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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A week ago I went to the 1st Leeds Holi One Colour Festival and wow what a colourful day it turned out to be. The sun was shining and people were dancing and having a brilliant time what a way to spend the day. 

I went with Keli from Kels Kurls and my Partner Simon who did the photography for me so I could get into the spirit.

We arrived early in the day so had a walk round and got a bite to eat (a buger as big as my head) and just took in the surroundings. The music was playing and people were relaxing on the grass taking in the rays. 

Then I received my Colour pack which had 5 super bright colours in and I couldn't wait for the first O'clock to throw them. 

We were giving a 5 minute reminder so people could go and buy more powder and then the 10 second countdown began. 

The air became filled with a wash of brightly coloured powder (a word of warning don't open your mouth in awe, it doesn't taste nice),  as they mixed it turned into a brown dust before settling. It was amazing to watch.

Lipton Ice Tea were there on the day giving out samples and taking photo booth pictures in the back of a camper. We laughed so much at the pictures, I don't think I will be getting a black curly bob any time soon! 

We Finished the Day with one last powder throw and walked back to the car still laughing at the photo.

There is still the Glasgow and the Bristol- Bath one this Saturday get it checked out here if you live near 

Its was a brilliant day out and so much different to other festivals I have been to!

Carrieanne xx

*tickets supplied by Holi One 

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