Autumn Wish List

1.Lush's Yog Nog Soap - Smells Divine 

2. Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue Kit  Fragrence Direct - £5.99

3. Nourish Protect Refreshing Cleanser - £13.00 

4. Lush's Candy Box - 4 of my favourites - £14.95

5. Escada Born in Paradise - to bring a little summer back Fragrance Direct - £28.99

Carrieanne xx

1000 Follower Giveaway | Prize Bundle Plus MAC Eyeshadow of Choice

Cant believe I am writing this Beauties Unlocked as reached 1000 bloglovin followers!!! Woohoo I felt so excited like jump round the room like a crazy women excited. I can remember my 100 follower giveaway and how surprised I was to see I had 100 readers now there's a 1000 of you wonderful people. 

I have been blogging for around 15 months and In that time I have done some amazing things and met some amazing people. Sky diving was definitely an highlight and holding my own meet to was up there with one of my happiest moments.

I would like to say thank you to you all by doing a giveaway with products from a few brands I love. The blogging world has let me escape from some not so good times and I have shared some of my best times too. So this giveaway is to say thank you for supporting me throughout my journey and for clicking that follow button you really do make me smile. 

So here is the giveaway 

1. MAC Eyeshadow of Choice from the permanent range potted or just pan your call. 
2.  Estee Lauder foundation brush 
3. Revlon Parfumerie scented nail polish in Balsam Fir 
4. China Glaze nail polish in Create a Spark 
5. Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream 
6. Hurraw black cheery tinted Lip balm 
7. Pure Lipstick in Mulberry 
8. Nail Buffer 

Please fill in raffle copter below

Terms and Conditions
This is a UK only competition...Sorry 
All entrants must be following my blog via Bloglovin 
If you are under 18 you must have your parent or guardians permission. 
All enteries will be checked and any false entries will be removed 
I will contact the winner via email and/or twitter and if I don't receive a reply after 2 weeks I will redraw via rafflecopter. 

Good Luck 

Carrieanne xx

My Autumn Makeup Bag | Lipstick

This week as seen me sort through my Makeup bag and I have taken out all my corals and Fuchsia's and replaced them with with plums and deep reds. I thought I would share with you my Autumn lipstick picks that have made it into my main makeup bag.

1. MAC Plumful - I wore this nearly every day last Autumn for  work. It is one of MACs lustre finish lipsticks it makes my lips feel so soft and I find it very easy wearing. 

2. Revlons Lip Butter in Candy Apple - I love the Lip Butters Revlon do and I find myself reaching for this for shopping trips and when I don't mind having to reapply a few times during the day. I love the feel of this on the lips and feel like i'm wearing a lipbalm.

3. Rimmel Kate Moss number 107 - The perfect shade for Autumn a  lovely deep red wine colour perfect for nights out or when you just want to brave a bold lip. Lovely matte finish and long wearing. 

4. MACs Russian Red - Another Matte colour I wear this when I dont want to be applying all night the colour payoff is amazing and it really does last all night. The blue undertones make my teeth look whiter too which is always welcomed. 

5. Rimmel Kate Moss number 22 -  A bright red. The one I go to when I want that classic red lip with just a winged liner. I can get a good 4 hours wear from this too.

 6. Last but definitely not least is this beauty from Ted Baker I dont know the name I got it in a set last Christmas but I wore this all the time. I was really impressed with the formula and the hydration it gave to my lips can see it being a favourite again this Christmas time. 

So these are the 6 that made it into my Makeup bag what colours have you got ready for the Autumn months??

Carrieanne xx

Fight Fit Friday | A Journey to Body Confidence

Body confidence is something I really struggle with I have tried to embrace the size I am and love the fact that others my size are happy with their bodies but because of my height I feel a little like a weeble at the moment. 

I have done quick fix diets in the past for events or just to feel good about myself but like all fad diets you end up putting the weight back on.  This time I have promised myself I will do it through good old exercise. My diet isn't that bad anyway everything I cook I do from scratch I never buy Microwave meals (I dont even have a microwave... shock horror) and don't that often use jarred sauces. Don't get me wrong I do have the occasional take away and go out once a week for a curry but never opt for nann bread and Chips. 

