Autumn looks - Mac Divine Night

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Although I love shopping for a autumn wardrobe the one thing I don't like about this season is the dark plum/red lipsticks that I find soooo hard to pull off.
I usually attempt to buy a nice autumn lipstick shade, browse around the makeup counters, pick one out to try on then wipe it straight back off again.

I thought I would be brave this year and give it another go, this time instead of overwhelming myself in boots with all the different brands and colour options I headed straight for Mac and decided to take what felt like an eternity swatching a handful of shades and textures  over and over again until they all seemed to look the same. 

Through exhaustion and frustration of trying to pick the right one I thought I would just be easier to go for one of the looks that Mac are advertising this season, Divine Night, the model looks stunning I really like the lipstick shade and I figured that as the model is quite pale skinned  it should be safe enough to give it a go.

At first when I tried it on I was like "wow! not sure about this" but like with anything new I figured it would take a bit of getting used to so i was super brave and took the plunge  I went for the lipstick £16.50 and cremesheen glass £19, both in  shade "private party" which is the colour on the model in the picture above. It is described as a dirty plum mauve colour. 
I also think when using such bold shades it is important to use a lip pencil to ensure you get a nice defined and perfect pout :) I was pretty happy with the colour match between the lipstick and pencil which I bought in shade "currant" £12

(without flash)

(with Flash )

(Lipstick with Gloss over)

As I don't often wear these deep shades I think I will wait for our night out this weekend before giving it a real go rather than wear it as an every day shade, I am hoping that I might get used to it and experiment a little more with lipstick shades in the future.

Anyone else dared to make a change this season?


Lisa xx  

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  1. Nice shade :)

    New Post Up:

  2. I hardly ever wear lipstick. I really want a deep shade for new years eve though!
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

    1. I braved the dark shade you can do it too haha. Go for it :)


  3. I like lipstick both with and without gloss.. :)
    I am inviting you to join my $30 certificate giveaway
    Keep in touch,

  4. I love the colour, perfect for the festive season!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. That lipstick is absolutely gorgeous! The packaging is adorable! xx
    Gemma //

  6. its such a lovely collection ! the lipstick color is very pretty ! would you like to follow each other ? xx


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