan he bought with the insurance money got collected a week later by the police as apparently it had been stolen a few weeks before( Yes you couldn't make this shit up). My Grandad well there is many of a story one of the best is when he saw next doors shed on fire so he went to put it out with his garden hose. The next minute he was at the other side of the garden. The fire crew had turned up and the pressure of the hose through the hedges had sent him flying. I have to admit we are never short of funny and embarrassing stories in our family but the curse is just ridiculous. People who marry into our family get the bad luck passed on too. I can't wait to get married to hopefully free from it haha. Money can come in and something happens to make you have to pay out the exact amount you have received.

Its also nice to have some adult time. I love my little knoblet dearly, he's great but wow he can test my patience some times. I mean he's not even 1 yet and he has the attitude of a teenager. He throws his self to the floor when his yogurt runs out, and shakes in anger when he hears the word no. Anyone who says being a parent is a breeze all the time are bloody liars. Its amazing 99.9% of the time but that 0.01% is bloody hard and you need a time to breathe and to do something for you.

So now I've talk about random crap Im going to fill up my glass with another over measured cheeky vimto and maybe (most probably) have another little dance and wake up tomorrow half dead regretting it.

Carrieanne xx

What do you do to wind down???

Had to read this over 10 times so hopefully found all the mistakes

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  1. We all need to let our hair down sometimes. Whether that's a drink or a bath or a boogie. Whatever. There's nothing wrong with that. Moving house is so stressful. I did it 3 years ago, we bought our first home. It's definitely up there in the top 3 of stressful things to do! Good luck with it all. x x

  2. I love drunk updates! There's nothing wrong with letting your hair down, we all ned to do it more often than we actually let ourselves do it, but damn does it feel good when we finally do!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. More people should blog drunk


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