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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

We are very excited that the lovely Grace from A bit Graceful has nominated us for the Liebster Award. 

This tag comes with some rules so heres a quick heads up:

1. Each nominee must answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger that nominated them.
2. You must choose 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to pass the award onto.
3. Then make 11 questions for them to answer.
4. Go to their page and tell them about their nomination.
5. No tag backs.

Grace asked us
1. What are your summer essentials (name 3)? 
Lisa- mine has to be my mac mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle, great buildable highlighter, YSL Rouge Volupte shine lipstick in the colour coral  in touch, as it is such a bright summer colour and feels like a balm and my La Laque Couture polish also by YSL I have lots of lovely bright colours but the corail divini colour is perfect for summer plus it matches the lipstick.

Carrieanne - Its got to be My Candy Yum Yum Lipstick from Mac, My Escada perfumes in the scents Rocking Rio and Island Kiss such summery fragrances and last but not least my OPI nail varnish in Pinkin of You. 

2. What is your favorite perfume?
Lisa – ooo toughy i have lots i love perfume i think my favourite would have to be Chanel chance I think it's a modern twist on the classic brands fragrance

Carrieanne- I dont really have a favourite I change my mind with the seasons like i said in the previous question Escada is lovely for summer I do like Coco Mademoiselle too but its rather pricey.

3. What is your pet peeve?
Lisa – Loosing things! How annoying is it when you can’t find something you are looking for, i usually blame everyone else for moving it haha.

Carrieanne - When I'm in a rush and I find a sock but cant find its mate. Im sure theres a little man in the washing machine playing tricks on me as 2 go in but only 1 comes out!

4. Coffee or tea?
Lisa - Ooo i like both depending on my mood and time of day but i guess i drink more tea

Carrieanne - Tea I love all different  types of tea too especially green and earle grey 

5. If your life was being made into a movie, who would you want to play you?
Lisa - probably Emma Stone, i think she is great she is my favourite actress at the minute, she can pull of serious, funny, silly and sexy all the things i try to pull off on a daily basis of course!whether is succeed or not is a different matter haha .

Carrieanne - Drew Barrymore im a clumsy person, can be quite flirty and say the wrong things at the wrong times and I think she would be perfect for that! Plus she looks amazing in a red lipstick and I love a red lip.

6. Read a good book or watch a good movie?
Lisa- Definitely a good book, sometimes I can’t get them out of my head for weeks after. I love to snuggle up on an evening in the winter with a hot chocolate or layout in the sunshine when it is warm. Although everyone loves a good movie now and again

Carrieanne - I would normally say a good book but all this Blogging I forget to read so I would say a good movie as that my relaxing time with the other half. 

7. If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Lisa – ooo not including black i would have to go with pink, there are so many nice shades that can be dressed up or down for any occasion, there’s a shade of pink for everyone.

Carrieanne - Green, I love dark green but I get lots of compliments when I wear bright greens suits my tone well. 

8. Celebrity crush?
Lisa -Channing Tatum hot hot hot

Carrieanne - Will Smith from since I can remember 

9. Where do you shop the most?
Lisa - Warehouse for casual and Karen Millen for nice occasion wear

Carrieanne - Oasis and the good old primani for essentials

10. What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?
Lisa – Urban Decay de-slick setting spray, i just bought it and used it a couple of times its fantastic!!

Carrieanne - Benefits Pore fessional used it nearly every day since I got it 

11. Current favorite song?
Lisa - Ooo this is another difficult one,probably blurred lines by Robin Thicke it’s just so catchy.

Carrieanne - Bastille - Things we Lost in the Fire. Love Dan Smiths voice. 

Our Nominees 

Helen Louise

Our Questions

1. Which product have you re bought over and over?
2. Which celebrity style do you most admire?
3. If your life could be like a move which movie would you choose to live out?
4.Which past or current beauty trend would you never consider trying out?
5.What is your favourite part of your body?
6.Which makeup brand takes up most of your makeup bag? 
7. Whats your best sandwich Filling?
8. What product have you been really disappointed about?
9. What was your most embarrassing wardrobe piece?
10. Eyeliner or Lipstick?
11. If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

Thank you so much again to Grace for nominating us! This was our first nomination and we are very excited :)  To all those who we nominated, please let us know when you do the tag on your blog so we can read your answers to our questions!
Thanks L&C xx

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  1. Congrats! Great post!

    Would you like to follow each other with Bloglovin '? Let me know :)

    Best wishes!

  2. Lovely blog! Would you mind checking mine out if you have time? I'm currently doing a July Journaling Challenge, maybe you'd like to try it out yourself! x Erin

  3. Congrats ladies!!! .. Great Blog!!!! <3


  4. Congratulations for the nomination! What an honor! now following you on bloglovin! =)



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