An Introduction to Cohorted Plus Giveaway

Monday, April 28, 2014

Cohorted is Bargain shopping at its best. It was a company which started from a simple idea from Anthony and Jordan in 2012 they wanted to be the helping hand between big brands and individual shoppers. 
The main concept behind the company is group buying and by buying this way equals better discount and in 2013 Cohorted was founded. 

How Cohorted works in their words -
  • Anyone can join a cohort. When a shopper does join a cohort the price will become lower and lower again the more people that join.
  • When you join a Cohort you will always pay the final price the Cohort closed at. Cohorts will never increase in price once you have joined.
  • Cohorts open and close; they have timers that count down to zero after which they then close. Once a cohort has closed no one can join to buy the product.
  • Cohorts generally run for 7 days and are opened on Mondays and close on Sundays.
  • Cohorts will close if all the products sell out, the timer runs out, or if we see good reason to close a Cohort.
I love this website and the idea behind it and Im on it every week doing a little bargain shopping. They were selling the Naked 3 palette at the very low price of 18.50!!!!!

I know AMAZING right!!!!

Cohorted have been very kind and are offering my readers a chance to win an amazing Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water Sleeping Mask.

Especially ideal for dehydrated skin types, Most Moist Water Max Sleeping Mask is a non-rinse face mask, which works overnight to supply continuous moisture whilst you’re sleeping and helps to improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Enter by filling out the Raffle copter below and don't forget to take a look at their website have they have some brilliant deals this week including a Limited Edition Mac Highlighter. 

Good luck everyone!!

Carrieanne xx

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