I have lots of events to now to keep me focused so hopefully I now should be on the Journey to body confidence and think by documenting my progress in a weekly post it will help me on the way. 

So here are my starting Stats 
Height - 5ft 1 
Weight - 9st13
Size 10 top 12 bottom 

Weight - 8st 3
Size - a toned  10

I think the below photo (Cringe) shows my problem areas perfectly. This is a photo recently took at Tough Mudder and you can see how out of proportion my thighs and hips are with the rest of my body. This really knocks my confidence and find it difficult to wear different types of clothes opting for Skater dresses all the time. The Butt jokes don't help too. 

So here we go ... Wish me luck 

My list of events to keep me motivated 
October 21st - Me and Simon been together  5 years
October 31st - Halloween night out in a cat suit type costume ( so scared by this)
Christmas - work nights out etc 
Valentines day - Bridesmaid at my cousins wedding in a fitted Satin dress 

If they wont keep me motivated Im doomed. 

I will post weekly my results what I have done in terms of exercise and maybe a healthy recipe or snack I have enjoyed that week. 
If you have any weekly progress posts or motivation post please leave me the link below I need all the help I can get.

Carrieanne xx

Lush's African Paradise | Review

Having never tried a body conditioner before I was pretty intrigued to try the Lushs Africian Paradise* body conditioner. I am normally a bath lover and love my bath oils to make my dry skin soft but sometimes Im in a rush and just want to jump in the shower I normally Moisturise after but if your in a race against time the last thing you want to do is spend 10 minutes moisturing your body and waiting for it to soak in. 

Lush's Africian Paradise has been perfect for these times I shower my body as normal and then apply this all over my body (I have found I don't need much either) You have to leave it a few minutes to soak in If I am washing my hair I will put it on after the shampoo and just before the conditioner and then let my hair and body conditioner both soak in and do a full top to toe rinse off. I just pat dry and Im ready to enjoy the rest of my day. 

The product is lovely and thick and has an amazing sweet smell to it which lingers on the skin but is not over powering. The Ingredient list is amazing (shown below) all the essential oils leave your skin baby soft.

I love the concept of a body conditioner and so glad I was introduced to this. I will definitely try more in future. 

Have you tried any body conditioners before? What are your views on these?

Carrieanne xx

Magnitone Lucid | Review

I struggle with skincare I have dry/ sensitive skin which can be a pain to find something that will remove my dead skin without aggravating it. When the Magnitone pulsar came out I was envious of people who had it but couldn't justify to myself the £120 for a product that may have been too harsh on my skin.

For the past year I have been using a manual facial brush I got from China for £3 and I love the feel of the brush on my face and how clean I felt after.  

I was so happy when I heard Magnitone had brought out a travel Version of their Pulsar called the Magnitone Lucid and even happier when I got an email offering a discount. It was a no brainer I bought it straight away and 2 days later it was on my doorstep. 

The Magnitone Lucid promise is '7 days to softer, brighter, smoother skin' so I have been using mine for just over a week and do I think its true .... Yes, yes I do. 

Its so simple to use and cleans your face in just 1min. I run the brush head under warm water apply the cleanser to the brush and then start by doing my forehead and the top of my nose after 20 seconds it beeps and I know to more onto my cheeks and the sides of my nose and then after 20 seconds again it beeps and I move to my chin area. 

Its oscillation-rotations are over 10,000 per minute which worried me as thought it would be too harsh but the brush gently exfoliated my skin and it really did feel deep cleaned. 

The design itself is simple making it easy to clean and use and it is also water proof so can be used in the bath or shower during your normal daily routine. 

Do I think it is worth it? 
Yes I do for me it has really helped my skin and I can't believe my skin is not even slightly red after using it which is very rare for me and I do feel my skin is looking a little brighter. I don't think its an essential to everyone but if you really want to give your cleansing routine a bit more or you are stuck in a bit of a rut with your skincare routine I think this will definitely help. 

How do you feel about cleansing brushes, what are your experiences? 

Carrieanne xx

Beauty Bloggers Expectations | A Lifestyle Rant

 As a beauty blogger I think people have certain expectations of you and this gets me quite upset sometimes and I feel people expect me to look perfect every day. I'm sorry to disappoint but this is not the case sometimes I really just want to sit in my PJs no makeup on, spots on show and not give a monkeys. 

