Makeup Revolution' s Disappear to the Beyond

Thursday, March 03, 2016

disappear to the beyond
Im a sucker for a nude palette, do I have enough? ... Honestly yes. Will I buy more, almost definitely. This one from Makeup Revolution has a lovely mix of pink, browns and creams so had to be part of my collection.

I wouldn't say the packaging is the best on these palettes but they do their purpose and considering how affordable the products are this isn't something to moan about. You can see the shades through, so if you do have a few of these palettes you can find the shades you want quickly with having to open them all.  

Disappear to the beyond

disappear to the beyond

On to the important part the payoff. Down below I have swatched each colour with one stroke and as you can see they are pretty pigmented. A couple of colour are faint but with a primer I think these will show up a bit more.  I didn't notice much fall down when applying to my eye either which is always something to be pleased about.

They also have quite a creamy constancy and are very build-able.

Disappear to the beyond

Disappear to the beyond

Im pretty impressed with this palette and at £4 wow. If you guys see the Disappear to the Beyond palette I urge you to swatch it.

After trying this and their Iconic Smokey Palette (reviewed here) I won't hesitate buying more Palettes from Makeup Revolution.

What do you think, can you have enough nude palettes?

Carrieanne xx

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