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Thursday, August 01, 2013

The main benefits of Mineral make-up is what's not in mineral makeup.
The key difference being that mineral make-up generally does not contain the emollient oils and waxes, fragrance, and preservative ingredients found in conventional formulations, Mineral products are usually preservative-free, and since they have very low odor, they are often also fragrance-free. Preservatives and fragrance are often what cause skin irritation. This was always something I liked about mineral makeup as I thought this would be perfect for my oily, acne prone skin but I was always dubious about the coverage as I like lots and lots of coverage!

I have tried bare minerals makeup and have been tempted to try sheer cover. I did really like the bare minerals but found it a bit of a faf building up to the level of coverage I want which is possible it just takes a long time. Also I can’t get over my love for liquid foundations so I have been on the fence for a while now.

Don'r foget, to ensure you're buying a quality mineral makeup product, read the label. If it says "mineral-enriched" or if the formulation is liquid or mousse, these products may contain ingredients such as paraben preservatives or dimethicone added for a smooth texture. Items that aren't powders might also contain moisturizers, antioxidant vitamins, or other ingredients for your skin. So basically its about weighing up the benefits that are right for you.

Here are some great benefits that mineral make-up advertise as having.  which after trying mineral products myself, I can say I agree with nearly all of them except number 4!
1. It Is Breathable
- Completely agree with this one its doesn’t feel cakey or thick at all.
2. It Gives Outstanding Coverage
- It really can provide great coverage although it takes some building up to achieve the level I like
3. It Is Lightweight
– I love that it’s isn’t too heavy or caked on even with applying a full coverage look..
4. It Is Easy to Put on
– Now this is the only one I don’t agree with, I think it can get quite mess and it does take a while to faf around building up the coverage
5. It Protects
- Lots of sun protects and lots of great skin loving minerals
6. It Is Light Reflective
- Mineral makeup can get rid of any imperfections that can’t be avoided with other kinds of makeup and help get rid of shine.
7. It Reduces Skin Imperfections
– This stuff is loaded with various vitamins that can make your skin look healthier and younger, reducing the appearances of skin imperfections.
8. It Is Totally Oil-Free
– Great for oily complexions as it is totally oil-free, which will keep you from adding more oil to your skin.

What do you think to mineral make-up?


Lisa xx

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  1. I used to use mineral foundation, but I had a hard time breathing because of all the powder in the air, and that was with me being really careful because it was expensive.

    Fashion and Happy Things

    1. I know what you mean it's not the most user friendly product is it.


  2. completely agree about mineral makeup being a bit of a mess!


    1. Ye just a nightmare having to mess around sweeping up after yourself haha


  3. Love mineral makeup! It's just hard to use the powder, like you said. It hard to see how much to use and then I end up using too much :( xx

    Karen, sincerelykn.blogspot.ca

    1. yes it can be dificult to judge how much you need. I wouldn't mind trying the eyeshadows though.


  4. I've never really understood the difference between mineral and 'standard' make-up and most posts just talk about the plus points. Great post :)


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