Teeth whitening trauma

For years I had considered having my teeth whitened, everyone seemed to be having it done and I was dying to wear a bright lipstick without feeling that it made my teeth glow yellow! Then one day I received my regular Groupon email and saw an offer on ‘Glow white’ teeth whitening for £30!
The info provided looked really impressive and professional so I went for it. As usual with these things they don’t disclose the name of address of where the procedure will take place, only the town it would be in.
When I confirmed my payment I was given the address and further info along with the name of the lady who would be doing the procedure. I looked at her website and again the info was really professional.

All excited about my new white teeth and thinking about which shade of lipstick would by on the way home, I set off. Now obviously when we got to the street I was looking out for a beauty salon or some kind of clinic but there was nothing but houses! We drove up and down the street a few times before I called the lady for directions and to my horror she gave me the same address I had and said to go to the house with the blue door and she would wait outside for me.
I couldn’t believe it, we were in the middle of a housing estate in front of a house that was far from inviting where I was supposed to be having my teeth done. Going inside was even worse, this was someone’s home! The lady lead me through her living room which looked like a she had never tidied up since moving in, past her husband having his dinner at the table and upstairs into her back bedroom! I have no idea why I didn’t run when I saw the house or even when I saw the living room and stepped over her dog to get up the stairs but what gets me most is that even when I was faced with a room that was empty apart from a sun longer (that looked like it had been rescued from a skip ) and some sort of lamp thingy, I still didn’t run!! What was I thinking, maybe I was just being polite! 
Anyway the lady sat me in the sun lounger and put a retainer in my mount before she started squeezing the gel onto my teeth out of a small tube. Once the gel was on she left me sat under the lamp for what seemed like an eternity while she went to have her tea! She repeated this three times and by the third go my teeth were extremely sensitive , it even hurt to breath as I got a ‘zinging’ sensation each time I took a breath in, I was nearly crying in agony when she eventually came back in ( as she had disappeared again may be to watch TV or something and left me their alone!).
Finally it was over and she gave me a mirror to see the final results, but instead of looking at my new pearly white teeth I was looking at my gums which were covered in white speckles and my teeth didn’t look any different! Other than looking very matte and speckled (apparently this is normal), in fact my front two teeth looked like they had a white line going across them. I was so devastated but the lady just kept telling my the white marks on my gums would fade and then my teeth would look whiter in a few hours!! I couldn’t even muster up the energy to argue with her I just wanted to get out of that box room, get in my car and go!!

For the next 2-3 days I suffered with the worst tooth ache ever with horribly sensitive teeth.
I learnt a few thing from this experience.
1.       Don’t trust just anyone to perform procedures like this go to a dentist or someone that specialises in teeth whitening!

2.       The expression ‘ Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is true for most things in life however in situations like this if you don’t feel comfortable in your surroundings then leave! often the quality of the environment you are in is often a good indication of the quality of the treatment you are about to receive, DON’T TAKE THE RISK!!

3.       If something seems too good to be true then it most likely is. At the end of the day you get what you pay for.
I later had the procedure redone by a dentist costing £300 and it was a much nicer experience with much better results.
Don’t get me wrong sensitivity is a side effect of the treatment but it was no where near as painful as the first time and the dentist was always there reassuring me unlike the lady that went off to have her tea!!

Anyone else out there had a similar experience?

Lisa xx

Fact of the day

Cochineal is a red dye made of ground up beetles, and was used in ancient Incan and Aztec civilizations to color lips and nails red.


Lisa xx

Body Wraps - Do They Work???

I wanted to see what all the hype was with Body Wraps so I thought why not and booked myself in for one. I thought I would go into a little about the body wrap procedure before I tell you about my experience.

What Is a Body Wrap?
A body Wrap is a Spa treatment which became popular in the 1980s and 90s. When body wraps were first offered decades ago, linen sheets were used. The wraps were then mostly called herbal wraps. Body wraps is a term that came to mean more than herbal wraps. Eventually, plastic or thermal blankets replaced the linen sheets.
Although the service varies from spa to spa, body wraps are often done in a darkened room with flickering candles, soft music, and a massage table.
Some spas promote body wraps as a relaxing, moisturizing treat. 
Others, though, tout specific body wraps as a way to detoxify, slim down, or deal with cellulite claims that may go too far. 

