Charity Starts at Home???

Thursday, October 22, 2015

So Ive heard this saying lots of times 'Charity Starts at Home' and yes I agree but since having my little one 4 months ago I have started thinking about Charity a lot more.

Now I have always done my bits and bobs for charities - Macmillan donations instead of Christmas cards, donations from my bank account and attending Charity events. When I discovered I was pregnant worried about the money I would have on Maternity (My company is pants and I only get the government statuary amounts) I cancelled my Direct debits and didn't do my usual Christmas card donation and the same saying came up from people I knew 'Charity starts at home' and I believed that for a while and concentrated solely on the needs of my little family.

Having Grayson has been one of the best things in my life and I cherish ever second with him. He has made me see the world ever so differently. No longer am I bothered about having to have that latest makeup release, his Milk and Nappies come first. A baby makes you unselfish and love differently than you have ever loved before. I sit and think about the people that have babies and children and are worrying where there next meal will come from, and this makes me sad.

Now I am no where near rich in money, I live month to month and I have to sacrifice Luxuries that I would normally treat myself to, but I am rich in life. I have a happy, healthy family we can afford to put a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and this is all that matters.

I have a happy home a partner who treats me well, loves me and together I feel like anything I want to do is possible. So heres what I am planning to do in the next few months.

I was speaking about Christmas donation boxes on a group Chat and the wonderful Hayley from Tea Party Beauty said she had also been wanting to do this. She had contacts to a Women's Domestic Violence Centre and said she would love to organise a Box of essential and pamper products for the women as most of them flee with only minimal amounts of things and sometimes no money at all. Now domestic violence is something that is close to my heart and I know that at the time the last thing they are thinking about is grabbing toiletries and beauty products, but its sometimes these little things that make us feel human again and a shower using a nice smelling bath product can take your mind away for a couple of seconds.

Hayley and Myself are going to hold an Event in Leeds next month, date to be confirmed and would love any body willing to come and help make these boxes with us and would be so grateful for any unused in date samples that you won't use or can spare.

The other projects I am doing this year are Christmas shoe boxes this is with the Church my Son goes to playgroup at. We all take a shoe box and fill it with gifts for a child at a specific age and wrap it in Christmas paper so the child has a present to open on Christmas Day.

The last one is the Local Food Bank. I am getting my family to every time they go shopping to buy an extra packet of pasta or jarred sauce and Im going to take it all down. Now £1 extra on shopping to most families is the difference between a home brand and a top brand to a starving family this can be a meal for 4. Pasta can be bought for as little as 20p and sauces from 35p they are not bothered that it isn't dolmio.

So I ask you to look around and look at all the little things we take for granted and if there is something little you can do to help others today. Charity isn't just about donating money you can always donate time. Charity shops and helplines are always looking for volunteers. Helping others also makes you feel better about yourself.

Sorry for the long post but its something I feel a great deal about

Carrieanne xx

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Carrieanne xx

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