3 Ingredient healthy Pancakes

Saturday, February 27, 2016

healthy breakfast

Today I thought I would share one of my go to recipes for healthy pancakes. Im doing Weight Watchers and find when I am following a 'diet' a such I always seem to crave carbs and sweeties. 

These beauties have been a big help in shifting 10% of my body weight these last 7 weeks. 

So the pancakes only contain 3 ingredients -
20g Oats 
1 banana 
2 egg whites

healthy breakfasts

I pop all the ingredients in a jug separating the egg whites and discarding the yolks, and then blend together with a hand blender. 

healthy breakfast

Its then time to fry those babies! I just used a few squirts of fry light and a minute either side and they are done. The mixture makes around 4 depending on the size you like.

healthy breakfast

healthy breakfast

These are brilliant on there own. I have these for breakfast and at only 2sp on weight watchers these are amazing.

If I'm fancying a little something more I add blueberries or strawberries. Also really nice with greek yogurt on too.

healthy breakfast

Sometimes I fancy a sweet treat so I do these as a pudding all I do is add a couple of teaspoons of Choc Shot. Choc Shot is a low calorie chocolate sauce that can be used to make hot chocolate, to spread on toast and as a sauce for favourite desserts.

healthy breakfast

 What quick healthy breakfast do you like?

Carrieanne xx

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  1. I really like the sound of these. I've tried to make those banana pancakes before but they've never worked out all that well, they're nice enough but I always felt like something was missing, oats could be the answer. I really want to try that choc shot, I can't seem to stop reaching for the Nutella these days!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Yummy snack... day or night!


  3. the pancakes look delicious
    keep in touch

  4. These look really tasty and so easy to make!

    I'll have to give them a go next time I fancy making pancakes


  5. Ah I love pancakes, it's just the best breakfast - even the simple ones with just banana + eggs, so easy to make!

    Anne x


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