Body Wrap Options
There are many different body wraps, but these are a few;

·         Moisturizing, which uses a variety of lotions and ingredients
·         Detox, which includes ingredients such as seaweed or mud that have more ''pulling'' action, according to Ellis
·         Slimming that use smaller strips of material wrapped tightly
·         Cellulite, which typically uses herbal remedies

Can a Body Wrap Detox?
The claim sounds good. But doctors say it's unsupported. There's never been any real scientific evidence that body wraps pull out toxins or purify your body in any way.

Can a Body Wrap Slim You?
As for slimming wraps, any loss of inches is going to be temporary. Wraps cannot take the place of a healthy diet and Exercise. Boo!!!!
But if you're trying to look good for a day at the beach on your honeymoon, temporary improvement may be good enough to make you feel your best.

Can a Body Wrap Banish Cellulite?
Cellulite body wraps won't take away the dimpled skin but the appearance can be better.

So here is my conclusion
I opted for a detoxing wrap as I was going to a wedding and I took a pair of tight jeans with me and thought if I can get into them easily afterward then I was worth it.
When I got there finally after arriving at the old salon as wasn’t made aware they had moved so had a 25 minute walk as didn’t know any taxi numbers. I arrived rather sweaty and ready for a relaxing experience.

It was a lovely clean room with just a massage table and a side board full of products and a mirror. She started by taking my measurements so I was stood in little thong pants and a bra and it was pretty cold as it was the end of winter start of spring. She wrote them all down and then it was time to start mummifying me. She put on a thick clay like product all over my body legs and arms and wrapped me up bandages and cling film. I than had to get on the bed which proved difficult but funny and she then wraped me in a foil blanket and a nice warm normal blanket too to keep the warmth in.

She turned the lights down told me to relax for the next hour. A nice little extra was that she gave me a mini facial while I was laid there too which lasted about 20 minutes so I felt like I was being pampered. She then left the room and left me to relax for the further 40 minutes.

Im a fidgety person and after about 30 minutes I was fighting myself to not take my hands out of the blanket to itch my face and moving my legs so they wasn’t touching. But I managed to last the full hours and then she came in to release me.

She took all the bandages off and gave me a small wipe down saying it would carry on working through the night if I didn’t wash it all off.

Then for the exciting bit the measuring….. I lost 9.5 inches altogether off all my body combined and the real test was when I put on my jeans and wow they fit perfectly. I instantly felt a lot better also i did notice my cellulite look a lot less noticeable too.

I have to say though it only lasted about a week before I started to see my body changing again but would have one again for a special occasion in the future as it makes you a lot more confident.

Has anyone else had one of these procedures???
What are your thoughts????

Carrieanne xx

Fact of the day

In the 17th and 18th century, women dilated their eyes with drops from a plant called Belladonna, as it was considered attractive.  Long term use damaged the eyes and lead to blindness.


Lisa xx

Fact of the day

Acne and burn patients in the U.K. may be treated with vavelta, a clear liquid that contains skin cells that rejuvenate and revitalize damaged skin from the inside out. These skin cells, called fibroblasts, are isolated from foreskins donated by mothers of circumcised baby boys.


Lisa xx

Alphabet Weekend Warriors: Our Special K Day

We were challenged by the Lovely Kallie @ but first coffee to an Alphabet Warrior Day Focusing around the letter K and we didn't realise how hard it would be.

We Started our Day In the Kitchen with a big bowl of Kelloggs Special K. Lisa is a Cereal fanatic and can eat it for every meal of the day. After I managed to prise the spoon out of her hand we set off for our filled day.

We got a train to Leeds and our girly fun filled shopping day began. 

(Look how pretty Huddersfield station is) 

We went for a look round Trinity shopping center but decided we were having a window shopping day as we are trying to save money this month. 

