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Friday, August 16, 2013

Sorry i know this is a bit deep and you might have heard this debate before but i came across this picture on the internet and i couldn't resist doing a post on it. 
I am a massive Disney film lover, I adore them all especially the old classics like the ones illustrated above, Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast etc all fab children’s films that I still watch as an adult and enjoy just as much. The question we need to be asking ourselves thought is what do the messages in the films say? Are the characters we have all grown up with setting up false ideals from a young age, influencing our decisions on what makes someone beautiful? Not to mention sending unrealistic targets of a happily ever after.

I guess there wouldn’t be much of a fairy tale without the princess would there, but have we been led to believe for years that you have to be beautiful to get anywhere in life and that your looks dictate your future and finding a husband should be a womans main gocus in life.  If you look into the story lines of each films they show that as a woman your worth is dictated by how you look and that all your problems can be solved by finding the right man!
Look at Ariel from Little Mermaid, she changes species, leaves all her family to go chasing after a man that she doesn’t even know!
Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ shows  true love for someone that isn’t ‘beautiful ‘yet she is perfect in everyway, is that realistic, do looks only matter for the woman!

The best one has to be Cinderella, she is kept as a slave by her step mother and sisters until her prince charming comes along and saves her, is that the message you would want to send to your own daughters. That it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you life is like you don’t need to work to change your circumstances you just need to meet a rich man.
Now as I said before I love these old fairytale stories but shouldn’t we be aiming to tell the future generation that what is in thier heads and their hearts is what makes them beautiful, how you act and portray yourself to other is what makes you attractive and only by working hard and striving to be a better person can you live a better life.
But then again do you want to deny your children the same dreams and fantasies that you had as a child, did it really hurt us that much. Surely once your old enough to understand the fairytales aren’t real does it really matter, should we just let the children be children ?
What do you think?


Lisa xx

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  1. My grandmother was a feminist, she fought for my right to wear what I choose, work where I choose, and to have a child when I choose.
    She also loved the Disney Princesses and took me to see Pocahontas in theaters when it came out and I had the VHS's of all the other princess movies. But I also knew the truth. I knew that they were prettied up versions of history. I was told that Ariel was a commentary on the need to change yourself to fit in. I knew the actual history of Pocahontas before we went and saw the film, because she took the time to teach me.
    If we take the time to teach our daughters that everyone is different and it's their differences that make them beautiful, and that some people won't feel that way, but they can still do anything they want to within reason. Then the princesses can be what they were always meant to be, fun.
    Fashion and Happy Things

    1. Your so right its what we teach children that helps them to understand life and not what is shown in childrens films. I completely agree that if u take all the negatives and analyse something enough it can be made to seem as a bad example but if you look at it properly there is certainly a positive spin on it too. Thanks for commenting. Lx

  2. Its a beautiful and intresting post..
    Keep in touch,

  3. I definitely think that Disney princesses are a lot more innocent than everyone makes them out to be. It is absolutely controversial depending on how strongly someone wants to analyze it! If people want to be sexist and see it as a feminist, what you've pointed out is true. BUT on the contrary, Ariel took a stand for what she believed in and fought for it regardless of the consequences. Belle sacrificed herself for her father showing the close ties of family and opted for books and intelligence over what society had predestined for her. Cinderella could have shrugged back in a corner and refrained from going to the ball out of fear of her step sisters but she followed her dream and went out and won the heart of a prince.
    Furthermore, other Disney princesses like Jasmine and Pocahontas can also be viewed as treated unfairly as women. YET Jasmine left the pampered, safe haven of her lavish palace life in order to follow her heart and have an adventure, not letting fear stop her. Pocahontas was brave enough to try and bridge a gap between two worlds regardless of what her people and John Smith's people thought. She showed him everything she knew to try and help him and the settlers survive.
    So yes, Disney princesses CAN be perfect examples of sexism, but I will definitely show the movies to my children one day because I think these were strong women who stood up for what they believed in regardless of what the world said, risking both the comfort of what they knew and their reputations to go after what they wanted and overall follow their dreams despite all obstacles. THAT'S the message I see in these films!!!

    Hugs and Kisses,

    1. Completely agree if you focus on the negatives its seen as a bad example but the way you have analysed it to show the positive spin is exactly right. I will definetely be showing my children the movies and taking the time to teach them the true meanings . Thanks for your comments. Lx

  4. This is a really interesting post! I enjoyed reading it and the comments:)x

    Check out my blog! - lameyy.blogspot.co.uk


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