Maybelline Colour Tattoos - Pink gold and Permanent Taupe

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Once again I gave into the 3 for 2 temptation at Boots. A couple of months ago I bought a Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bronze on Bronze and fell in love using this nearly every day. I said I would go straight back out and buy more but for some reason never did. 

A few weeks ago I did my Partners makeup for an event and wanted something to stay and stand out so used my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bronze on Bronze and she too fell instantly in love with and got lots of compliments. I promised her I would get it her for Christmas.

Last week in Boots as promised I got her the Bronze on Bronze and thought it would be rude not to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer so bought myself the Pink gold and the Permanent Taupe Colour Tattoos.

The Rose Gold is an amazing Shimmery pink and will be perfect blended into a subtle brown for an everyday look. I don't normally go for pink eyeshadows but this one is more of an dusty rose and I love it.

I bought the Permanent Taupe as this is a matte Cream eyeshadow and I don't have anything like this. I cannot wait to experiment with this for smokey eyes or just in the crease for a more natural look.

The pigmentation in these eyeshadows are amazing and last me all day whilst at work. I will definitly be buying more of the range as Im super impressed with all 3 and are brilliant for an in a rush eye makeup. 

What other colours should I try do you have a favourite??

Carrieanne xxx

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  1. I absolutely love permanent taupe its the best base for when your doing a dark smokey eye! cant go wrong

  2. Beautiful shade - I don't have taupe yet in my collection but pretty sure it's the one I'll get next :o). Xx

    1. I was stuck between this and the gold but so glad I got this x

  3. I want to try these eye shadows so bad!! Heard great thing about them! they're so pigmented! Love the colors!! :)
    xx Janice

    1. I waited too long to try them I love them x

  4. these 2 shades are in my collection since summer and I've used them quite a lot and I still have a lot of product. I like to use them as a base for my eye shadows . They are great, making my make-up last up until 12 hours. very good choice ;-)

  5. I love using maybelline color tattoo , they always get me compliments..
    I need to buy the pink one

  6. Какие оттенки супер))

  7. i luv d fact that they are these shades...very pretty!

  8. I have the taupe color but it didn't work on my oily slick lids. I do really want that pink color, it looks so pretty.

  9. I love the pink gold! I must get one!!

  10. taupe color looks pretty good.

  11. I love using maybelline color tattoo , they always get me compliments.
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