We then went for a walk round the outside shops stopping at Karen Millen to look at the pretty dresses. I was very hard to leave without buying anything as there were some stunning pieces.

I also Stopped at boots to eye up their selection of Kate Moss Lipsticks as I love them after purchasing my 1st one last month so need to get some more I opted for shades 107 a dark red and 101 a neutral pink which I wanted to try now i have darker hair. Plus they were on save £1.50 so it was £3.99 per Lipstick ooo bargain!!!! 

And with it been a K Day what would it be without a Krispy Kreme doughnut!!

We both opted for the Cookie Crumble Glazed Ring  and it was delicious and didn't last very long.

We ended our Night with a good old  Knees Up and a karaoke Session but unfortunately we were having so much fun that I didnt realise my phone had died so didn't get any pictures.

We had a great day with the Letter K can't wait to see the rest of the Alphabet!!


We still have spots available for Alphabet Weekend Warriors! e-mail Kallie @ butfirstcoffeeblog@gmail for your chance to join in on the fun!

Fact of the day

In ancient Rome, “cosmetae” (where the word cosmetologist came from) were female servants who applied cosmetics to wealthy Roman women and bathed them in perfume. It is also said that cosmetae dissolved various cosmetic ingredients in their own saliva.

Lisa xx

Collection, colour pro, intense colour lip lacquer

I bought this lipgloss as part of the latest face off challenge - bargain buys Here

I thought i would do you a quick review to sum up my thoughts on this product.
If you are a regular reader of this blog you will probably know that i am not usually fond of the lower end products so I wasn't really expecting much from any of the purchases i made during the bargain buy challenge however i have to say that for the money this lipgloss was pretty good.

I bought the lipgloss in prom queen which is a lovely natural pinkish shade i thought i would be able to wear over my neutral lipsticks.

Looking at the gloss it is decently packaged and the wand is nothing special but then again it was £4.19 so I wasn't expecting a lot from the packaging.

As i mentioned in the challenge post, on swatching this gloss i did notice is was quiet sticky which is generally a huge turn off for me but I thought i would give it a go anyway.

I wore the lip gloss alone first and the colour is lovely but the stickiness drove me crazy, it really is a pet peeve of mine, i can't stand my hair sticking to my lips with every slight breeze.

Anyway the gloss lasted ages which i guess is a trade off for the stick texture.

I also tried the gloss over lipstick and really liked the effect i have been wearing this as part of my daily makeup since I bought it and although the stickiness is annoying it means that it will last quite a while without having to reapply which for me is a huge bonus.

Overall for the price, this is a good product it offers a lovely range of colours and last a long time i could have bought one in every colour for the same price as one Dior gloss!

I am not too sure i would buy it again but it has definitely made me re think my aversion to buying lower end products and i will definitely give a few others a try.

Colour ****

I am also going to add another category here as i feel it is quite an important one to mention as the sticky tacky texture is a big turn off.

wearability (comfort) **

What lower end lipglosses do you recommend?



Fact of the day

When waterproof mascara entered the beauty industry in 1938, it was made of 50% turpentine.(I hope this has changed!)


Lisa xx

Fact of the day

Remember....dermatologist tested does not mean dermatologist approved.


Lisa xx

Gel nails - at work pamper

Yesterday one of the girls at work saw my nails and asked if she could use me as a guinea pig to test out her new gel nail kit, of course I didn't refuse. She has done mobile beauty in the past and got her qualifications so I trusted her. 

She came in this morning early so when I got to work my desk was set up like a little nail salon. The colour I opted for was The ruby Slippers which is the red glitter. 

She did an absolute amazing job and I'm so happy with them. 

I have never had gels done before so looking forward to see how long they last. 

Has anyone had these done and did they make your nails stronger?? 

Carrieanne xx 

Fact of the day

Dying your hair black in ancient Rome involved feeding leeches, putting them in vinegar, leaving the substance to ferment for two months and thicken into a paste, then applying the mixture to the hair and allowing it to dry for a day.


