Dear Diary,

Monday, January 04, 2016

Wow what a Christmas. 1st trying to pack the car with the 100's of gifts before going on a 4 n half hour trip to Simons mums. Luckily the trip was fine and we didn't hit any traffic and the child didn't scream.

Christmas day was different this year. No presents for the adults in the morning as Simons sister is a nurse so had wait for her to finish work. This was my 1st year being a mum and Grayson was truly spoilt even though we asked people not to go crazy. Me and simon was the only ones that stuck to this. So now we need an extension to fit them all in.

Christmas dinner was gorgeous as always and Grayson ate a massive bowl of this. Slightly regretted this the day after when we were greeted with an exploding nappy!!


Grayson now says nothing but Da Da Da all the time. It was cute at first now I'm like really its me you spend all day, every day with, wheres the love where is the Ma Ma Ma.

The rest of the week was relaxing and walking the dogs.

Then new year came I was happy that I could join in the festivities this year as last year I was pregnant so it was squash and lemonade. Simons parents have a bar in their dining room so simon made a cocktails specials board bought in lots of drink and then let the party begin.

home brew

I am no drinker so 3 cocktails in a few can of fruit cider I have to admit I missed the toilet seat whilst going to the loo and found it quite difficult to get back up once my arse was wedged between the toilet and the wall, 5 mins later I was free and managed to sit on the correct spot.

I then ate a big homemade curry with rice and nan bread and I was back right as rain again. Thats when the shots happened. We played shot roulette and I was very lucky thankfully and out of 3 games only had to have 4 shots, 3 of which were the devils drink ... Tequila I bloody hate that stuff. 

After this I decided to be good and stop, after all I'm a mother now I need to be sensible. We saw in the new year outside watching peoples fireworks with a glass or champers and then came inside for them to start up the drinking games again. 

This is when I love being the one not drinking. I sat and people watched. Laughing at them getting drunker whilst getting all the embarrassing evidence on my camera. 

I went to bed at 2 and the BF didn't climb in next to me until 6.05! 

I loved spending the rest of the day reminding them all of everything that happened and going through my camera to reveal drunken shots. 

Brilliant new year can't wait to do it all again next year!

Carrieanne xx

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