Im not talking about you but people who are not sure what blogging is about they cannot understand how I can sit and write hours about lipsticks and blushes when I'm sat there bare faced. They don't understand beauty blogging is more than a pretty face of makeup and that the whole looking after your skin and the cleansing process is just as important.

Don't get me wrong I love makeup and wear it almost every day but I love my makeup free days too I love to go into work at least twice a week with just a freshly cleansed and moisturised face.  I feel that this gives my skin the break it needs so I can then spend the weekend testing out new looks and wearing as much makeup as I want. 

Comments like 'ooh you do look better with a bit of face on' or 'you do look a little pale today are you ill' really get to me too. I'm sorry if my naked face offends you but its the only one I have and I think it serves me well I cant complain.

I also find it the other way if you wear too much people also comment too like ' are you off on stage' or 'who are you trying to impress' Can we ever win!!

(what they expect)                        (what I actually look like)

(Don't worry this is not my makeup I've done it on pic monkey) 

Sorry for this rant but just something that's been on my mind for sometime and need to write it down to get it out of my head. 

Do you find it the same?
 Do people expect you as a beauty blogger to look pristine everyday?

Carrieanne xx

Nars Duo in Hungry Heart and Desire | Review

Until IMATs this year I was a Nars virgin I always wanted their stuff but I never saw it in shops and I like to see before I buy especially if I'm parting with a lot of my hard earned pennies. 
The store at IMATs was so busy from the word go but I managed to wiggle myself between people and have a little old nosey. 

I knew I wanted a blush but wasn't sure which one after lots of picking up carrying around putting back down and repeating the whole process around 15 times ... yes I wanting everything, I opted for a set which included a primer a liquid highlighter and a powder blush and highlighting duo. 

Today I am going to show you the Powder blush and Highlight Duo in Hungry Heart and Desire. 

Hungry heart is lovely highlighter with a really subtle gold shimmer  I love how finely milled it is blending into the skin effortlessly. 

Desire is a bright Fuchsia colour now I know it looks a little scary in the pan I thought so too but on applying this too blended to a beautiful flushed cheek colour with a gorgeous matte finish. 

I have to say I am so impressed with the Nars products and definitely have a few more blushes on my Christmas wish list.... Yes I've already started putting this together! 


What other shade do you recommend for a pale complexion?

Carrieanne xx

Bistro Night Totties Olive Tree Cafe | Lifestyle

Im so sorry to have to do this to you hope no one is on a diet or trying to be good today but this was too amazing not to share.

Last week I went to a Bistro Night at the cafe I go to every weekend for breakfast and it definitely didn't disappoint.  I would like to say this is not a sponsored post and they don't know I am writing about it but I just could not. 

So here it goes the most mouth watering tastiest pictures of food ever!

We all opted for the scallops with smoked bacon and quail egg with minted peas for starters 

For Main I choose Lamb with Sweet potato, Butter Beans and Feta and I have been daydreaming about this meal ever since. These flavours just work together perfectly. The saltiness of the Feta with the sweet potato and the Lamb is a match made in Heaven!

Hands down the best meal to pass my lips, ever.

The Guys opted for Ribeye steak, handcut chips and onion rings which also looked amazing.

 (clean plates all round)

We couldn't decide on puddings (you will see why) so we choose one of each and all shared.

(homemade apple crumble creme brulee with millionaire shortbread and rasperries)

(Chocolate moose with Pistachio shortbread and jelly)

 (Carrot and Courgette cake with clotted cream and marmalade)

All the puddings were gorgeous and we went home well fed and very happy.

The Olive Tree Bistro Cafe  is situated in Totties Garden Center 

Downshutts Lane

If you get chance to visit I promise It won't disappoint and the staff are so friendly and welcoming and the views well they're to die for. 

Carrieanne x

Fabyouless | Giveaway

I have something exciting to talk about today the wonderful people at FABYOULESS are giving my readers a chance to win one of their fabulous cards (see what I did there ...cheesy I know).

So what is Fabyouless??
Its the card every beauty enthusiastic wants in their purse.  
Dedicated solely to the beauty, hair & fitness industry they have over 1000 venues signed up giving you savings of either 2 for 1, 25% or 10% off. 

