Lush's Green Bubbleroon

Saturday, April 16, 2016


A bath is something I look forward to now. I used to have one every night (I was obsessed) but since having a child showers are just faster and easier. Bath's are now my me time and wind down time. I try and make sure I get at least one a week and make sure its a relaxing and special one. 

Im a massive Lush fan but always go for the same smells the sweet ones so when I was given a Lush Green Bubbleroon in a goodie bag recently I was happy to try something different. 


The scent of this is very much Spring. Lush describe it as a 'fresh summer meadow'. It smells like fresh grass and isn't over bearing at all.

I crumbled a quarter of the Green Bubbleroon under hot running water and let it do its thing. I do have to say the Bubbleroons don't bubble as much as the bubble bars but they seem to be a lot more moisturising on the skin.




I couldn't really smell it after sitting in the bath for a while but I may have just got used to it. I couldn't really smell it on my skin either after. I will say that my skin was lovely and soft so thats a really big plus for me as I have very dry skin.

I think if sweet or over powering scents are not your thing this would be perfect for you its really refreshing and pleasant but I think I prefer my comforter.

I wouldn't rule out buying this again though as my skin thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have you tried this, What did you think?

Carrieanne xx

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  1. it straight up looks like a macron, Lush always has the best bath balms
    keep in touch

  2. I thought that silver stand was part of the bubble bar, it took me ages to work out it wasn't! I love the smell of grass, but don't know if i'd like this, I smelt this scent in a soap the other day but wasn't keen. Maybe in a candle it'd be better for me. :)
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I think its one of them scent some people just wouldn't want in a bath bomb like I prefer sweet. It does seem to be a few peoples favourite from some reviews Ive read x


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