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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So I've been a little bad with posting monthly favourites lately so thought I would show you what I'm loving at the moment instead.

This is a mixture of everything I have been loving at the moment from beauty to snacks and just general pass times. 

So to kick it off I absolutely love bath time and bath products. My favourites at the moment are Victoria Secrets Bath oil, Any body shop shower gels and Lush's Comforter bubble bar and the Butter Ball. I know now its summer I should be enjoying showers but I find nothing more relaxing than laid in the bath with my Ipad catching up on my favourite blogs and you tube channels.


Kallisto Creams makes some amazing natural products and I have been using their Grapefruit Hand softner every night before bed. I love the scent of this and how it makes my hands feel the next morning. 

hand cream


Next is a snack from a Company called Urban Fruit they specialise in gently baked fruit no additives just fruit. I have been on lots of long train journey lately for meets and things and I have found these the perfect travelling snack. 
My favourite has to be the Mango at the moment I cant get enough of it, because they are baked at a low heat the juice and flavour is locked in and it isn't rubbery like some dried fruit. Plus its healthy snacking but really kicks those sweat cravings.

dried fruit

dried fruit

Hot chocolate once again something I shouldn't be enjoying in Summer but I love a Hot chocolate from my favourite cafe (Totties) when the summer showers are out whilst taking in the picturesque views of Yorkshire. Me and my partner can spend hours talking and drinking hot choc and lattes.  


Walking the dogs is a lot more fun now the weather is warmer and the woods less like a bog! we live in the middle of the countryside so there is lots of amazing walks on our doorstep. 



So that's what I have been loving the last few months I haven't included any make up items as I have been changing them up quite a lot as im trying out all my new summer shades. 

What have you been loving at the moment??

Carrieanne xx

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  1. That hot chocolate looks amazing.
    Reading this has made me crave one!

  2. Ha ha, in the summer I change my hot chocolates into frappucinos! White chocolate fraps are amazing, you should try them out! ;)


    1. Sounds delicious I have the caramel Frappacinno from Starbucks but not tried a white chocolate one xx

  3. I love the Comforter bubble bar, gutted ive just used all mine up :(

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. I got 3 for Christmas and this is my last one I have been loving their brightside at the moment too x


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