Lisa xx

A perfume fact

Perfume was central to Egyptian civilization and was used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. For example, Kyphi, one of the most famous Egyptian perfumes, made from flowers, honey, wine and berries, was also prepared as a drink to cure lung, intestinal, and liver problems. Although i wouldn't suggest gulping down your favourite scent to cure your ailments thats expensive medicine!


Lisa xx

Glycolic peel

Before I start I just want to say that before considering a treatment like this please please please make sure the person performing the treatment is fully trained and qualified to do so, after all they are going to be putting acid on your face this is not a decision to take lightly.
Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and

the one I am going to talk about is a gentle peel which stimulates new skin healthy growth by sloughing off the surface dead skin cells to make your skin natural-looking, smooth, and bright. These peels are often used to treat acne scarring, skin aging, and sun-damage.
As I have mentioned in previous posts I have always suffered with breakouts and slight scaring from acne so I will try anything going to improve the appearance of my skin.
I had tried micro derm-abrasion before but thought this time I would go to the next level. I have in the past considered extreme procedures such as CO2 laser peels and high strength peels which are very aggressive and result in skin literally falling off your face to reveal a fresh new layer! But I thought I would be sensible and work my way up : )
The treatment consisted of firstly receiving a micro derm-abrasion abrasion treatment to remove the dead skin layer, the acid is then applied with a gentle brush all over the area to be treated and left for the desired period of time, and there is usually a minimum and maximum duration that the acid should be left for. The acid is then neutralised with another solution that is applied with cotton pads, once this is complete a moisturising treatment is often applied.
The first time I had the peel the beautician left it on for around 3 minutes the acid tingles all over your face until the timer goes of and the neutraliser is used to remove the acid. The neutralisation step is the most uncomfortable part of the treatment as the reaction causes the skin to sting quite a bit but once it is fully naturalised that stops and a special moisturising cream is applied. Afterwards you are left with a bright red face that fades after about an hour.
The results from the first session were by far the best. I saw a difference immediately although I never really peeled or flaked too much so maybe the improvement was more down to the exfoliation of the micro derm-abrasion and the moisturising treatment that is applied at the end of the procedure.
A few weeks later I decided to have another peel. This time leaving the acid for 6 minute as I hadn’t peeled or anything the first time this is the maximum length of time that is suggested you use.
This time it took around 2 days for the peeling to start, nothing drastic just a few flakes here and there, it also brought out a few spots on my checks and chin which I wasn’t best pleased about!!
The third and final time I tried the treatment I had it done the day after a sunny bank holiday, I must have caught the sun a little without realising and this caused the stinging to be much worse at the sides of my face (temple and cheekbone area). The acid was taken off after 6 minutes it was almost becoming unbearable when the time eventually came to remove it. Cotton pads are used to wipe the neutraliser off and this caused even more pain, it felt like she was scratching the sensitive area at the sides of my face. When the treatment was complete I was horrified to see that I had what looked like grazes/abrasions either side of my face! It was bright red and speckled as though it was about to bleed and it was sooo sore!!

Can you believe that on leaving the salon someone actually stopped me to ask for directions !! what are the chances of that! I’m talking the three strides to my car to hid my face because I look like a lepor and someone wants to talk to me!! Anyway …
over the following days the grazes started to weep and scab over (which looked lovely…NOT) to make it worse I have a ‘Frankie Stanford’ type hair cut so there was nothing I could do to hide the right side of my face as my hair is so short!

My FiancĂ© was so worried he though I was going to be scared for life and I didn’t know what to do, I tried my best to cover it with makeup (which made it look worse) until the scabs finally healed. This was around mid May this year and I am still left with red marks, although they are quite faint they are definitely still there I just hope that the colouring there eventually returns to normal.
I have no doubt in the abilities of the beautician that performed the peel of the treatment itself, I honestly think it was due to the sun exposure from the day before. Nevertheless it was still quite traumatic so needless to say I won’t be having the CO2 laser peel nor will I be repeating the chemical peel again any time soon.

Have you tried chemical peels?


