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yoga hero

Yoga is one of them things I keep promising myself I will do. I did it a few times a quite a few years ago and to be honest spent a lot of time trying to hold in nervous laughing with my mum as all the old people around me were breaking wind and I didn't know how to react.

So fast forward 5 or so years and an invite to Yoga Hero and here I was again trying out a Yoga Class.

yoga hero

Yoga Hero is situated in Leeds Docks and has a big light open space with minimal decor. All you need for a Fitness class.

yoga hero

yoga hero

yoga hero

The Instructor Holly explained the History of Yoga and went into detail about the origins which I had no knowledge about before. Yoga is a way of life and teaching us to better ourself and helping to remain calm. It was really interesting to hear about as a lot of the time fitness is about quick fixes to get ourselves looking better not the full pictures of feeling better and making our bodies healthier for our whole life.

We then went through a routine and Holly showed us different exercises and relaxation techniques. Some where quite difficult to get into and each time became easier, you could tell the muscles where stretching.

yoga hero

yoga hero

The next day my shoulders were aching and I couldn't believe it as I really didn't feel like I had done any strenuous exercise. I have to say I really enjoyed it and didn't hear anyone break wind!! Thanks Independent Leeds for inviting me.

Yoga is definitely something I will pick up in the future. It helped relax my mind and also strengthened muscles I didn't know I had.

Have you done yoga before??

Carrieanne xx

Healthy Sweet and Salty Popcorn | Recipe

Snacking can be very unhealthy and very expensive but sometimes you just need that little treat for a pick me up.

Making your own popcorn is cheap, tasty and a lot healthier than most snacks available on the shelves at your local shop or supermarket. A full bag of corn cost me £1 and does me around 6 bowls full, Everything else I have in my cupboard.

healthy snacks

All you need to make Sweet and Salty Popcorn is 4 Ingredients

1/2 Cup Popcorn Kernals
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon Coconut Sugar
A generous sprinkle of sea salt


Heat coconut oil in a large saucepan on a high heat once melted add in the Corn and put on the lid.

You will then listen for the popping once it dies down to one every few seconds then its ready normally around 4 minutes.

healthy snacks

Take lid off saucepan and quickly sprinkle with sugar and sea salt and then putting lid back on shake it up. Then transfer into a bowl ready to munch on.

healthy snacks

You can add more sugar or salt to suit your taste. This doesn't last very long in our house and is very moorish.

healthy snacks

healthy snacks

If your not bothered about the healthyness of the snack you can use normal cooking oil and caster sugar tastes just as nice.

What is your favourite snack?

Carrieanne xx

GlassesShop.Com | Review

Now I am suppose to wear glasses for reading and watching TV but I find they are either ugly or expensive. GlassesShop.Com contacted me and asked if I wanted to try a pair of their glasses, I had a look at there website and saw they had a lot of choice so decided to give them a try.


The glasses I chose had a wood look and Im really happy with them. They feel sturdy and I feel they suit my face well. I was stuck between 2 different ones so may get the other ones pay day.





They do a massive range of cheap glasses each available in prescription eyeglasses . They also do a range of sunglasses too.

They have a deal on at the moment so if your a new customer you can get your first pair free you just have to pay the shipping and handling fee. You can also use the code GSHOT50 to get 50% off eyeglasses or sunglasses with free lenses (excluding sale frames).

Also the perfect accessory even if you don't have to wear prescription glasses.

Carrieanne x

*pr sample sent for review all opinions are my own 

Charity Starts at Home???

So Ive heard this saying lots of times 'Charity Starts at Home' and yes I agree but since having my little one 4 months ago I have started thinking about Charity a lot more.

Now I have always done my bits and bobs for charities - Macmillan donations instead of Christmas cards, donations from my bank account and attending Charity events. When I discovered I was pregnant worried about the money I would have on Maternity (My company is pants and I only get the government statuary amounts) I cancelled my Direct debits and didn't do my usual Christmas card donation and the same saying came up from people I knew 'Charity starts at home' and I believed that for a while and concentrated solely on the needs of my little family.

