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Thursday, July 31, 2014

I do a lot of baking and also spend a lot of times with animals so love an antibacterial handwash. 

Carex is the Number 1 handwash brand in the UK. I normally use the Carex Moisture Plus handwash and I love it. It leaves my hands soft plus it kills 99.9% of Bacteria.

Carex also do a Fun Edition with the most amazing scents. A lovely little parcel dropped on my door step the other day and I couldn't wait to have a sniff. 

I popped this in my bathroom along side my Moisture plus one and this one is definitely being used more. The scent is exactly what it says Bubblegum. I love bubble gum scents and it takes me back to childhood with the Hubba Bubbas and the Double Double gum. 
I do think this is suppose to be aimed at Kids but I even caught my mum using this on her visit and she commented on how yummy it smelt. 
The scent is nice and sweet without been too over powering and I have had a few children round since receiving this and I had no trouble getting them to wash their hands.  

 Carex Strawberry Laces hand Sanitizer*

I use sanitizers a lot and always have one floating around in my bag for when I'm walking the dogs or visiting the Horses. I do find them a little strong and over powering on the alcohol smell though. Carex have done a brilliant job on the scent of this. Yes you can still smell the alcohol a bit but the strawberry laces smell is definitely there and leaves your hands smelling lovely afterwards. It hasn't seemed to dry my hands out too which some tend to do to me. 

I think these are brilliant fun way for parents to teach their children the importance of Hygiene or if your just a big kid yourself. They are definitely a talking point for visitors and I think I may have to have a cheeky smell of the Cola Bottle one next time I'm shopping,

Carrieanne xx

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  1. I love the smell of bubblegum and strawberries and I am always buying scented products but most seem to be overpowering or not strong enough but this seems to be perfect. I will definitely have to try it.


  2. Ooh I haven't spotted the bubblegum one yet! I've used the Cola Bottle scent though and it's so nice, I need to buy another bottle at some point
    Megan x

  3. I'm 20 I can think of nothing better to spend my wages on. I need these!!!


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