Lisa xx

A make your own fact

We think we are being resourseful and innovative by making our own beauty products these days but people have been playing, "kitchen beautician" since the Middle Ages, when various foods were used as beauty aids.
Curdled milk was applied to acne, cucumber juice removed freckles, while boiled nettles produced a smooth, even complexion. Women even attempted to remove wrinkles with the help of ointments made of wax and almond oil, or crocodile fat!!! Nice


Lisa xx

A conditioner fact

If you have greasy hair, avoid directly conditioning roots and condition from your ear down to ends.


Lisa xx

My Favourite Nail Polish

It been a busy day so thought I'd do a little post today to share with you my favourite Nail polish.

This is YSLs Rouge Pop Art and I have to say it is the best Polish I've ever tried. 

The application is amazing it has a thick brush so 2 strokes and the nail is done. The product it's self is very creamy giving a brilliant finish and the ultimate selling point for me is that it doesn't take ages to dry.

I can also wear this quite a few days without chipping.

The downside to this product is the cost at £18 it can be found Here, but I definetly think these are of high quality so I will still get another of these for a special occasion or as a gift idea.


Has anyone else got any other shades of these, would love any recommendations.

Carrieanne xx 

A smudge proof fact

For smudge-proof eye makeup, take blotting tissue to remove any oil or any excess makeup from the eye area.


Lisa xx

Lovely Lemons

I recently wrote a post on green tea and it seemed to go down really well so I though that you guys might like another post this time on the Lovely lemon!
Lemons are a super fruit which have  many health and beauty benefits, here are a few tips on how you can use lemons in your beauty regime to fight common problems we all face.

1. Oily Skin
Lemons are amazing for getting rid of that unwanted oily skin. Using them as you would a toner helps control shine. I love this one!

How To:
-          2 tablespoons vodka (don’t be tempted to drink it, it will be worth it I promise)
-          2 tablespoons of lemon juice
-          1 tablespoon distilled water
-          1 teaspoon of witch hazel

Once mixed together keep in a cool area, preferably the fridge it should last between 5-7 days depending on how many times a day you use it.

2. Flawless Skin
If you’re looking for softer brighter skin, try squeezing fresh lemon juice on your skin to improve it’s softness. It is also said that this will help to reduce acne! Win win ey. Do this three times a week and get flawless skin! But don’t apply it if you are going to be out in the sun as the citric acid will make your skin sensitive to the sun.

3. Bye bye Blackheads
We all struggle with stubborn blackheads. Lemons, help those yucky black heads disappear! Rub fresh lemon juice on those problem areas and rinse with cold water, do this every night before bed. Continue this routine every night until your skin is all cleared up! I will be trying this one out tonight!

4. Fading Age Spots
It is also thought that lemons help fade age spots! Apply lemon juice (every night before bed. Continue this for few weeks and those spots will clean up, and start to get lighter! You could even try adding lemon juice to your bath for an all over body treatment.

So what do you think, will you be trying any of these out?


Lisa xx

A Big Mistake - Hair removal

We're all friends here right?..... Well a few months ago I made a big mistake!!

I have blonde hair and I find my body hair glistens in the sunlight quite well and I was complaining to my friends at work about my twinkling little moustache.

One of the girls recommended hair removal cream and said she uses it all the time and it comes straight off.

Brilliant I thought, no pain from having to wax or pluck. I made it my mission that lunch time to get some Veet and thought I better go for the sensitive.

That night while my boyfriend was watching TV, not wanting him to know what I was doing I ran upstairs Veet in hand pretending I was going for a shower. He will never know I thought....

I slathered a thick layer across the top of my lip and sat down to start the 8 minute wait. Ouch... Within a minute my upper lip was on fire and I was in a lot of pain, I quickly washed off the cream and couldn't believe what I had done. I now had an angry red mark and on closer inspection realised it had removed half the hairs but left a perfect line of them just under my nose, so i looked worse than when i started.

If that wasn't bad enough the redness wouldnt go down and the burning continued so i lathered myself in Sudacream thinking Simon (partner) would still be down stairs for a while...... Wrong!!!!

