Nails of the week

Well what a miserable week we've been having up North and what better a way to brighten your day than some bright summery nails.

I went through my polishes looking for the perfect coral to pop a bit of colour into my day. I settled on a Revlon Nail Enamel in 440 Siren.  I totally forgot about this, think I received it in a Glossy or Birch Box and just put it in my stash.

This is the perfect summer coral it goes on smoothly with no streaks and only needs 2 coats. I will definitely be getting my wear out of this throughout the summer months. 

I do love finding products I forgot I had have you rediscovered forgotten products recently??

Carrieanne x

A winning fact

A 1991 study showed that female politicians who employed Hollywood makeup artists and photographers were 30% more likely to win elections, simply by grooming her eyebrows, wearing certain colored blouses, and smiling!


Lisa xx

Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder

I have been making the major error for years of not wearing setting powder! WTF to be honest I always thought it was a waste of money, I mean what difference can it really make....The answer is lots!!

Sorry pinched this off of google images as i was too lazy to download my pics.

I went for Smashbox photo set finishing powder just because I had fallen head over heels in love with their light primer LINK.

I love applying this beautifully light powder with a big fluffy brush over my primer and foundation. You don’t need much at all and it leaves my skin feeling  so velvety  and gives the look of a smooth complexion  which obviously I love, who doesn't!?.

I have really oily skin and usually find myself touching up with my foundation through the day ( less so with my Smashbox primer) but this powder has great oil absorbing properties and it takes me through the entire day without having to worry about re applying.
And just for an extra bonus the powder has a SPF 15 too!!! woohoo

I would love to try other setting powders, now that I have just discovered them and know how great they are but I think I will stick with this one for a while as I love it so much, also at £18 i think it is worth every penny especially as i can image this lasting me for some time.

You can get this here

Which setting powders do you love?


Lisa xx

Leeds Lush Spa - 4th Birthday Blogger Event

Last Thursday myself and a small group of Bloggers were very lucky to be invited to celebrate Leeds Lush Spa's 4th Birthday and what a night it was.

Anyone that knows me know I have a bit of an addiction to Lush products and I feel a little cheated and disappointed if my bath or shower lacks a Lush scent. I just love it when people come into my house and can smell the lush products before they even get to my bathroom. 

The event was between 6.30 and 8. On arrival we received a glass of water which had been flavoured with fresh fruit and a red rose petal trail which was a brilliant touch. We also had a little introduction
 to what the night was about.

We went to 4 different stations around the room to go through different Spa Treatments. The staff where amazing and like always really friendly, they went through the all the different steps of each treatment and the products used.

(The Comforter)

(Validation Facial)

(The Spell)


After going round all the different treatments we got to go downstairs and see the SPA and what can i say its absolutely amazing like something out of a fairy tale. Its like a country kitchen with little bottles straight out of Alice in Wonderland and the dim lighting adds to the effect too.

We got to see 2 of the treatments in action and I have to say they looked so relaxed like they didn't even know we were in the room.

(Sound bath)

(The Good Hour)

We ended the evening with gorgeous Vegan cakes from That old chestnut which was the best cake I have ever tasted I opted for Coconut and lime and also by signing an enormous birthday card.

I loved my evening and so glad I got to have a nosey round the Spa.
This will definitely be on my Christmas list just need to decide which one I want.

Has anybody had one of their treatments?? How did you find it??

Carrieanne x

A Japanese hair fact

During the Heian Period, a Japanese woman's beauty was judged by the length of her hair, The ideal was considered almost two feet longer than her waist!

I bet that took some brushing.


Lisa xx

An Expensive Fact

To give your­self a glow by shrinking pores, giving your skin an antiox­i­dant burst by evening out skin tone with some champagne and a cot­ton ball. 

Expensive but a good excuse to celebrate!

