Sleek - Contour and Blush Palette Light

Until this Christmas I only owned one Sleek product, which was a bronzer I received in a Glossy Box. I loved this Bronzer but never got round to repurchasing any more. This Christmas I decided it was time I expanded my Sleek collection so asked my mum for a few Sleek palettes. Superdrug and their amazing 3 for 2 deal meant I got 3 palettes for the amazing price of £18.00. I received 2 I-Devine eyeshadow palettes and a Contouring and Blush palette in the shade light.

I was really excited to receive this Christmas Day as its the perfect trio to take on weekends away and holidays where you want to minimise the amount of makeup you take with you ( something I find very hard). 

I do love Sleeks packaging its so well ... SLEEK! The only downside is I'm a messy bugger so I get them dirty pretty fast.

Onto the palette, it contains 3 products a contour, a highlighter and a blush and wow beautiful colours and the pigmentation of this palette is amazing. 

The bronzer is a lovely matte brown perfect as I'm not always up for a shimmery contour. I am fair and normally find Bronzers to be a bit on the darkish for me but this works well and blends to give the perfect contoured face.

 The highlighter is very shimmery but does blend to give a subtle highlight. I really like a shimmery highlight so this hits the nail on the head for me. 

As for the blush wow look at that shimmer the different tones in this is amazing I couldn't believe the pigmentation. Now I do love my matte blushes but every now and then I love reaching for a shimmer blush and this is the perfect shade. A beautiful pink with coral undertones and shimmer. It works so well. 

I'm so happy with this palette and think the shades work really well together. I have had compliments when I wore these too so added bonus. 

I will do a review on the eye shadow palettes too once I use them a little more. 
Hope you all had a great Christmas 

Carrieanne xx 

Tip of the Day - How to Avoid Static Hair

Flyaway static hair always seem to get worse as it gets colder. This is due to heating making the air dry which in turn dehydrates your hair. These simple steps can help to minimise the problem: 

  • Deep conditioning - treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment as moisturised hair will be less prone to static and also leaves it feel softer and looking shinier.
  • Leave-in conditioner - now is the time of year to invest in a leave in conditioner.  Spray it onto wet hair after you have shampooed and conditioned.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals - hair products with alcohol in them will dry your hair out.
  • Anti-static sprays - you can buy anti-static sprays which can help. You can also spray it into hoods and hats!

Carrieanne xx

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 19 Fuchsia In Rage

Me, Lisa and our friend Emma always swap Christmas presents before Christmas and have a little girly night out or In. This year was no different and I got some amazing gifts, Thanks Girls!!!!

One present I received was the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Fuchsia in Rage. First of all can we take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous the packaging is. I do love YSL for there gorgeous elegant packaging on all their make up but this has to be my favorite. I also love how the colour of the product is shown between the Logo so you can pick out the colour you need if you had a few of these.

The colour looks a little scary in the packaging but once applied it looks absolutely gorgeous. It is a very buildable colour so you can layer up for a more daring/ bolder look or stick to a more lighter/ natural look.

The Formula of this lipstick is amazing and I absolutely love it. Its a very creamy texture and very moisturising on the lips. Also I didnt expect much stayability from this product due to the high shine and creaminess but I was wrong. I did the bad beauty habit of falling asleep in my makeup after a night out and when I woke up I still had a purple stain to my lips. So this has at least a 7 hour staying power.

This lipstick is an all around winner for me. I love absolutely everything about it and will definitely be repurchasing more of the collection. 

Can anyone else recommend any more shades of this??

Carrieanne xx 

Fact of the day

Use darker shadow on the outer corners of your eyes (brown, grey or black). The contrast of lighter and darker colours will help to make your eyes look bigger.

Carrieanne xx 

The BBlogger Tag

1. Name a beauty routine you barely do.
My Eyebrows I am always think I need to go get them done and them forget so end up with big bushes!!
2. Is washing your make-up brushes something you do regularly ?
I try but find I can sometimes leave them a few weeks as Im so bad at making time to do them. 

3. How long will you last with chipped nail varnish ?
I'm terrible for this but its because I can put it on and within hours my nails are full of chips. I dont know what I do but I'm so clumsy.

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it ? (i.e. topcoat, foundation and so on).
Foundation I make sure I have before I run out but there is somethings that I will out off if they are expensive like primer and perfume.

5. What is your worst beauty habit ?
Not washing my makeup off after a night out. I think to myself I will definetly do it this time then I wake up with eyelashes stuck to my cheek and panda eyes.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time.
Ironing If its not a shirt and if I can get away with it i wont iron it. I dont know why but I cant bring my self round to doing it.

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not ?  
I go one way or the other I'm either running late or ready an hour before. I not a good judge of time haha. 
8. Can you commit to spending bans? 
No I like to say I can but that would be a lie.

9. How organised are your make-up and nail polish collections ?
I have all my nail polishes on a home made shelving unit and my other make up is organised in Eye products, lip product, high end and highstreet etc...

