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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Before I start I just want to say that before considering a treatment like this please please please make sure the person performing the treatment is fully trained and qualified to do so, after all they are going to be putting acid on your face this is not a decision to take lightly.
This type of peel is mild in strength and is designed to give a fresh look and help to prevent and reduce pore and wrinkles.
As I have mentioned in previous posts I have always suffered with breakouts and slight scaring from acne so I will try anything going to improve the appearance of my skin.
I had tried micro derm-abrasion before but thought this time I would go to the next level. I have in the past considered extreme procedures such as CO2 laser peels and high strength peels which are very aggressive and result in skin literally falling off your face to reveal a fresh new layer! But I thought I would be sensible and work my way up : )
The treatment consisted of firstly receiving a micro derm-abrasion abrasion treatment to remove the dead skin layer, the acid is then applied with a gentle brush all over the area to be treated and left for the desired period of time, and there is usually a minimum and maximum duration that the acid should be left for. The acid is then neutralised with another solution that is applied with cotton pads, once this is complete a moisturising treatment is often applied.

The first time I had the peel the beautician left it on for around 3 minutes the acid tingles all over your face until the timer goes of and the neutraliser is used to remove the acid. The neutralisation step is the most uncomfortable part of the treatment as the reaction causes the skin to sting quite a bit but once it is fully naturalised that stops and a special moisturising cream is applied. Afterwards you are left with a bright red face that fades after about an hour.
The results from the first session were by far the best. I saw a difference immediately although I never really peeled of flaked too much so maybe the improvement was more down to the exfoliation of the micro derm-abrasion and the moisturising treatment that is applied at the end of the procedure.
A few weeks later I decided to have another peel. This time leaving the acid for 6 minute as I hadn’t peeled or anything the first time this is the maximum length of time that is suggested you use.
This time it took around 2 days for the peeling to start, nothing drastic just a few flakes here and there, it also brought out a few spots on my checks and chin which I wasn’t best pleased about!!
The third and final time I tried the treatment I had it done the day after a sunny bank holiday, I must have caught the sun a little without realising and this caused the stinging to be much worse at the sides of my face (temple and cheekbone area). The acid was taken off after 6 minutes it was almost becoming unbearable when the time eventually came to remove it. Cotton pads are used to wipe the neutraliser off and this caused even more pain, it felt like she was scratching the sensitive area at the sides of my face. When the treatment was complete I was horrified to see that I had what looked like grazes/abrasions either side of my face! It was bright red and speckled as though it was about to bleed and it was sooo sore!!
Can you believe that on leaving the salon someone actually stopped me to ask for directions !! what are the chances of that! I’m talking the three strides to my car to hid my face because I look like a lepor and someone wants to talk to me!! Anyway …
over the following days the grazes started to weep and scab over (which looked lovely…NOT) to make it worse I have a ‘Frankie Stanford’ type hair cut so there was nothing I could do to hide the right side of my face as my hair is so short!

My Fiancé was so worried he though I was going to be scared for life and I didn’t know what to do, I tried my best to cover it with makeup (which made it look worse) until the scabs finally healed. This was around mid May this year and I am still left with red marks, although they are quite faint they are definitely still there I just hope that the colouring there eventually returns to normal.
I have no doubt in the abilities of the beautician that performed the peel of the treatment itself, I honestly think it was due to the sun exposure from the day before. Nevertheless it was still quite traumatic so needless to say I won’t be having the CO2 laser peel nor will I be repeating the chemical peel again any time soon.

Have you tried chemical peels?


Lisa xx

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  1. Nice!

  2. Oh, sorry to hear you had such a bad experience! I'd be so scared that would happen to me, it's impossible to avoid the sun completely in Australia!

    Away From The Blue

  3. I was badly burned by a chemical peel that I rarely touch any product with the word peel in the name. After reading your post, I wonder if it wasn't a photosensitivity issue that occured. (I'm very fair and burn easily) Hmmm...

    Unpack the Box


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