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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Now you probably know by now but i am the biggest YSL fan ever!! i just love their products, but saying that i very rarely buy or use concealers or highlighters, so when i discovered the touch eclat and heard all the fuss about it I was very curious but skeptical at the same time.

It wasn't long before i caved in and bought it  : )
Sorry i pinched this pic off the internet as mine was way too manky to photograph.
I got the original version, number 1, which seem to look the right kind of shade for my skin.
 I have to say though that i think it is a good idea that there are, different, more specific shades nowadays as i hate having a limited selection especially when it comes to such important products like foundation and concealers.

 I really like the click brush dispenser/applicator which I thought was really clever as it make the product easy to use and ensures you use the right amount. 

The texture is really light which is good for the under eye area but it doesn't offer as much 'coverage' as a concealer.

Maybe it is because of the light coverage or because i don't really have much of an issue with dark circles or areas that this product is specifically designed for..... but i don't really get what all the fuss is about.

Personally other than the applicator I wasn't that blown away by it. I gave it a few goes to see if it was the way I was using it or how much I was using but nothing really made that much of a difference, yes it was OK it lightened the area under my eyes a little but nothing really worth raving about and nothing a concealer couldn't handle for half the price.

Sorry i know lots of people love this product but not me I'm afraid  I'm glad i gave it a go but i wouldn't buy it again.

Anyone else been underwhelmed by touch eclat?

Lisa xx

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  1. looks great...i have used the maybelline one and that works great too!

  2. o no, I use the maybelline dream lumi and the lorial undereye concealor and those are both good.


  3. I haven't actually tried it yet - despite being a huge YSL fan. Currently I've goa budget item - the Collection Illuminating Touch and it works really well for me :o). Xx


  4. Very nice review abd on perfect time, i was wanting to buy itand now i think i wont..

  5. I use Touche Eclat as a highlighter and it is beautiful! I think people often mistakenly buy it hoping for a concealer but it is primarily formulated to be a highlighter :)


  6. I have never tried it but I have heard mixed reviews x


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