He came upstairs to find me like this.....

(looking very sorry for myself)

He will never let me live this down and has kept this picture on his phone. I will never try this again and I had to go into work with a scabby lip for 3 days and made a few peoples days. 

Has anyone else tried this or had a beauty disaster????

Carrieanne xx

A colour fade fact

To prevent hair color from fading in the summer months, use a conditioning treatment weekly or bi-monthly.

Lisa xx

Disney Princess debate

Sorry i know this is a bit deep and you might have heard this debate before but i came across this picture on the internet and i couldn't resist doing a post on it. 
I am a massive Disney film lover, I adore them all especially the old classics like the ones illustrated above, Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast etc all fab children’s films that I still watch as an adult and enjoy just as much. The question we need to be asking ourselves thought is what do the messages in the films say? Are the characters we have all grown up with setting up false ideals from a young age, influencing our decisions on what makes someone beautiful? Not to mention sending unrealistic targets of a happily ever after.

I guess there wouldn’t be much of a fairy tale without the princess would there, but have we been led to believe for years that you have to be beautiful to get anywhere in life and that your looks dictate your future and finding a husband should be a womans main gocus in life.  If you look into the story lines of each films they show that as a woman your worth is dictated by how you look and that all your problems can be solved by finding the right man!
Look at Ariel from Little Mermaid, she changes species, leaves all her family to go chasing after a man that she doesn’t even know!
Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ shows  true love for someone that isn’t ‘beautiful ‘yet she is perfect in everyway, is that realistic, do looks only matter for the woman!

The best one has to be Cinderella, she is kept as a slave by her step mother and sisters until her prince charming comes along and saves her, is that the message you would want to send to your own daughters. That it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you life is like you don’t need to work to change your circumstances you just need to meet a rich man.
Now as I said before I love these old fairytale stories but shouldn’t we be aiming to tell the future generation that what is in thier heads and their hearts is what makes them beautiful, how you act and portray yourself to other is what makes you attractive and only by working hard and striving to be a better person can you live a better life.
But then again do you want to deny your children the same dreams and fantasies that you had as a child, did it really hurt us that much. Surely once your old enough to understand the fairytales aren’t real does it really matter, should we just let the children be children ?
What do you think?


Lisa xx

A bronzer vs illuminator fact

Too much bronzer is a nightmare for pale skin, instead opt for an illuminating cream or light powder to creat a healthy glow.


Lisa xx

Face Off Challange - Bargain buys

So we decided that it was time for another face of challenge were myself and Carrieanne would compete in an agreed task and see who comes out the best. Check out are last face off challenge Here.
The aim of the game this month is to find the best bargain buys
I felt for sure I would be pants at this, being a complete brand snob I am rubbish at seeking out bargains and low end cosmetics I'm not saying that there aren't some fantasitc products out there i just love the luxury cosmetics.  I have to say I was really excited though as I always feel I am missing out on great products like the MUA and ELF that Carrieanne often buys plus I am in serious need of saving some pennies so I decided to go for it full on and see what I could get.
I headed straight for good old boots, bypassed all the pretty counters at the front and headed for the endless cosmetic shelves, I was completely overwhelmed by the choice I couldn’t decided where to start so I thought, instead of gong for low cost I would go for something on offer so buy one get one free or buy this product and get that free and I found some fab little goodies.

The offer was spend over £4 on any collection products and get a free Hot Looks Nail polish worth £1.99, Here is what i bought
Colour Pro Lips Laquer  £4.19
There were around 5 shades to choose from and I went for a natural shade that I could wear over a nice lipstick, so I got prom queen which is a lovely natural pink colour.

First impressions – little bit sticky when I swatched but I really loved the colour so I decided I would be willing to give it a go.
Freebie - Hot Looks Nail Polish RRP £1.99 – In boots i could only see 3 shades to chose from they were quite strange colours to be honest and for a second I thought I might put it back and go for something else but then I saw this aztec gold one which is a bronze/gold shade and thought it would be perfect for my hols so I took the plunge. The other colours seemed less appealing although i have looked on the website and there are many other colours to choose from so maybe i didn't look hard enough. 

