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Thursday, February 04, 2016

dry shampoo

Batiste is the brand we all think of when it comes to dry shampoo. This is probably because its an amazing price and it does a pretty good job. 

When the new sweetie sent came to my door I was happy to try this out. 

dry shampoo

Just like any other dry shampoo you apply from about half an arms width away to the roots in sections and rub through with your fingertips. I have to say I do prefer the smell on this one, it is like sweeties as it says but not too sickly. Its nice to get a little whiff when your moving around.

Wear time I do only get a about 4 hours from batiste but at the price I don't really mind as you can always buy a miniature to pop in your bag to freshen up during the day if needs be.

I do like the effect on clean hair though. I do this a lot just to get a little more texture.

Do you look into scents when buying a dry shampoo??

Carrieanne xx

*this is a pr sample sent to review all thoughts and words are my own

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