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Saturday, October 12, 2013

I was tagged on twitter by the beautiful Zoe @ zoegoegina on twitter to do the Autumn Tag and was so happy to do this I love Autumn. Go check out her blog it is amazing she writes about fashion and beauty. 

Favorite thing about Autumn?
The Leaves Falling from the trees I Love this time of year the burnt orange colours and the snuggly knits. 

Favorite drink?
Starbucks Pumpkin spiced Latte is a favourite in Autumn or Hot chocolate at home with a nice bit of squirty cream and marshmallows..... yummy!!!

Favorite scent?
The smell that reminds me of Autumn is Spiced Candles at the moment I am Burning Cinnamon and Cherry. A brilliant combo sweet and spicy. 

Best lipstick?
I love a Plum or berry Coloured Lipstick in Autumn at the moment I'm loving my MUA one in shade 2. Perfect for everyday. 

Go to moisturiser?
Liz Earle dry/sensitive is one I use the most, applying morning and night but I always have a little Simple one in my handbag for dry skin emergencies.

Go to colours for the eyes?
Copper and Browns for the day and sometimes mixing in a little metallic gold for the night with a thick lined eye. 

Favorite band/singer to listen to?
I love relaxing music this time of year whilst snuggling in a throw reading or this year blogging. Last year I listened to Birdie a lot different to the usual rock music I like.

Favorite outfit to wear?
Comfy boots with thick tights and skater dress or Jumper dresses. I like a nice chunky knot scarf too for the colder days. 

Autumn Treat?
Candles and a nice winter coat. I have my eye on the Christmas Eve candle from Yankee at the moment. 

Favorite place to be?
Home looking through the window with a nice hot choc snuggled in a blanket while its cold outside and raining or snowing. Even better in Winter when the christmas lights are up makes me feel so cosy.

I tag-

Love Carrieanne xxx

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  1. I wish we had this orange winter in india too..
    My fav place in winter is home too, looking out of window sitting in blancket with a cup of cofee...
    I am personally inviting you to enter my sunglasses giveaway, do check it out.
    Keep in touch,

  2. This is a fun tag, I love this time of year. MUA lipsticks are a favouirte of mine :)

  3. Very nice post! I love seeing the leaves fall during Autumn time as well! Just came across your blog & I'm happy that I did!

    x leah symonne x

  4. Our leaves just changed this weekend and it's so pretty now!

  5. This tag is so fun :D I love fall!
    if you ever have time I'd really appreciate it if you'd come check out my blog and maybe leave me some feedback?! im new to blogging! thanks :)

    Katie xoxo

  6. Aww, she share the same taste for candles and fallen leaves! I LOVE fall so much :) xx

  7. Cool tag! I'm a new follower :)


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