Small Stocking Fillers

Friday, December 11, 2015

Stocking fillers

Every year I get up Christmas morning and before I go down stairs to open my main presents I open my stocking.

The stocking I receive never has expensive gifts in or big items. It normally consists of a diary, a pair of socks and a Terry's Chocolate Orange ... yum.

Stocking Fillers

I thought I would share with you some little stocking fillers ideal for that first glimpse of Christmas day. 

1st the mens stocking ideas. 

Socks £1 (featured in my £1 gifts post), Hipflask - £2.50 (Home Bargains), little wooden puzzles - 39p (Home Bargains) and Hot chocolate stirring stick 79p (Home Bargains).

Stocking fillers

Now on to the women stocking fillers.

Socks - £1 (poundland), notebook - 39p (Home Bargains), Gingerbread house - 79p (Home Bargains), Collctions Eyeshadow palette - £1 (poundshop), Nail polish - £1 (poundshop), Hot Chocolate stirring stick - 79p (Home Bargains) and Sleek Pout Polish £2.49.

stocking fillers

Also packing it out with sweets and chocolate. Candy canes are the perfect Christmas treat.

Do you have stockings or do you go straight to the presents?

Carrieanne xx

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