Mark Jacobs - Decadence


Marc Jacobs Decadence has got to be in my top 2 fragrances at the moment. I love everything about it. Lets start with the Bottle. I frickin love it. The Handbag shaped bottle screams Sexiness and Glam. The glass is a deep emerald and the lid has a black faux-snakeskin finish with gold trim and its all finished off with a thick gold chain.


The main reason to buy a perfume though is the scent and I'm happy to say I like it as much as I like the packaging. Its a lot more sophisticated than a lot of my other fragrances with a sensual woody scent.  With notes of Italian Plum, Bulgarian Rose and Liquid Amber.

This is my go to perfume for them late nights out or that Friday date night.

Whats your go to perfume at the moment?

Carrieanne xx

Getting to Know You #Girlgang

Each Week I will be getting to know Girlgang members asking questions you would know about your best friends for a chance for us all to get to know each other a bit better.

I will also be putting there blog button in my side bar for a weeks advertisement, So if you want to get involved email me at

What Do you Blog About? 
I blog about beauty, lifestyle and dogs mostly :)

Todays Girlgang member is Rach from A Double Jointed Girl and Her Dog 

How long have you been blogging for?
Since December 2014 - not very long.

Whos Blog inspires you and why? 
Dorkface & FourCatsPlusUs inspire me because they are honest girls who blog about the things they love and for me that is what is most important.

What hobbies do you have? 
DVD collecting, spending time with my dogs and eating.

Favourite place?
I've never been but New York City inspires me and is somewhere I desperately want to visit.

Pet peeve? 
People who ask really stupid questions or make painfully idiotic statements.

Least favourite food? 
Mushrooms I just can't handle them at all.

Describe yourself in 3 words... 
caring, loyal, stubborn

Celebrity Crush? 
Oh... probably Jason Statham as I am always going on and on about him

What does Girlgang means to you? 
It means that everybody can be involved in a positive place and always have somewhere to go if they are having a day where they don't feel their blog is going in the right direction. It's always important to feel like you have support and that's exactly what girlgang is.. support.

Blog - doublejointedgirlandherdog
Twitter - @Peach3067

Magnitone Full Monty

full monty

I love a skin brush and have been using the Magnitone Lucid for the past year once a week as part of my routine (post here). So when I was contacted to see if I wanted to review their new all singing and dancing multi brush I replied straight away.

Their new Brush is called The Full Monty and I think its the perfect name. The brush isn't just for your face it is designed to be used from top to toe!

It has interchangeable heads to give you a body makeover.  You can do everything from giving yourself a pedicure to an all over body exoliation treatment.

full monty

I have been using it for a month now and I am loving it I feel like I have an at home spa device.

I use it once a week on my face for a deep exfoliation and I have really seen a difference my face isn't as red a dry as it use to be. I would say I wouldn't use this daily though as my skin is quite sensitive and I wouldn't want to irritate it.

(just wearing a tinted lip balm no foundation)

I absolutely love using it on my legs as it gets rid of all my dry skin and have found I get less ingrown hairs. Its so easy to use and not a chore as due to it being water proof you can use it in the shower or bath. 

If you want that luxury product that really does it all I would definitely recommend. It may be pricey at £130 but just think how much you pay for one pedicure or a facial it easily adds up.  Also if you buy from you can 10% off at the moment if you sign up for their News letter. 

Have you tried this yet?

Carrieanne xx

Getting to know you #Girlgang

Each Week I will be getting to know Girlgang members asking questions you would know about your best friends for a chance for us all to get to know each other a bit better.

I will also be putting there blog button in my side bar for a weeks advertisement, So if you want to get involved email me at

Todays Girlgang member is Emma from Emma's Grimoire

What Do you Blog About? 
Mostly lifestyle, about my life, what I get up too, what I love. Sometimes about nails, photography and crafting.

How long have you been blogging for? 
I have been blogging for 3 years.

Whos Blog inspires you and why?
 That would be one very long list, I take inspiration from everyone, I dont tend to just zone in on one person as everyone is different.

What hobbies do you have?
 Cats is at the very top, photography, crafting, nails, blogging, using colouring books.

Favourite place? 
My favourite place would have to be my new room, as I now have a desk I can do crafts whenever  I want.

Pet peeve? 
I have a lot, with being british and autistic haha it would have to be heavy breathing, I dont understand why people cant breathe through their noses and be quiet about it, grates on me, especially when its silent.

Least favourite food? 
Mushrooms, there squishiness grosses me out.

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Creative, Lazy, Negative.

Celebrity Crush?
Female = Nicole Scherzinger, Male = Ryan Reynolds

What does Girlgang means to you? 
Community, supporting each other, friendship =]

Blog - Emma's Grimoire
Twitter - Emyii90

Veet the Hair Removal Creme vs Wax Strips

hair removal

I have to say I hate shaving my legs.  Yes I could sometimes be mistaken for a Yeti. I get terrible razor bumps and then for to feel the stubble the next day what waste of time!!

