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I am going to start a new feature on the blog. Each Sunday I will choose a handful of posts or blogs I have loved reading that week. I think we all need to give people a bit more love and recognition for the work they put into writing a post. I for one knows how much time it takes and I'm on maternity at the moment so should have more time than ever.

So here they are the wonderful blog posts that have stuck in my head this week.

Pieces of Kate  has had a few posts I have loved to read this week one being on Tips to save money on a winter wardrobe. She has some lovely tips and also I love the outfit she is wearing. The next post is one for the mummies out there, its a post on simple ways to keep your baby happy. She's shares some wonderful tips on massage and stretching to help keep little ones happy.

Tea Party Beauty  had a very honest post on her weight issues this week which was a good read. I love how she doing it long haul and not talking the short cut fad diets that don't work. I look forward to following this journey.

Retro and Thrift's post on making your own pick me up box was something that really got me thinking. I think this is a really good idea and will benefit a lot of people. The post is positive not like most that talk about anxiety and mental health.
She also has a cute christmas header too. I really urge for people to check this post out if you a little sad or missing family etc.

Skinned Cartree  is a blog I read a lot and this week was no different. The post on her not going to hit her year ends goals really struck a chord with me. Why do we do this... Yes we do it to keep ourselves motivated but are we setting ourself up for failure. Next year Im going to set myself more realistic goals and then celebrate each and everyone of them. My real goal is to still enjoy it and I do!

The Last post I won't forget for a long time is one by the wonderful Dorkface. Yes I think you will all have read this by now, its the amazing Bloggers Girl Gang post do I wanna be in her gang?? HELL YES!!!
You need to read this post if you haven't. We all need to pledge to those rules, us bloggers need to support each other and give credit where due and if we don't have anything nice to say button it and let others that do spread the love.
Wear the badge with pride go over there and copy and paste the badge into your sidebar and be part of the best gang ever!

So there are some of the posts I have been loving this week. Hope you found a post you haven't read and shared a bit of love. You never know your comment might make someones day.

Carrieanne xx

Jones The Bootmaker Ladies Gift Guide| Guest Post

Struggling to find the perfect present for the lady in your life? Jones Bootmaker has created a great ladies’ gift guide, showing you what to buy every type of fussy females. Read on to sort your Christmas shopping in one fell sweep!

The party princess

Does she crave the shine of the disco ball? Is she often spotted on the dancefloor? If so, make her Christmas and invest in her most essential item: a pair of party-ready shoes!

This season, it’s all about metallic court shoes. Offering the perfect level of shimmer for any disco diva, the heels are ideal for dancing the night away over the festive season. The Jones Bootmaker Cerys court shoes are ideal, as they also nail this season’s must-have reptile-inspired trend.

For an extra stocking filler, why not buy her a pair of cushioning insoles to keep her dancing for longer without the dreaded aches and pains?

The office style queen

Shopping for an office style queen? Take her from the boardroom to bar with a pair of our black patent tasselled loafers. Our Jones Bootmaker Genara loafers, for example, tick all of the boxes for this season’s trends. Tassels? Yes. Fringing? Got it! Pointed? Yup! Is there anything these shoes can’t do?

The casual chick

If your recipient lives life at a million miles an hour, they’ll need a pair of footwear that can keep up with their lifestyle. Whether it’s maintaining their yummy mummy status during the school run or enjoying a lunch date with friends, a pair of casual-cool ankle boots make for an ideal gift — the Jones Bootmaker Orchid ankle boots are a perfect choice.

The functional female

You don’t have to wear sky-scraping stilettos to make it onto the best dressed list — flats are stylish too! Give her the gift of fashion and function this year and purchase a pair of stylish ballet pumps. These Jones Bootmaker Gartree flats are an ideal choice, as they are comfortable and boast a high-shine finish — perfect for nailing this season’s hottest trend. They’ll complement almost any outfit too, making them a truly great investment.
The laid back lady

Does your recipient prefer a night in to a night out? The couch to the cocktail bar? If so, we have the ideal present for her: a pair of slippers! An absolute staple Christmas gift, they’re perfect for those that like to hibernate during the colder months.

Our Sheepskin Duchess slippers are an ideal choice. Their super-soft lining and trim make them perfect for keeping feet warm during the colder months

With plenty of inspiration under your belt, head over to the site to start your Christmas shopping today!

*This is a guest post I have not been paid to feature this 

Cheerz Photo Gift Ideas | Christmas

Christmas Gift

I always think sentimental Christmas presents are the best oh and also chocolate haha! Cheerz is a photo printing company with some amazing gift ideas for Christmas at an affordable price.

The 2 products I opted for where the Christmas Cheerz Box and the Christmas Magnets.

The Christmas Cheerz Box can contain up to 45 photos, I went for 30. I love how these are printed polaroid style and captions can be added if you wish. I think these are the perfect Christmas present for parents/ grandparents/ best friends. The box they come is beautiful and very sturdy so no chance of photos getting damaged. I won't even bother wrapping it up.

christmas gift

The magnets are so cute. My mum always has things stuck to her fridge so thought these would be the perfect gift. This box contains 8 picture magnets and then 2 free Merry Cheerzmas ones which are sweet.

