Veet the Hair Removal Creme vs Wax Strips

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

hair removal

I have to say I hate shaving my legs.  Yes I could sometimes be mistaken for a Yeti. I get terrible razor bumps and then for to feel the stubble the next day what waste of time!!

I knew hair cream and wax strips would take longer to do but want to see how the results differed. So I decided I would creme one leg and wax the other and see how it compared.

First I waxed my left leg with Veet Natural Inspirations wax strips. Did it hurt? ... yes a little but very bearable. I did all my lower leg and a little over the knee. I don't really get much hair above my knee. It was easy and removed everything and was fine on my sensitive skin. They whereas to use just rubbed the strips between my hands to warm the wax and then split the 2 strips and applied to the area I wanted waxing and rubbed a few times to make sure it was flat to my leg. I then quickly pulled from the bottom upwards and off came the hair.

My only criticism of the product would be sometimes a little bit of wax can get stuck your skin, which can be annoying. The kit does come with wipes to remove this and I did find that helped.

wax strips

Now here where I have to be honest just as I went upstairs to do the creaming my baby screamed and I forgot. I spent 2 days with one hairy leg and one nice smooth one. Its a good job I have very fair hair.

The removal cream was easy I just applied using the spatula provided waited 3 minutes and the used the spatula to gently removed the cream and the hair came away easily.

removal cream

Now for the results....

TheWax legged lasted at least 2 and half weeks I didn't redo them for 3 weeks.  The cream didn't last as long and I could see the hair growing back about a week and half after applying.

My verdict
I would probably just carry on using the cream for now as its much easier to use but if I was going on holiday I would definitely use the wax strips again to last a few weeks. Much easier and cheeper than having to book an appointment at a salon.

Carrieanne xx

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