I knew hair cream and wax strips would take longer to do but want to see how the results differed. So I decided I would creme one leg and wax the other and see how it compared.

First I waxed my left leg with Veet Natural Inspirations wax strips. Did it hurt? ... yes a little but very bearable. I did all my lower leg and a little over the knee. I don't really get much hair above my knee. It was easy and removed everything and was fine on my sensitive skin. They whereas to use just rubbed the strips between my hands to warm the wax and then split the 2 strips and applied to the area I wanted waxing and rubbed a few times to make sure it was flat to my leg. I then quickly pulled from the bottom upwards and off came the hair.

My only criticism of the product would be sometimes a little bit of wax can get stuck your skin, which can be annoying. The kit does come with wipes to remove this and I did find that helped.

wax strips

Now here where I have to be honest just as I went upstairs to do the creaming my baby screamed and I forgot. I spent 2 days with one hairy leg and one nice smooth one. Its a good job I have very fair hair.

The removal cream was easy I just applied using the spatula provided waited 3 minutes and the used the spatula to gently removed the cream and the hair came away easily.

removal cream

Now for the results....

TheWax legged lasted at least 2 and half weeks I didn't redo them for 3 weeks.  The cream didn't last as long and I could see the hair growing back about a week and half after applying.

My verdict
I would probably just carry on using the cream for now as its much easier to use but if I was going on holiday I would definitely use the wax strips again to last a few weeks. Much easier and cheeper than having to book an appointment at a salon.

Carrieanne xx

Getting to Know You #Girlgang


Each Week I will be getting to know Girlgang members asking questions you would know about your best friends for a chance for us all to get to know each other a bit better.

I will also be putting there blog button in my side bar for a weeks advertisement, So if you want to get involved email me at

Todays Girlgang member is Bee from Beelouisee 

What Do you Blog About?
I blog about makeup and fashion mainly.

How long have you been blogging for?
Since February 2014

Whos Blog inspires you and why?
I'm a really big fan of Effi Mai because her posts are so chatty yet informative. I feel like I can relate to her a lot and when I'm in a down mood, her posts make me feel better.

What hobbies do you have?
I really enjoy singing and playing the piano. I also enjoy drawing and everything artsy

Favourite place?
The Secret Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall

Pet peeve?
Music snobs - ughh

Least favourite food?
I really hate sea food. I don't understand the obsession with sushi; I just don't get it.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Quiet, artistic, hungry

Celebrity Crush?
Ruby Rose 100%

What does Girlgang means to you?
I think it's really great to see a group people being so positive. I have never been involved in something like this and I am so so excited to see everyone interacting with one another. Having blogger friends has always been a dream of mine since I started out and now I feel like it's finally coming true!

Blog - Bee Lousiee
Twitter - @Bekiilouxox 

Dear Diary,

Wow what a Christmas. 1st trying to pack the car with the 100's of gifts before going on a 4 n half hour trip to Simons mums. Luckily the trip was fine and we didn't hit any traffic and the child didn't scream.

Christmas day was different this year. No presents for the adults in the morning as Simons sister is a nurse so had wait for her to finish work. This was my 1st year being a mum and Grayson was truly spoilt even though we asked people not to go crazy. Me and simon was the only ones that stuck to this. So now we need an extension to fit them all in.

Christmas dinner was gorgeous as always and Grayson ate a massive bowl of this. Slightly regretted this the day after when we were greeted with an exploding nappy!!


Grayson now says nothing but Da Da Da all the time. It was cute at first now I'm like really its me you spend all day, every day with, wheres the love where is the Ma Ma Ma.

The rest of the week was relaxing and walking the dogs.

Then new year came I was happy that I could join in the festivities this year as last year I was pregnant so it was squash and lemonade. Simons parents have a bar in their dining room so simon made a cocktails specials board bought in lots of drink and then let the party begin.

home brew

I am no drinker so 3 cocktails in a few can of fruit cider I have to admit I missed the toilet seat whilst going to the loo and found it quite difficult to get back up once my arse was wedged between the toilet and the wall, 5 mins later I was free and managed to sit on the correct spot.

I then ate a big homemade curry with rice and nan bread and I was back right as rain again. Thats when the shots happened. We played shot roulette and I was very lucky thankfully and out of 3 games only had to have 4 shots, 3 of which were the devils drink ... Tequila I bloody hate that stuff. 

After this I decided to be good and stop, after all I'm a mother now I need to be sensible. We saw in the new year outside watching peoples fireworks with a glass or champers and then came inside for them to start up the drinking games again. 

This is when I love being the one not drinking. I sat and people watched. Laughing at them getting drunker whilst getting all the embarrassing evidence on my camera. 

I went to bed at 2 and the BF didn't climb in next to me until 6.05! 

I loved spending the rest of the day reminding them all of everything that happened and going through my camera to reveal drunken shots. 

Brilliant new year can't wait to do it all again next year!

Carrieanne xx

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