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Friday, November 13, 2015

Are you excited ..... I'm excited. Its nearly friggin Christmas. The fat man is double checking that massive list and whipping them little elves to get them to finish them presents. 

If you can't tell christmas means a lot to me it always has. Spending time with family, seeing the children's faces light up when they see Santa has been. It gives me all the warm fuzzy feels. 

This year is even more special to me its my first Christmas as a mum. Yes I'm well aware he won't understand but he will enjoy the twinkling lights and probably the wrapping paper.

Christmas to me as a child was about the magic. Every year I would write my christmas list rip it into lots of little pieces and dad would pop it into the fire. Apparently it would go up the chimney to the north pole and magically repair back together. Mary Poppins comes to mind!! I remember one year well, I came down stairs to see he had eaten his cookie drunk his whisky (erm dads favourites) and left a thank you card with my name on it. Yes Santa wrote to me and I loved telling everyone all day. 

Santas Post office is a brilliant way to get children into the christmas spirit. You can do a personalised letter to your child to give on the run up to Christmas. 

letter to santa

The letter is delivered straight to your child in a wonderful Christmas envelope. I love the detail on it and how it reads from Father Christmas on the back.

letter to santa

You have so many choices to personalise this letter. There is 4 different design options and 3 options for each paragraph in the letter. I love this feature as If you have more than one child it looks as tho the letter is wrote personally for them.

Each letter is personalised with your child's name, age, a toy the want and also a friends or family members name.

You can also choose to have it signed by Santa or Father Christmas depending on you preference.

letter to santa

You have until the 18th December to ensure the letters are receiving in time for ChristmasEve. Make you child's Christmas Magical this year, send then a letter from Santa.

How do you make Christmas magical??

Carrieanne xx

*pr sample sent for review all words and opinions are my own

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  1. thats adorable :)
    keep in touch

  2. That so cute. We need to do that here in my country


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