Once again they came in a beautiful sturdy box with no need for wrapping. Bonus!

christmas gift

They also have Christmas Photo Albums available which Im thinking of ordering and also single pictures can be printed too.

I am so happy with the quality of the picture and also ease of ordering. They're delivered from France too and still only took a few days to arrive.

Are you a buyer of sentimental gifts?

Carrieanne xx

*pr sample sent for review all thoughts and opinions are my own

Turtle Bay Huddersfield | Food and Drink

Turtle bay huddersfield
Turtle Bay is a exciting new Caribbean Food and drink restaurant to hit Huddersfield. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to their opening night. (Thanks Ablokeseyeview for giving me your plus 1)

Turtle bay huddersfield

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

On arriving the atmosphere was electric the music was upbeat and smell of food was delicious. The staff were so friendly and were very happy to pose for pictures.

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

We were given a drink list and I worked my way through the cocktails. They were lovely and it would have been rude not to try them all. My favourite was Bay Bramble (the pink one) some stayed on these all night. 

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

Turtle bay

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

We also got to sample some food too and I was very impressed. It all had a lovely kick of heat but lots of flavour. Cleared plates all round.

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

Turtle Bay Huddersfield

Cant wait to go back here. Going to book this week to go back with the boyfriend.

I advise you book before you go as can get very busy at times especially weekends. Go on book to go its amazing. Also they have restaurants popping up all over so watch out for one near you.

Carrieanne xx

Charity Shop Finds | Christmas

I love helping charities especially at christmas (see recent post on charity starts at home?) but sometimes Christmas can be the hardest time to help out as all extra money is going on presents and making your house look festive.

So this year I thought why not kill 2 birds with one stone. Charity Shops are perfect for picking up christmasy bits. As they say someones rubbish is another persons treasure. The Charity shop near me is a brilliant one in a really nice area and always gets some gorgeous items in.

Also if filling up shoe boxes for Christmas charitys then you are helping twice... winner.

The Charity shop near me is a brilliant one in a really nice area and always gets some gorgeous items in. Last week on the way to town I nipped in for a quick rummage. The first things that caught my eye was 2 gift sets. These are immaculate and everything is perfectly sealed, don't worry I double checked. I got the Sanctuary Spa set for £3 and the Next Spa set for £5.

christmas present

christmas present

I love giving my present in cute bags and stocking for the children and thought these were perfect and at £1 each who can moan.


The last items I picked up were Christmas films. We have a 5 hour drive on Christmas eve to go to spend Christmas in Southampton so a portable DVD player and christmas DVDs are just what we need. These cost me £1 each and work perfectly.


So have you ever thought about picking up christmasy bits from Charity shops? I know some people will think 'wow she's tight', but why pay more when you can get things cheaper and help people at the same time. I think its genius!!

Carrieanne xx

Blind Pig Cider Tasting | Food and Drink


I was recently asked to attend a cider tasting and with flavoured cider normally being my drink of choice I quickly agreed.

I'm someone who really appreciates attention to detail so the way the glasses are wrapped in old style newspaper makes me want to drink this even more.


There is 3 different flavours. Rum and Poached Pear, Whisky Honey and Apple and Bourbon and Blueberry. Each served over ice and with selected fruit or mint.



I was pretty surprised that my favourite was the Bourbon and Blueberry as I really dislike Bourbon straight, but the blueberry added a fruity sweetness that made this drink very moorish.

I actually liked all 3 the Rum and Pear was also one I definitely will buy again. The Whisky, Honey and Apple wasn't my favourite but it was pleasant just the whisky taste was a little too strong for me to drink quite a few.


They also had food that was glazed in the same ingredients or that went together lovely with the drinks. My favourite was these pork belly bites glazed in the Blind Pig Whiskey, Honey and Apple cider.

Since going I have been on their website and I love it. Again the attention to detail and the effort in the website is brilliant. Love the music too. It uses location software to tell you were your nearest bar stockist is ... amazing.

Have you tried Blind Pig? Whats your drink of choice?

Carrieanne xx

Lose a Stone in a Week

So I asked on twitter if you wanted to see how I lost a dress size in a week and I got quite a few people saying yes so here you go. 

I just want to say how nervous I am posting these pictures but were all friends here and thought with the holiday season coming up and people are wanting to lose that last stone before they go away I wanted to give proof that this diet does work if you stick to it 100%.

Recently my size 10s have become really tight and the size 12 have been making an everyday appearance yes I know some people may think well size 12s arent that big but I am 5ft and size 12 makes me look very Dumpy and I am a very curvy girl I have a small waist but big hips and a very sticky out bum. I wanted to look and feel more confident on my weekend away next week. 

The diet I did was one I found on James Duncans website. The diet is a Crash diet that doctors give patients when they need to lose a stone before operations. 

