Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue Gel Eyeliner In Ocean Teal

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For Christmas I got my friend a Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue Gel eyeliner in Bronze as she always uses black but was complaining about it making her very blue eyes stand out too much. I thought the bronze would be perfect for her as it would be a little more subtle. I fell in love with the packaging when it came and nearly kept it for myself.

A few weeks later I was on Amazon doing yet again more Christmas shopping when I came across it in Ocean Teal. Growing up I use to love experimenting with brighter colours and blue was a favourite of mine especially cobalt blue mascara! Green was also a colour I haven't ventured into for a while and when I saw this I had to have it.

I love Teal and Green is definitely my favourite colour and the metallic finish to this is gorgeous and reminds me of mermaids. I found this on Amazon for an Amazing £3.89, you can find it here.

The product itself comes in a little screw lid pot with 3.5g of gel eyeliner and also comes with a little brush. Now the brush is not amazing but it works fine and I cannot complain for £3.89. 

Pigmentation wise I don't think this is the most pigmented eyeliner I have by a long way but the colour is amazing and can easily be built up. It can also be swept over the eye with a thicker brush and be used as an eyeshadow. It is so easy to apply and glides across the lids making application simple and fool proof. 

It is very long lasting as a gel eyeliner should be and does stay on until I clean my face in the evening. I would definitely recommend this product for this amazing price and do think that I am going to purchase the Bronze one too. 

I have a few gorgeous Elizabeth Arden make up products now and so happy with them

Anyone tried the other colours in these??

Carrieanne xx

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  1. What a stunning shade - I love neutrals but also love to add some color to the look :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I am a big fan if Elizabeth Arden cosmetics, they are super good quality
    I like the color if the liner

  3. Ahh that is such a pretty colour <3 and so inexpensive too.

    Juyey xx

  4. nice color :)


  5. Oh wow! That is such a gorgeous colour! :)
    Elephant stories and more

  6. I always go safe with black but I want to try some new colours and mix my makeup a bit! And for that prize you cant go wrong :)

    Katie xx | Katies World

  7. helloo Nice blog

    It is great being here and do free to comment me and follow my blog


  8. Gel eyeliners are my favorite, but it's hard for me to find it in very many shades. This is great!


  9. I love coloured eyeliners and this is such a beautiful one! It isn't to "green" or out there either so it is very wearable on an everyday basis. This eyeliner would look especially gorgeous if you did a neutral eye and placed this colour on your lower lash line.


  10. The tael one is currently £2.99 on www.saveonmakeup.co.uk and the bronze is £4.99. Stock on that website seems to change reasonably quickly though so don't know how long it will last...

  11. The tael one is currently £2.99 on www.saveonmakeup.co.uk and the bronze is £4.99. Stock on that website seems to change reasonably quickly though so don't know how long it will last...

  12. Lovely post hun and a lovely blog :) will be giving you a follow!!



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