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Sunday, November 03, 2013

So lately I have been trying to come up with money saving ways to organise my stuff. I have a lot of Earrings but do I wear them all .... NO and why? because I cannot see them all. 

I had some spare canvases In my art cupboard and decided I could use one to display my earrings. 

All I had to do was push my earrings through the canvas where ever I wanted them and they went through really easy. I just added a little dress cut out from my card making stash and that was it piece of cake and it hangs perfectly on the wall, adding a nice little touch to my beauty room wall.

Next I had lots of Yankee candles which Didn't light any more but there was far too much wax left to throw away. So I set off melting down the wax to make wax melts. 

All I did was sit the candle Jars in a boiling hot bowl of water. I decided it would be fun to make Christmasy wax melts. So I used Chrismas Tree and Ginger Bread Men cookie cutters and layed them onto a baking sheet and poured in the melted wax leaving a couple of minutes to harden before popping them out. I then left them to dry for a further 10 minutes before putting them away. 

These are going to be brilliant as little stocking fillers as My mum is wanting some yankee candles for Christmas as has never had any, so this way I can buy her a few big ones and also she can burn a few of these too so she knows which smells she prefers. 

I love doing DIY and have lots more things planned over the next few weeks included handmade Christmas gifts. 

Do any of you make any handmade gifts for christmas??

Carrieanne xx

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  1. I'm taking on the hobby of candle making! Can't wait to make some christmassy candles for people! :) x

    1. I would love to do it but my partner is sick of all my hobbies I make cakes, I sew, I make cards and collect make up haha. I love anything creative but take up all the cupboards in the house Cx

  2. These are so cute :) I never know which earrings I have so wear the same onces all the time so great idea :)

    Katie xx | Katies World

  3. Adorable! Love the added touch of the dress on the earring canvas, cute! :)

  4. I was thinking about making some body scrub for gifts this year!

  5. That is such a good idea with the yankee candles!


  6. That's a great idea, I have never thought of that before!

  7. Brilliant idea making your own wax melts, I would have never thought of that! xx

    Leanne | |

  8. Cute! Really cute! :D
    Glitter And Blush
    [Followed you back]
    Stay in touch.

  9. This is really cute!:)


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