Carrieanne xx

The Wonders of Green Tea

Green tea
I don’t know about you but I love green tea! I started drinking it after a recent health kick as I had read that it had lots of health benefits in terms of loosing weight etc but as an extra bonus it also has lots of beauty benefits too.
Clinical evidence suggests that green tea is packed with health and beauty benefits that you can enjoy whether drinking it or applying directly to your skin. Even the leaves can be used as a gentle exfoliant, guaranteed to give your skin a healthy glow.
Recent research shows that green tea extract is naturally rich in antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radicals which are nasties in the body which are linked with accelerated ageing and an increased risk of major diseases. Exposure to pollution, smoking and excess sunlight increases the number of free radicals in the blood, but the potent antioxidants found in green tea add strong weight to the belief that green tea not only promotes good health but also makes you look younger!!

The number one benefit for me was its ability to help fight spots. This is because g
reen tea contains catechins, which are anti-bacterial agents that suppress acne-causing bacteria and help regulate hormonal imbalances. It also possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the redness and inflammation brought about by spots, thereby helping them heal and reduce the scars. Yeay!!
This stuff also helps us to fight the signs of aging by preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastic which causes wrinkles, prevents bad breath and even strengthens hair.

The health benefits are endless too such as weight loss, as green tea increases the metabolism which speeds up the rate at which our bodies turn food into calories.

Another benefit is that it helps to regulate glucose levels which slows the rise in blood sugar after eating preventing insulin spikes and preventing fat storage.

Heart disease is a biggy, Scientists believe that green tea helps the lining of blood vessels, helping keep them stay relaxed and better able to withstand changes in blood pressure. It may also protect against the formation of clots, which are the primary cause of heart attacks.
Believe it or not research has also shown that green tea can reduce the risk of Esophageal Cancer, but it is also widely thought to kill cancer cells in general without damaging the healthy tissue around them.
Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves. It is this substance that is thought to provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect and be a great benefit to tea drinkers and can help prevent depression.
Tea catechins are strong antibacterial and antiviral agents which make them effective for treating everything from influenza to cancer. In some studies green tea has been shown to inhibit the spread of many diseases.

The list goes on and on.
So there you have it the miracle drink that solves everything!! Not the best tasting tea in the world but who cares with benefits like that, plus you can get green tea with added flavours to make it a little more palatable if you really struggle.
Look for skincare that contains this magical ingredient too I know I will be hunting some down!
Anyone know of any good skincare or makeup that contains green tea that might be worth a try?

Lisa xx

A Potatoe Fact

De-Puff Your Eyes With Raw Potatoes
Use raw potato slices to soothe your eyes as they are astringent which means they help decrease water retention and they also contain the enzyme catalase which helps lighten dark under eye circles. Make sure you first, wash and peel the potato. Cut two slices and place one on each eye for 10 minutes. Lay down, relax and let the potatoes work their magic. Rinse the eye area gently with lukewarm water when you're done.

Carrieanne xx

Jelly Pong Pong Mascara

I was so excited a couple of months ago when I received my Glossy Box to see there was a full size mascara and one i had never seen or heard of before.

The name Jelly Pong Pong I loved instantly and I really like the packaging it came in a lovely box describing how brilliant the product is so I couldn't wait to try it out.

The Mascara claims to be volumising and good at curling ....... the wand is very small and thin not normally something i would purchase.

When applied this mascara really disappointed me I didn't find it thickening at all and as for curling it didn't do that either. I think it made my eyelashes look thin and quite spidery. 

I wouldn't purchase this but will probably use the remaining for a day look in an emergency.

I really wanted to love this but I'm sorry but it just didn't work for me!!

Have anybody else tried and like this??

Carrieanne x

Lancome Color Design mono eyeshadow

I found this when i was sorting out my makeup bag a few weeks ago I’m not really sure how long i have had it but when i looked on the boots website it didn't come up so maybe i got it in a set or something, but if this is anything to go by i will definitely be checking out other eyeshadows, i don’t know how it has been hiding away all this time i think this will become a  product i use quite often.

This eyeshadow is so cute, the cover has the Lancome flower on it and it slides open to reveal the lovely shadow.