The card is £49.95 for 12 months. Which if you are thinking it a little pricey just think do you visit a Spa? I've just booked one for me and a friend 2 for 1 saving £39.00 and then I will also get 25% off my hair and nails every few months, in a year I will be saving a lot of £'s. I'm definitely going to take the discount on the fitness side too!

So if you want a chance to win your own card fill in the raffle copter below.

For a full list of venues and for more information on this brilliant beauty card click HERE

Carrieanne xx 

Label.m Powder Pink Spray* | Review

If you read my blog regularly you will know I love changing my hair colour but now I'm getting a little older I have been a little scared to have bright coloured hair especially working in a office environment. 

I love the pastel hair colours and with Lable.m powders I can enjoy experimenting with colourful hair knowing I can just wash it out at the end of the day.  

The spray is so easy to use I just sprayed it to the area I wanted coloured at around 10cm from the hair and brushed it through and it was as simple as that.

I am so happy with the results and cant wait to get my hands on the rest of the colours. Below is a few pictures of my rocking some pink ends for a wedding. At £8.45 at Look Fantastic its so much cheaper than having your hair done and you can buy a few colours so you can change with your mood. 

All that's left now is to decide what other colours I want. 

Carrieanne xx

A Promise To My Hair

Hair I know I have neglected you lately and you are not your usual shiny self. I have put you through a lot of stripping and dyeing to get my blonde back and haven't given you the love and nurturing you need. 

So hair here is my promise to you 

* I will Always do a final rinse with cool water.
I'm not a fan of pouring cold water on my head especially in the winter months but this does seem to work and make my hair look less dull. Cool water closes the cuticle so moisture will be sealed in. 

* I will be extra careful when you're wet.
Wet hair is so much easier to damage than dry hair. Avoid brushing with a normal brush choosing to use a wide tooth comb instead. 

*I will not rub you to death
I am a bugger for rubbing my hair with a towel to make it dryer before I go to bed so I don't get a wet pillow. Instead lightly squeezing the moisture out will prevent breakage. 

* I will use a weekly hair mask 
I don't know why I stopped doing this I always did this with an argon oil based hair mask once a week and really felt the benefit then one day I didn't repurchase. Masks make my hair feel stronger and shiner and more hydrated.  

* Get you cut regularly 
Now this is my worst crime I can go over 6 months without a cut. I have a fear I will end up coming out with a 90s bob. I need to man up and not feel sick with every snip. 

Now I do 95% of the time let my hair dry naturally and hardly ever use heated stylers  unless I'm off for a night on the town ( hardly ever I've turned into a right bore!) but I promise to use a good heat defense spray when I do. 

So there I have wrote it all down so I have no excuse to not follow it. Lets see how long it lasts!

Wish me Luck!!!!
Carrieanne xx

Holi One Colour Festival Leeds | The Day

A week ago I went to the 1st Leeds Holi One Colour Festival and wow what a colourful day it turned out to be. The sun was shining and people were dancing and having a brilliant time what a way to spend the day. 

I went with Keli from Kels Kurls and my Partner Simon who did the photography for me so I could get into the spirit.

We arrived early in the day so had a walk round and got a bite to eat (a buger as big as my head) and just took in the surroundings. The music was playing and people were relaxing on the grass taking in the rays. 

Then I received my Colour pack which had 5 super bright colours in and I couldn't wait for the first O'clock to throw them. 

We were giving a 5 minute reminder so people could go and buy more powder and then the 10 second countdown began. 

The air became filled with a wash of brightly coloured powder (a word of warning don't open your mouth in awe, it doesn't taste nice),  as they mixed it turned into a brown dust before settling. It was amazing to watch.

Lipton Ice Tea were there on the day giving out samples and taking photo booth pictures in the back of a camper. We laughed so much at the pictures, I don't think I will be getting a black curly bob any time soon! 

We Finished the Day with one last powder throw and walked back to the car still laughing at the photo.

There is still the Glasgow and the Bristol- Bath one this Saturday get it checked out here if you live near 

Its was a brilliant day out and so much different to other festivals I have been to!

Carrieanne xx

*tickets supplied by Holi One 

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