Accessories | Wishlist

Due to my ever expanding waistline at the moment clothes shopping is not an enjoyable event and I have been lusting over accessories.  Here are a few I wouldn't mind getting my mitts on.



3. TEMPANY Enamel button earring £25.00

4. Black Lace Floral Layered Choker £7.99

Carrieanne xx

Bomb Cosmetics Gift box | Review

I am a massive bath fan and by this I mean I spend nearly every night sat in one for a least 40 minutes. I use this as my me time and catch up on my Youtube and blogs I love. This is no secret and my last years work Secret Santa obviously knew this too as I received a beautiful Bomb Cosmetic gift box jammed with goodies. 

bath bomb

The box contained 5 of their Christmas products and the packaging was lovely too none of the products were damaged even after shaking to guess what it were.  

bath bomb

bath bomb

I think my favourite was the little creamers they were the perfect size for a bath and left me feeling ever so soft. 

I think I need to get more of bomb cosmetic products to join my hundreds of other bath products.
Their gift boxes will definitely be used this year as birthday presents I was really happy with the look of this box and cant wait to try more.

What do you recommend??

Carrieanne xx 

Blogging How Ive Missed You | Lifestyle

Up until a few months ago blogging was my life I loved it and was constantly on Twitter finding the newest posts and gossip but all that changed when I found out I was pregnant. I was constantly feeling sick and couldn't stand to be looking at a computer when I got home from work and I just wanted to sleep.

I tried writing a few posts but they just didn't sound right and realised I was just writing for the sake of it. So I stopped and said to myself I deserved this break. 

I finally feel myself again and I cant wait to get back  into blogging as I have missed it so much but just didn't have the energy. 

On another Note I have to get rid of my beauty room as this will come a part of the Nursery so trying to condense my collection is proving difficult (I have some really grateful family and friends). 

So hopefully I will be able to do some rediscovered products posts whilst Im sorting my way through I have already found lots of products I was loving then forgot I had. Sorry for the rant and by the way Im having a little boy due May so all exciting here at the moment. 

Much Love 
Carrieanne xx


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