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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Up until a few months ago blogging was my life I loved it and was constantly on Twitter finding the newest posts and gossip but all that changed when I found out I was pregnant. I was constantly feeling sick and couldn't stand to be looking at a computer when I got home from work and I just wanted to sleep.

I tried writing a few posts but they just didn't sound right and realised I was just writing for the sake of it. So I stopped and said to myself I deserved this break. 

I finally feel myself again and I cant wait to get back  into blogging as I have missed it so much but just didn't have the energy. 

On another Note I have to get rid of my beauty room as this will come a part of the Nursery so trying to condense my collection is proving difficult (I have some really grateful family and friends). 

So hopefully I will be able to do some rediscovered products posts whilst Im sorting my way through I have already found lots of products I was loving then forgot I had. Sorry for the rant and by the way Im having a little boy due May so all exciting here at the moment. 

Much Love 
Carrieanne xx


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  1. congrats for the pregnancy and looking forward to the see your beauty room change to nursery
    keep in touch

  2. Congrats on the pregnancy! So excited for you!

  3. Congratulations. Glad your feeling miles better now x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  4. Congratulations on your happy news, and welcome back! Look forward to many more posts. :) xxx

  5. Aw glad your feeling better! Looking forward to reading your future posts and congrats on your lovely news!

    Roxie ♥

  6. Congrats! I wish you and the baby all the best! You have a wonderful space.I especially love the picture on the wall:)
    P.S. visit my blog new readers are always welcome :)
    Would You like to follow eachother via GFC or google+ ? That way we could stay in touch :)
    Let me know on my blog so I can follow back. ;)

  7. OH MY GOD! I had no idea you were pregnant! Congrats :)

    Corinne x

  8. Great post, welcome back to blogging :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  9. Hey hun, Congrats!
    Sorry that you have to condense your collection though xD all worth it for a baby!
    Lots of love
    Rosa xx


Thank you for reading
I read all of my comments and am grateful for each and every one

Lots of Love

Carrieanne xx

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