Payday Haul

Friday, October 25, 2013

So Today was the best day of the month.... PAYDAY!!!!!

I was so excited to have some spare pennies in my account for shopping and decided to go wild!!

So everything you are about to see was bought in ONE lunch hour........

I started off in New look and found myself in the Jewellery section. I love New Look jewellery and they always seem to have deals or sales on which is an added bonus. 

I picked up a lovely statement necklace as I was wanting one to go over crew neck jumpers for the winter as I don't really have anything chunky enough to make a punch. I decided on a beautiful Gold Leaf effect necklace which was in the half price sale so I paid £3.99 ooooo bargain. I also picked up 2 big chunky rings and a pair of wing earrings which was also in the half price sale. 

(Get yourselfs to New Look and raid their sale Jewellery)

I then went to Warehouse to look for Jumpers the only thing I actually went shopping for ..ooops. Did i get one I hear you ask....erm no I bought 2 t shirts in their sale (I cant walk away from a bargain) I got a blue one (£8) and a Nudey peach one (£5 dont know why this was £3 less) they are both the same with the turn up capped sleeves and are so soft. 

I then walked past Oasis and something mysteriously pulled me inside here I did manage to buy a jumper well 2 kind of. I got a thin gold jumper which I think will look perfect for christmas time over a pair of jeans or leggings and a blue marl effect short sleeved jumper top with dark blue piping which i loved both £15 in the sale. Last but not least from Oasis I got a top which I think will be perfect for christmas day at the partners parents house it is black and beige top the back is a sheer black and the front is beige and the sleeves are black with a lace panel going down the middle and down both side of the top. This is so dressy casual and the detailing is so pretty and was also £15 in the sale. 

The last shop I stopped in was The Body Shop and I picked up 2 of my favourite scents a satsumer shower gel and a Blueberry Body Butter ... both good enough to eat in my opinion. 

So thats it, I think I have done enough damage to my bank account for now. 

Anyone else go wild some paydays??

Carrieanne xx

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  1. Oo ive never smelt the blueberry butter, will have to have a sniff :)

    Frankie Boo Blog

  2. Ohh paydays <3
    Love your new stuff :)

  3. I love the chunky rings you got from New Look. That thin gold jumper with black sleeves, looks super comfy. Love all the stuff you bought! x

  4. Really cool accessories! ♥


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