Now I am not saying this diet is healthy and I am not telling anyone to do it as I cant say it will work for you or want to put your health at risk in anyway. You know your own bodies and if you want to try it here it is -

11 slice dry toast

with 1 gilled tomato OR tinned tomatoes
Fresh fruit - any amount2 hard boiled eggs

Salad & grapefruit

1 boiled egg
Grilled chicken with tomatoes

Grilled steak


1 boiled egg
Fresh fruit - any amount2 grilled lamb chops

Salad & grapefruit
41 slice dry toastFresh fruit - any amount2 hard boiled eggs

Salad & grapefruit
51 slice dry toastFresh fruit - any amountFresh fish

61 glass grapefruit juiceFresh fruit - any amountGrilled chicken

Carrots & grapefruit
7Scrambled eggs

Grilled or tinned tomatoes
2 poached eggs

Grilled steak


Their Rules

  1. No alcoholic drinks.
  2. Permitted drinks: Black coffee, tea, lemon/grapefruit juice without sugar.
  3. No milk, butter or fats.
  5. Abstain from all not included in diet. Eat what is shown or go without.
  7. No substitutes allowed. The basis of the diet is chemical, not the quantities.
  8. Lunch and dinner may be swapped but only on the same day.
Now the meals may look a little boring but I really enjoyed doing this and have to say was a little upset about eating normal again as the result I got were amazing. Because it is a chemical diet you have to follow it one hundred percent and make no substitutes. 

Here are some of the meals I made 

 (egg salad)

 (lamb chop salad)

(steak salad)

Now I know the weight may not stay off but if you eat a healthy diet after I cant see why not I have read lots of reviews that people have managed to keep it off after and I am going to do it for another week next month. 

So here are the results 

I did the diet for 6 days as the 7th day I had a bloggers Afternoon Tea planned and thought it would be rude not to eat or cancel at the last minute. 

I lost a total of 10lbs and am back in my size 10s

Here are the cringey before and afters 

As you can see on the bottom ones Im not as lumpy and seem to curve round rather than the sausage effect I am really happy with the out come of this diet and think its definitely worth sacrificing a week of normal eating to get results. Also my stomach went so flat and never suffered from bloating which I get alot from having IBS. 

I felt amazing on this diet. Im not going to lie the few 2 days were hard and I had headache and was starving and hated everyone on the train with their fast food (even though Im not a fan of Maccy Ds). 

Hope this was an interesting read 

Carrieanne xx

£1 Stocking Fillers People Will Want

Are you a student? Do you have too many people to buy for? Need ideas for a Novelty Secret Santa?

Look no further I have some £1 shop finds that people won't mind receiving on Christmas day. 

This year things are going to be more tight. Im on maternity and so my incoming are nearly non existent ... whoop for me. I have a large family and I love giving little presents along side my main presents or filling up a little stocking and was surprised I could actually find some pretty decent stuff in Poundlands and Poundshops. 

Look at how cute these little tins are. Perfect for filling with sweets or if you have small gifts for them you can wrap them up inside so its like a present in a present. Also perfect for putting in homemade cookies, fudge and other treats. 

stocking fillers

stocking fillers

Next, Socks.. who doesn't like a pair of socks for christmas. I only didn't receive socks once at Christmas and I wasn't happy. I wrote to Santa and made sure this doesn't happen again. A pack of £3 for a pound... cute ones too.

The Breaking bad ones are brilliant to bulk up mens presents as they are always so hard to buy for.

stocking fillers

You can normally stumble across some good books too. I loved the look of this cookies one and looks way more expensive than £1.

stocking fillers

My little step sister is coming to the age now where she wants proper makeup not the hello kitty cream eyeshadow and these were a brilliant find.

I think collection have changed their packaging as these are still available in boots but with a different front. My sister will be so happy with these and at £2 for both its a steal.

stocking fillers

Im so happy with my purchases and won't be embarrassed about giving £1 gifts this christmas.

What bargains have you found this year?

Carrieanne xx

Makeup Geek Pigment | Review

Its nearly party season.... woohoo

Christmas is the only time I feel I can get away with dramatic glittery eyes and what better way than a loose pigment. 

Makeup Geek is a brand I love and even though I have to wait for it to come from America and pay extra shipping costs it still works out cheaper than MAC and I really see no difference in pigmentation and wear time. 

When ordering my eyeshadows pans on my last order I decided to pop in a cheeky loose pigment. I choose the shade Utopia as it looked magical on the picture.


Since purchasing this it now has a plastic spill preventer over the pigment which I think this needs as can get quite messy.

The Pigment is a beautiful antique gold. Not yellowy like most gold glitters you get. It is quite chunky but doesn't feel at all scratchy on application.


As you can see the pigmentation is amazing. It really does give the wow factor every time I wear it.


The only negative thing I can say about this product is that you need a cream base for it to stick properly to. I also wouldn't do my eyes after I have concealed, I would always do them first and then foundation and conceal after to ensure it was flawless as it can have a little down fall.

I can't wait to start wearing this over Christmas and I will be sure to put up a FOTD when I do.

Do you have a favourite party season product?

Carrieanne xx

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