3 Ingredient healthy Pancakes

healthy breakfast

Today I thought I would share one of my go to recipes for healthy pancakes. Im doing Weight Watchers and find when I am following a 'diet' a such I always seem to crave carbs and sweeties. 

These beauties have been a big help in shifting 10% of my body weight these last 7 weeks. 

So the pancakes only contain 3 ingredients -
20g Oats 
1 banana 
2 egg whites

healthy breakfasts

I pop all the ingredients in a jug separating the egg whites and discarding the yolks, and then blend together with a hand blender. 

healthy breakfast

Its then time to fry those babies! I just used a few squirts of fry light and a minute either side and they are done. The mixture makes around 4 depending on the size you like.

healthy breakfast

healthy breakfast

These are brilliant on there own. I have these for breakfast and at only 2sp on weight watchers these are amazing.

If I'm fancying a little something more I add blueberries or strawberries. Also really nice with greek yogurt on too.

healthy breakfast

Sometimes I fancy a sweet treat so I do these as a pudding all I do is add a couple of teaspoons of Choc Shot. Choc Shot is a low calorie chocolate sauce that can be used to make hot chocolate, to spread on toast and as a sauce for favourite desserts.

healthy breakfast

 What quick healthy breakfast do you like?

Carrieanne xx

Ways To Use Tea In Your Daily Beauty Routine

Alot of people think tea is just for drinking take a look below at the different ways that tea can be used for beauty purposes and can be added to daily routines.

Tea Steeped chamomile tea bags can do wonders for your complexion. They can be used warm for irritated spots on the face, and if chilled they are perfect to combat them puffy, tired eyes. Perfect for them 'I need another hour mornings'.

Black Tea
Beat stinky feet by soaking your feet and tootsies in a black tea bath. Apparently the tea's tannins are good at neutralizing odor. I have one pair of boots that always make my feet sweat a bit but love wearing them, with this I can wear them and have a pamper after.

Green Tea Bags
Chilled, already-steeped green tea bags are an easy way to fight puffy circles in the morning. Soak 2 teabags and let them sit in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. The coolness will feel amazing, and the brew's caffeine will help increase micro-circulation. I have prepared some before bed before when I know I have a busy day the next day. I have done this before when I was going to a wedding and knew photos would be taken. I do feel it makes a difference to the appearance as well as really enjoying the cold feel in a morning to wake me up.

Spritzing your skin with chilled rooibos helps to rehydrate and deliver antioxidants directly to your pores. It is famed for its anti ageing properties so keep your eye out for it in cleansers and face washes.

Carrieanne xx

Batiste Sweetie

dry shampoo

Batiste is the brand we all think of when it comes to dry shampoo. This is probably because its an amazing price and it does a pretty good job. 

When the new sweetie sent came to my door I was happy to try this out. 

dry shampoo

Just like any other dry shampoo you apply from about half an arms width away to the roots in sections and rub through with your fingertips. I have to say I do prefer the smell on this one, it is like sweeties as it says but not too sickly. Its nice to get a little whiff when your moving around.

Wear time I do only get a about 4 hours from batiste but at the price I don't really mind as you can always buy a miniature to pop in your bag to freshen up during the day if needs be.

I do like the effect on clean hair though. I do this a lot just to get a little more texture.

Do you look into scents when buying a dry shampoo??

Carrieanne xx

*this is a pr sample sent to review all thoughts and words are my own

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