Having Grayson has been one of the best things in my life and I cherish ever second with him. He has made me see the world ever so differently. No longer am I bothered about having to have that latest makeup release, his Milk and Nappies come first. A baby makes you unselfish and love differently than you have ever loved before. I sit and think about the people that have babies and children and are worrying where there next meal will come from, and this makes me sad.

Now I am no where near rich in money, I live month to month and I have to sacrifice Luxuries that I would normally treat myself to, but I am rich in life. I have a happy, healthy family we can afford to put a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and this is all that matters.

I have a happy home a partner who treats me well, loves me and together I feel like anything I want to do is possible. So heres what I am planning to do in the next few months.

I was speaking about Christmas donation boxes on a group Chat and the wonderful Hayley from Tea Party Beauty said she had also been wanting to do this. She had contacts to a Women's Domestic Violence Centre and said she would love to organise a Box of essential and pamper products for the women as most of them flee with only minimal amounts of things and sometimes no money at all. Now domestic violence is something that is close to my heart and I know that at the time the last thing they are thinking about is grabbing toiletries and beauty products, but its sometimes these little things that make us feel human again and a shower using a nice smelling bath product can take your mind away for a couple of seconds.

Hayley and Myself are going to hold an Event in Leeds next month, date to be confirmed and would love any body willing to come and help make these boxes with us and would be so grateful for any unused in date samples that you won't use or can spare.

The other projects I am doing this year are Christmas shoe boxes this is with the Church my Son goes to playgroup at. We all take a shoe box and fill it with gifts for a child at a specific age and wrap it in Christmas paper so the child has a present to open on Christmas Day.

The last one is the Local Food Bank. I am getting my family to every time they go shopping to buy an extra packet of pasta or jarred sauce and Im going to take it all down. Now £1 extra on shopping to most families is the difference between a home brand and a top brand to a starving family this can be a meal for 4. Pasta can be bought for as little as 20p and sauces from 35p they are not bothered that it isn't dolmio.

So I ask you to look around and look at all the little things we take for granted and if there is something little you can do to help others today. Charity isn't just about donating money you can always donate time. Charity shops and helplines are always looking for volunteers. Helping others also makes you feel better about yourself.

Sorry for the long post but its something I feel a great deal about

Carrieanne xx

Lush Meadowhall New Store Opening

Last Thursday I went along to the New Lush Store Opening at Meadowhall Sheffield for a bit of pampering and VIP treatment. 

After a small wait to be marked off the guest list I was handed a glass of bubbly and was free to explore. The new store follows the theme of the Flagship Store on Oxford Street in London and I have to say this was a good call.

I am going to apologise now for the picture heavy post but I find I can't stop myself snapping away in Lush store as everything is just so pretty.

Also the Christmas products are now all out too so that was exciting and I was really happy to see 'Shoot for the Stars' bath bomb back my most favourite Lush Product ever. 

They Had all their Christmas Gift boxes out too. Im not going to lie if every christmas present I opened was a Lush Gift Box I would be one happy girl.

We even got to make a Bubble Bar, The Comforter which is my favourite. The kind man that showing us even gave me is so I got a cheeky extra one, bonus!!!

They also had entertainment in the form of a live band called The Canary and the Cat which was lovely to listen to whilst mooching around.

I had a really good night and bought some lovely goodies too which I will share with you at a later date.

If you are every in Meadowhall have a pop in the staff are lovely and friendly and will be able to advise you on the best products for your skin.

Whats your favourite Lush Christmas product?
Carrieanne xx

Christmas Jumper Secret Santa

Every year I have joined in a bloggers secret santa but normally its just makeup and Christmas nicnaks I thought it would be brilliant to do a Christmas jumper one as each year I struggle on which one to get as I want them all. 

So I wondered who will join me in doing this swap??

I will send everyone via email the person they have, their address and size jumper needed. 

The Rules - 
1. Each Jumper needs to be posted by the 1st December (include a christmas card saying who sent it and why you choose that jumper)
2. The price of the Jumpers should be around £10 - £15 
3. Jumper to be worn on the 18th December for Christmas Jumper Day 
4. Tweet picture of yourself in jumper (on the 18th) with #xmasjumperswap and tag the person that has sent it. 

