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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Every month I browse the Magazines for good content or a worth while freebie. This month I was so happy to see Glamour which is only £2 giving away Nails Inc nail polishes! 

I choose a lovely Gold shade perfect for Christmas and was really happy with my £2 purchase. 

Then I was reading the magazine and turned to a page full of Body Shop gift ideas. Stuck on the page was a little card Called a Joy Card with each one been worth at least £3. 

I love the Body Shop and their Body Butters and Shower Gels so another added little Gift. I went to the body shop on my way home from work and purchased a Mango Shower Gel one I have wanted for a while I love the scent and with my Voucher it cost me £1!!!!

So for £3 in total I got a pretty good magazine a Nails Inc polish and a Body Shop Shower Gel which I normally pay £4 for anyway. 

Has anyone else used their Joy Card and if so what did you get?

Carrieanne xx

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  1. I love Glamour anyway so I was so pleased when they were giving away a free bottle of nails inc polish! I have the gold too :)
    Hannah twoforjoy | xo

  2. Nice post ;)

  3. I didn't realise there were Body Shop vouchers in Glamour this month! Sold! haha
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  4. This is such a good deal if you're getting the nail varnish and the card too, I'll be keeping an eye out for it next time I'm shopping :)

    S xo.

  5. I live body shop shower hell and have been using it for years
    Happy Sunday
    Keep in touch,

  6. Probably one of the best freebies I've seen in a magazine in a while, thanks for posting about this! definitely picking this up:-D

  7. Every where I look this is out of stock!


  8. Oh wow ;)
    I haven't bought a magazine in a while, might get this one just for the polish.. thank you for sharing!

    Please drop by my blog if you have the time.
    Have a nice day!

    J Y U K I M I

  9. I must buy this Body Shop shower gel, I simply adore mango scents!:)


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