Chicago Town Pizza | Review

Friday, July 04, 2014

 Last Month I got contacted by Brazen PR on behalf of Chicago Town Pizzas to do a Sky dive and try some of their Takeaway and Deep Dish range. 
I am terrified of heights and cant even stand on a chair without feeling dizzy and nauseous so obviously I said yes haha.  I must have been having a brave moment. 

This Post will be just about the Pizza and Ill show you some snips from the Sky Dive in a few days.

Now I have to admit I had never tried a Chicago Town Pizza before as I wasn't keen on past frozen Pizzas I had tried. But my mum loves them apparently and was gutted I got to go and have a little feast on them. I have to say I am pretty impressed with them and they are not at all what I associated with frozen pizza.

The bases were crisp and the topping where lovely and juicy here is a bit of pizza porn for you to feast your eyes on!!

(yes the bit of salad meant it was very healthy)

I had an amazing day I jumped out of a plane and survived, all the staff were very friendly and I had a delicious dinner what more could I have asked for. 

The Pizzas I sampled were The Four Cheese Deep Dish, the Ham and Cheese Topper Deep Dish, The BBQ Sizzler and the Chicken and Bacon Melt from the Takeaway range.  

These will definitely be added to my shopping basket as a quick snack food and have changed my opinion on frozen Pizzas. 

Do you like Chicago town pizzas?
What is your favorite topping?

Carrieanne xx

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  1. great :)

  2. Pizza heaven. How dare you not bring me any back!

  3. this has made me so hungry for pizza! xx

  4. YOU DID A SKY DIVE? You're mental! I don't think I would ever do one of those, even if there was free pizza involved!!

    I don't like frozen pizzas but the Chicago town ones aren't that bad.

    Corinne x

    1. Was one of the best experiences of my life! x

  5. I do like their Pizza's too, xoxo.

  6. yum,yum!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  7. Mmm, making me so hungry. xx


  8. This is making me drool! I'm so hungry now I might have to order a little takeaway pizza, I love any flavours with different cheeses mmmm!

    Anna x

  9. I think I subsisted on the mini microwave ones as a teenager, so good with a load cf coleslaw!

    Xo Kirsty

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