So all thats left to do if you want to join is Email me at with your postage address and the size you want in number and also sml/med/lg just incase. 

Hope everyone is as excited for Christmas as me!!

Carrieanne xx

Decanter Leeds | Lifestyle

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to be invited to attend a wine tasting event at Decanter in Leeds. After a delayed train and a sprint up to the venue I was ready for a drink and oh boy I wasn't disappointed.

Decanter is such a stunning place the decor make it feel so warm and cosy the perfect setting for a romantic date night. The exposed brick work and a bar made out of reclaimed wood make Decanter breathtakingly gorgeous and a place you won't forget any time soon.

Decanter is owned by Alex and Alison and wow they have done themselves proud. Alex took us through the wine tasting on the day, Alison apologising as she was working behind the bar (which there was no need they were both very friendly).

On to the wines. Decanter specialise on wines you won't see down at your local supermarket which is brilliant for discovering different tastes. They serve an array of different types of wines and champagnes to suit the play safe to the more adventurous.

The first drink we got to taste was a Champagne, The Brut Reserve by Palmer and Co. If like me you had never heard of this brand you may be surprised to hear you may have tasted it as Moet have been known to bottle their grapes as their own in the past if they have a shortage.

We then went onto trying 2 different white wines the first a Sauvignon Blanc called Cautros Rayas. This was a dry wine with tropical undertones. It was very pleasant I could easily drink a few glasses with a nice meal.  The second was my favourite of the day and it was Best's Great Western Riesling this has undertones of lime zest, peach and pineapple.  Im not going to lie I did put a bit more of this one in my glass.

We then had a little break which we were presented with a mouth watering Cheeseboard. The cheese and wine went together beautifully and most of it disappeared.

We then went onto the reds now I have to say I'm not a massive Red Wine fine I can drink one or two but its not the wine I would choose to drink. The first was Domaine Eric Louis Pinot Noir and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised I like it. Full of red fruits and hint of vanilla oak I would definitely drink this wine again with a meal. The last red was La Bastide St Dominique Chateauneuf du Pape I found this a little more intense and more a wine I would sip and make last.

We finished the tasting with Fromage Langres AOC, this is a soft cheese but we didn't eat it like you normally eat cheese this was eating with a shot of champagne poured over it and I have to say it was strong but also very yummy.

So thats my review of Decanter and if your ever around Leeds get yourself in there, don't fancy wine don't worry they serve coffees, beers and spirits too. Also if you sign up for an Independent Leeds Card you get a free cheese board with every bottle of wine and there is not limit to how many you get!!

Carrieanne xx

Accessorize Paris Eye Pocket Makeup Palette | Review

Why can I not walk past a neutral eyeshadow palette?

I went into Accessorize last week to look at hats and came out with an eyeshadow palette, yet another neutrals palette. I must have the same shade at least 10 times but could I walk away .... NO.

It was the pretty packaging that first drew me to it. I loved the design all pretty and girly.


Then I opened it up and saw the pretty shades. They were beautiful and I was quite surprised with the pigmentation too.


There is 6 eyeshadow 5 of which are shimmer and it comes with an applicator  which I won't use but handy if I forget my brushes. It is made out of cardboard with a magnetic close and has a mirror in the lid. 

The eyeshadows are the perfect shades a mixture of brown's and gold's and the pigmentation is lovely. The shimmers have hardly any fall out and blend beautifully. The matte shade is a little chalky but fine when used with a primer. 


This is going to be my new handbag palette when travelling at only £6.00 I won't be as upset if it breaks. Im going to definitely try out their other palettes. 

Have you tried any of Accesorize's makeup? If so what do you recommend? 

Carrieanne xx

New Camera - Catching Them Family Moments | Lifestyle

So last week I recieved my new camera the Canon 100D. Now I still don't know how to fully use it but I have had fun snapping away with it.

I wanted this for my Blog and also to catch them all important family snaps. Here are the magical moments I have captured and will treasure forever.


I can't wait to see what other wonderful moments I capture.

Carrieanne xx

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