The colour i have is called Pose it a fab copper gold colour with a nice shimmer to it, it really pigmented so a little goes a long way, it would look lovely on a smokey eye or in the crease paired with a lighter matte shade.

I love it when i find something id forgotten about, this was nearly as good as the time i found a brand new pair of shoes in my wardrobe that i bought in the xmas sale!

As i can’t remember where i got this from i can’t really rate it in terms of cost but here’s what i think to it in all the other usual categories.



Lisa xx

A fuller fact

A little bit of red or orange in the center of the lips makes them look fuller.


Lisa xx

Big Illamasqua Giveaway Results


Congratulations to 

Katie S at Katies World

Go over and check her blog out she documents everything from Days Out, Beauty and my favorite the Fastfood Birthday cake!!!!

Hope You love the Box as much as we do  Katie 

Thank you again for all your support and next time we hope to do a international Giveaway 

Carrieanne and Lisa xxx

An arsenic fact

Englishwomen would achieve beauty by eating arsenic!! The deadly poison – used in the 19th century – gave the skin an interesting glow, although the side effect was that it shortened their life span.

Scary stuff!


Lisa xx

where has this been all my life - Urban Decay, De-slick Make-up Setting Spray

Seriously how have i not tried this sooner. I love finding anything that is designed for my oily skin type because I am always conscious that if i try anything new it will make my oily skin worse or cause me to break out.

because i break out a lot i like to wear lots of foundation usually opting for full coverage to make sure every inch is securely covered up as much as possible. 
Up until now i have struggled to keep my makeup on for a full day and I am really paranoid about it constantly checking my face in the mirror and re applying all the time.

I have started using primer and setting powder which helps lots  but this is added protection against makeup melt down through  oily or through everyday issues such as heat and humidity.

I bought this in the trial 30ml size for £9 as i was really skeptical about it having never used a setting spray before, but i wish i had just gone for the full size version.

My new improved routine is to prime, apply my foundation and finishing powder then once all my makeup is on i have a quick spritz of this magical mist and I am ready to go.

I can literally go all day without having to touch up my foundation at all it keeps everything perfectly in place and avoids the usually mid day shine i normally get. 

De-slick setting spray is my favorite product at the minute i will never ever be without it ..ever ever ever!

You can get this here the full version is £19.50 for 118ml and it is seriously worth it.

hands up if you are in love with Urban Decay de-slick makeup setting spray!


Lisa xx

An oily hair fix fact

Lemon juice combined with tea is an easy fix for oily hair. The lemon works as a great astringent but doesn't ruin the pH balance of the hair and scalp. Do half lemon juice, half black tea and rinse through clean hair.


Lisa xx

Illamasqua - Liquid Metal in Electrum

Well what a difference a day makes yesterday I was moaning that my make up was sweating off in the heat and today it's going to be running in the rain! 

I thought I would cheer my face up by using my Illamasqua liquid metal for a bright gold twinkly summer look! I am in absolute love with this and cannot believe how pigmented it is.

It is a metallic cream that can be used on the eyes, face or body. I prefer to use it as an eyeshadow but because it can be blended for a subtle look it can be used as a highlighter. 

This product is perfect for a day to night look as can be built up for a very dramatic eye look for evenings. 

It is now in the Illamasqua sale for a steal price of £7.50 down from £17.50 you can find this Here or better still it is in our big Illamasqua UK giveaway Here.


Hope the weather is better near you 


Carrieanne xx

An olive oil fact

Applying a small amount of olive oil onto your damp skin after your shower will provide great moisturising effect not to mention look dead sexy : )


Lisa xx

Make My Monday

Dry Cracked Feet

I love summer and the warm weather but I always seem to get dry feet, maybe because of the fact I think I'm a Hippy and I dont have to wear shoes for walking round the garden!

I thought I would show my feet some love and give them some pampering. 