First impressions – small bottle and strange shade but great wide applicator brush which I love.

I also picked up another great bargain.

The offer was buy the new Seventeen Backlash Mascara and get a free gel eye liner. I was running out of my usual Dior mascara and was really scared to try something different but I have always wanted to try a gel liner so thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give two new things a go without spending a small fortune.

Backlash Mascara £6.49 I got it in blackest black as I always use black mascara, but it does also come in blackened brown.

First Impressions - The brush actually looks quite promising, not too big but not too thin at the same time, the liquid seems quite runny though but I haven’t actually tried in on my lashes yet so I will reserve judgement for now.

Freebie – the gel eyeliner looked so cute in its little pot I initially thought it looked quite thick and cakey but on swatching it I was quite surprised how creamy it was.

First impressions – nice creamy texture, great colour pay off on swatching. The brush is pathetic it literally broke as I picked it up and the bristles were all spread out, but still I will try my best with it and look forward to reviewing it properly.

Number of products bought - 4
Total costs - £10.68
Total savings on BOGOF offer - £5.98
Overall i have to say i was extremely impressed by the choice and vast difference in cost between the type of products i would usually buy and the products i came across during this challange. I think i will be search for more bargain product in the future. Even though i still think shopping my usual way is much more enjoyable and exciting but i wont give up trying. : )

Looking forward to giving you the full reviews on these products once i have given them all a good go.


Well unlike lisa i'm not a brand snob and I don't think you can beat a good old bargain. Im not saying I don't like some luxury Make up items like I love my MAC lipsticks and Benefits Pore fessional but I love the feeling of finding a new inexpensive products with pigmentation good enough to compete 

with the High end brands. 

I went straight to Superdrug as I knew MUA had some new shades out and im happy to say I bought quite abit. I love MUA I think the pigmentation is amazing and I am rarely disappointed with their quality and the price of them are out of this world. 

MUA Lipsticks £1.00 

I bought 4 yes 4 I needed them all I got them in shades 2,3,8 and 13.
I love MUA lipsticks and think the colour pay off is brilliant the only thing I wish was it lasted abit longer but 4 a £1 I don't mind reapplying every few hours.

MUA blushes £1.00
I got 2 blushes from their new range in Marshmallow and Bubblegum.
I love these blushes a lot brighter than any others I own but I look forward to experimenting with them.

MUA Bronzers 
I don't own any MUA Bronzers so I thought I would give them a try as I love their other products and would like use some different Bronzers to contor as I use the same ones all the time.
The shades I got were number 1 and 2. As you can see from the swatches one is a light shimmery bronze and the other a deep brown bronze more matt.

After I finished in Boots I headed for the local pound shop and found a few steal items

Dainty Doll Eyeshadow 
I got this in Lollypops and Roses which is a vibrant pink think I will use it as a blush. Not had any of these products before but the pigmentation is brilliant and love the little mirror inside the compact its
a nice touch.

Rimmel Just Bitten 2 in 1 Lip balm and Stain

I got this in Flame and i wanted to try one of these but didn't want to pay full price incase i didn't like it. 

It is a lovely colour and i like the balm concept as lipstains are quite drying i just don't know how long the pen will last before it dries out.

Rimmel HD pallette 

I got this in 007 which is neutrals and think i will get alot of wear out of this.

The pigmentations are really good and i have worn these twice and they stay on the lids for hours which for £1.00 I cannot grumble. I would definitely pay full price.

Last but not least i went into a makeup shop called Dazzle which sells all types of branded makeup for cheaper then Boots or Superdrug and saw a bundle of 10 eyeliners and lip liners  at a £1.00 how could i say no!!!!

Al in all I was extremely happy with my purchases and know I will get alot of use out of each and every one. 

Number of products bought - 21 
Total cost - £12.00

So We think we did pretty well with our money and we enjoy our little challenges we both went for different strategies freebies vs low prices.

Have you bought any Bargain items Lately???

Lisa & Carrieanne xx

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