where has this been all my life - Urban Decay, De-slick Make-up Setting Spray

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seriously how have i not tried this sooner. I love finding anything that is designed for my oily skin type because I am always conscious that if i try anything new it will make my oily skin worse or cause me to break out.

because i break out a lot i like to wear lots of foundation usually opting for full coverage to make sure every inch is securely covered up as much as possible. 
Up until now i have struggled to keep my makeup on for a full day and I am really paranoid about it constantly checking my face in the mirror and re applying all the time.

I have started using primer and setting powder which helps lots  but this is added protection against makeup melt down through  oily or through everyday issues such as heat and humidity.

I bought this in the trial 30ml size for £9 as i was really skeptical about it having never used a setting spray before, but i wish i had just gone for the full size version.

My new improved routine is to prime, apply my foundation and finishing powder then once all my makeup is on i have a quick spritz of this magical mist and I am ready to go.

I can literally go all day without having to touch up my foundation at all it keeps everything perfectly in place and avoids the usually mid day shine i normally get. 

De-slick setting spray is my favorite product at the minute i will never ever be without it ..ever ever ever!

You can get this here the full version is £19.50 for 118ml and it is seriously worth it.

hands up if you are in love with Urban Decay de-slick makeup setting spray!


Lisa xx

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  1. *Raises hand* Luuurve it! I'm surprised they haven't given it a life-changing award. Matte products may claim all they want, this spray works.
    My Beauty Junction

  2. I use the Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder and I love it! It works so well and doesn't leave a white veil or cakes effect on the face.

    Jodie x

  3. This sounds so good! I will have to get it when I travel again. I currently use Mac Fix+ but it isn't amazing.

    Amina || Blog ||Oh Just One More||

  4. Have heard very good thing about it, i have super oily skin too.. Glad it worked for you, will try it..
    Keep in touch

    1. Its fab to be able to get through a day without worrying about your makeup sliding off! Give it a go.


  5. I loved this for a very long time until I realized it was turning my foundation orange through out the day. I would start out with perfect makeup and end up with perfect, but orange, makeup at the end of the day.

    Fashion and Happy Things

    1. Really!! Thats so wierd iv never noticed thst at all.


  6. I was thining of getting this, but I wasn't sure...so thank you for the review, i'm deffinatley getting it now:)

    I really like your blog and i've followed you so it would mean the world to me if you could follow back:)


  7. I use the "chill" version of this spray. Obsessed. It's one of my "have to have" products!
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

  8. I've been looking at this product for ages and have been so tempted but after reading this I am definitely going to give it a try! I need something to help my make up last in this crazy UK heat wave we're experiencing!



  9. I neeeeeeeeeed that in my life!
    I have heard too many good things about the De-Slick spray -- I must! And it's nice to know that it helps with oily skin!

  10. thanks lisa!i'm following you on GFC as well. i'll login into my bloglovin account later. have a nice day!



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