10. What is the longest time you’ve gone without writing a blog post ?
About a week but I will always make sure I have a little fact to post during the week. These last few weeks have been so hectic. 

Fact of the day

Germolene works on spots! for years i thought it was only good for burns and grazes but it also works miracles on those nasty spots, give it a try.


Lisa xx

Winter facts and tips of the day

Skin isn't the only thing you have to worry in the winter months hair is also effected by Wind, indoor heat and moisture sapping winter weather. Winter weather makes it easier for you hair to tangle and break.
Using serum on the ends of hair before going into harsh winter weather can prevent splitting and faded ends, Strengthening treatments and masks will also help combat dehydration. 

Carrieanne xx

New make up storage

 Every Tuesday myself my partner and a friend go for a curry and 9 times out of 10 go for a wander round Sainsburys after. This week was no different. 

I normally leave them as I browse the stuff they call 'Christmas shit!!' They look at the electrical Aisles. When I went to look for them they were down the homeware aisle and I clocked eyes on something I had been looking for, for a while. 2 beautiful storage boxes with drawers.

The 1st set I picked up is a wide set of 2 drawers and I thought this would be perfect for my blushes and loose eyeshadows. The drawers are wide and long and pretty deep too. Perfect size to fit all my make up. This set me back (well my boyfriend) £8.00 which I thought was amazing.

The next set I got was a thinner set of 3 boxes which I thought would be the new house for my lip liners eyeliners and mascaras and also lip glosses. These drawers are the perfect size and deepness to fit all my eyeliners and lip products. I got this for the bargin price of £6.00!! 

I'm really happy with my new storage and even happier with the price. 

Have you got any bargains finds let me know and leave links to posts I'd love a nosey 

Carrieanne xx

Winter Facts and Tips of the day

In winter we feel less thirsty therefore drink less. It is crucial we keep our skin and the rest of us hydrated. Clear soups and herbal teas along with plenty of water will keep us hydrated inside and out and help flush out toxins. 

Carrieanne xx

Winter facts and tips of the day

Are you feeling stressed out? Are you lips getting Drier?

People tend to bite and lick their lips when they're stressed, causing them to get even dryer. Try to resist the habit, and drink plenty of water to keep your skin and lips hydrated.

Carrieanne xx

Maybelline Colour Tattoos - Pink gold and Permanent Taupe

Once again I gave into the 3 for 2 temptation at Boots. A couple of months ago I bought a Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bronze on Bronze and fell in love using this nearly every day. I said I would go straight back out and buy more but for some reason never did. 

A few weeks ago I did my Partners makeup for an event and wanted something to stay and stand out so used my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bronze on Bronze and she too fell instantly in love with and got lots of compliments. I promised her I would get it her for Christmas.

Last week in Boots as promised I got her the Bronze on Bronze and thought it would be rude not to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer so bought myself the Pink gold and the Permanent Taupe Colour Tattoos.

The Rose Gold is an amazing Shimmery pink and will be perfect blended into a subtle brown for an everyday look. I don't normally go for pink eyeshadows but this one is more of an dusty rose and I love it.

I bought the Permanent Taupe as this is a matte Cream eyeshadow and I don't have anything like this. I cannot wait to experiment with this for smokey eyes or just in the crease for a more natural look.

The pigmentation in these eyeshadows are amazing and last me all day whilst at work. I will definitly be buying more of the range as Im super impressed with all 3 and are brilliant for an in a rush eye makeup. 

What other colours should I try do you have a favourite??

Carrieanne xxx

Winter facts and tips of the day

Dry Lips????
Exfoliating your lips with your face scrub breaks down the barrier needed to lock moisture in. So you may think rubbing away is helping but it is only making it worse. 
Use a Petroleum based lip balm and slather on twice a day to get softer lips.
Carrieanne xx

Kallisto Creams Grapefruit Hand Softener

I hate dry cracked hands in Winter and I suffer badly I have at least 2 hand creams in my drawer at work a L'Occitane hand cream in my bag for on the go emergencies and I use one every morning and Night.

The one I have been using as part of my Morning and Night time ritual is the Grapefruit Hand softner* from Kallisto Creams. I was sent this to try from the lovely Marie from kallistocreams and was so excited to try this as I had seen it in the shop and this was next on my list to try.

The product itself is so rich and creamy and has a lovely fresh and fruity scent which is not too over powering.  I use this every morning and night after applying my face creams and I have really noticed a Difference. It is made from all Natural products and is handmade which I love in a product. A little also goes a long way I have been using this for about 3 weeks and have over 3/4 left.

Also if you need an intense hydrating boost put on a thick layer and wear some cotton gloves and leave over night to work its magic. 

My hands and so much softer since using this product and my dry cracked skin round my finger nails have almost disappeared. This is a little miracle product for me at the moment. 

What is your miracle product at the moment?

Carrieanne xx

Fact of the day

Some fake tan goes bright green when it goes off, this is a result of the product breaking down over time or when it has been exposed to heat or air, never use your fake tan if it isn't nice and brown.

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