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Saturday, July 20, 2013

I bought this on our recent shopping trip to Leeds, Our friend Emma who occasionally like me (up until recently, that another story) gets a mild chemical face peel.
Emma was advised by the nurse that does the procedure to buy this product to help maintain the effects of the peel which for me was the improvement in skin tone and reduction in acne scaring and breakouts.

This cleansing exfoliate doesn't contain any beads or grains as it is a chemical based exfoliate which contains Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid and Glycerine.

This clear gel like product is designed to be a gentle cleanser that exfoliates  oily and acne-prone  skin so I was really excited about trying this as my skin complexion is my biggest insecurity and I will try anything to get smooth clear skin.

The directions say “best used in the evening by massaging a small amount into your face then rinsing with water”
Immediately I began to feel the familiar tingling sensation that you get with a chemical peel. It is slightly uncomfortable but nothing too painful, this is mentioned on the directions as a possible reaction which is described as a temporary tingling sensation.

On rinsing and patting dry my face my skin felt mega clean and soft, I noticed that the greasy feeling i usually have was gone and even on getting up the next day this feeling remained.

I have used this a couple of times now, I noticed that on first use this stuff definitely works by drying the skin so i opted to use this every other day and then less frequently as my skin clears or if it becomes too dry.

I followed up with my Liz Earle moisturiser as it is very gentle and I didn't want to irritate my skin by using anything else too harsh, I often do this after a chemical peel too as i find that things like Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel sting my face in the sensitive areas beneath my eyes.

The verdict

I have used this for a few weeks now and I am really gutted with the results, this stuff made me break out worse that ever!!! I am still now covered in spots on my chin and around my mouth it is just awful. I was so hopeful for this stuff especially as the first few goes seemed to leave my skin soft and smooth but with frequent use this  stuff is terrible!!

Sk:n claim that this is for oily, acne prone skin and obviously it works by bringing impurities to the surface ( i just don’t get that, why would anyone want to bring their spots out!!)

Another negative for me is that it is advertised as being a ‘gentle cleanser ‘which I don’t really agree with, maybe i have more sensitive skin than most but I would definitely say that for me this was quite harsh so for anyone with mega sensitive skin i would  recommend to use it sparingly if at all.

Over all pretty annoyed with this one, so I am on the hunt for more skin clearing miracle workers, any suggestions?


Lisa xx

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  1. Ohhhh, i can understand how it feels when something make your skin break out crazy.... Sorry it dint work for you..
    Keep in touch

  2. There really isn't anything miracle like you want. The idea behind things that bring your spots to the surface is clear out whats there and prevent new ones from forming. I have a purge period anytime I try anything new like that, and then my skin clears up for ages until my skintype decides to change and it stops working.

    However I recommend a fruit enzyme mask if your looking for an exfoliatent that isn't scrubby. Philosophy and Murad both have one, along with several other brands. There are only high end ones out at the moment. You might also try Alpha H Liquid Gold.

    Fashion and Happy Things

    1. I totally get what ur saying hun but doesnt stop us from hunting it down does it haha.

      Il check these out thanks for the suggestion.


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  4. interesting post,dear:-)


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