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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I always forget to do monthly favourites and to be honest most months I love the same stuff so thought I would go back to something I did at the beginning of my blog and that is on Months when I rediscovered products and have found a new love I would do a post with the above categories and here are this months....... 

Old faithful – Model Co Lipstick in Kitty

This is my perfect Nude and the only one I wear. I didn't wear this for a while due to my beauty room been over run by boxes in the run up to my meet up but this was the first thing to go back into my makeup bag. 
The smell is also a big plus point for this lipstick it smells like sweeties!!

New discovery – Lee Staffords Anti Frizz Argon Oil Spray* 
This has been the best discovery in a long time I received this for the goodie bags and so glad I did it keeps the Frizz at bay whilst smelling great. It also contains argon oil so is brilliant for your hair too. (Full post on this coming soon with hairstyle)
Most recommended – Denman Tangle Smoother*
I love my Tangle Teezer but sometimes I wish It had a handle as I love to use it to brush my hair when I get out of the bath as I don't like using an hair dryer so need to get it smooth to dry nice and also quicker. The Denman Tangle Smoother glides through my hair with ease and feels so comfortable to hold too. I love the neon pink too. 
Not for me - Lushs Jungle Solid Conditioner
I love Lush Solid Shampoo so was excited to try their solid conditioner. I went for the Jungle as it was suppose to 'tame the mane' I thought with lots of oils and butters it would make my hair soft but I just couldnt get enough product on my hair. Im not saying it wont work for you but I just didn't feel 'conditioned'

So there you go my loved and not so loved products for the month of July see what August brings 

Carrieanne xx

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