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Thursday, November 19, 2015


I was recently asked to attend a cider tasting and with flavoured cider normally being my drink of choice I quickly agreed.

I'm someone who really appreciates attention to detail so the way the glasses are wrapped in old style newspaper makes me want to drink this even more.


There is 3 different flavours. Rum and Poached Pear, Whisky Honey and Apple and Bourbon and Blueberry. Each served over ice and with selected fruit or mint.



I was pretty surprised that my favourite was the Bourbon and Blueberry as I really dislike Bourbon straight, but the blueberry added a fruity sweetness that made this drink very moorish.

I actually liked all 3 the Rum and Pear was also one I definitely will buy again. The Whisky, Honey and Apple wasn't my favourite but it was pleasant just the whisky taste was a little too strong for me to drink quite a few.


They also had food that was glazed in the same ingredients or that went together lovely with the drinks. My favourite was these pork belly bites glazed in the Blind Pig Whiskey, Honey and Apple cider.

Since going I have been on their website and I love it. Again the attention to detail and the effort in the website is brilliant. Love the music too. It uses location software to tell you were your nearest bar stockist is ... amazing.

Have you tried Blind Pig? Whats your drink of choice?

Carrieanne xx

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