What you will need 
  • 1 cup milk
  • Sugar or salt (either will work)
  • Baby oil or vegetable oil
  • Thick moisturiser
  • Socks
  1. Soak feet for 5-10 minutes in a warm foot bath made with 1 cup milk and 5 cups warm water.
  2. Create a homemade foot scrub by putting 4 tablespoons salt or sugar in 1/2 cup oil. Baby oil or vegetable oil works well.
  3. Massage the homemade foot scrub in a circular motion into bottoms of feet
  4. Apply moisturizer thickly on feet. A super-rich moisturiser like cocoa butter or even Vaseline works 
  5. Put on some cotton socks and keep them on throughout the night
Hope this helps some of you too as remember to love your feet as they carry you round for most of your day. 

Carrieanne xx 

A foody fact

Fight wrinkles and keep hair and nails healthy by fortifying your diet with lots of silicone-rich foods, such as, Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, and tomatoes (including the skin).

Lisa xx

An excercise fact

I’m sure you know the benefits of regular exercise but  exercise has hidden benefits as well; it helps to detox the body !
Exercise helps the body to rid itself of accumulated wastes, toxins, and poisons becauses if increased circulation of both the blood and lymph, it makes you sweat and it makes you breathe more heavily and deeply.

Lisa xx

Sk:n Exfoliate

I bought this on our recent shopping trip to Leeds, Our friend Emma who occasionally like me (up until recently, that another story) gets a mild chemical face peel.
Emma was advised by the nurse that does the procedure to buy this product to help maintain the effects of the peel which for me was the improvement in skin tone and reduction in acne scaring and breakouts.

This cleansing exfoliate doesn't contain any beads or grains as it is a chemical based exfoliate which contains Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid and Glycerine.

This clear gel like product is designed to be a gentle cleanser that exfoliates  oily and acne-prone  skin so I was really excited about trying this as my skin complexion is my biggest insecurity and I will try anything to get smooth clear skin.

The directions say “best used in the evening by massaging a small amount into your face then rinsing with water”
Immediately I began to feel the familiar tingling sensation that you get with a chemical peel. It is slightly uncomfortable but nothing too painful, this is mentioned on the directions as a possible reaction which is described as a temporary tingling sensation.

On rinsing and patting dry my face my skin felt mega clean and soft, I noticed that the greasy feeling i usually have was gone and even on getting up the next day this feeling remained.

I have used this a couple of times now, I noticed that on first use this stuff definitely works by drying the skin so i opted to use this every other day and then less frequently as my skin clears or if it becomes too dry.

I followed up with my Liz Earle moisturiser as it is very gentle and I didn't want to irritate my skin by using anything else too harsh, I often do this after a chemical peel too as i find that things like Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel sting my face in the sensitive areas beneath my eyes.

The verdict

I have used this for a few weeks now and I am really gutted with the results, this stuff made me break out worse that ever!!! I am still now covered in spots on my chin and around my mouth it is just awful. I was so hopeful for this stuff especially as the first few goes seemed to leave my skin soft and smooth but with frequent use this  stuff is terrible!!

Sk:n claim that this is for oily, acne prone skin and obviously it works by bringing impurities to the surface ( i just don’t get that, why would anyone want to bring their spots out!!)

Another negative for me is that it is advertised as being a ‘gentle cleanser ‘which I don’t really agree with, maybe i have more sensitive skin than most but I would definitely say that for me this was quite harsh so for anyone with mega sensitive skin i would  recommend to use it sparingly if at all.

Over all pretty annoyed with this one, so I am on the hunt for more skin clearing miracle workers, any suggestions?


Lisa xx

A nail strengthener fact

Cut a lemon in two parts and dip your fingers inside the fruit so that all your nsil is inserted. Keep your fingers there for 10 minutes, this will help strengthen your nails and and help to prevent them breaking,

Lisa xx

Review - Bamboo Style Boho Waves

At the moment I'm down at my partner family's in Southampton and its so blumming hot!! So much warmer than up in Yorkshire and I thought it was warm there. So today I thought I would go for the no make up natural look with a beach style effortless hairstyle.

Last week in my Glossy Box I received the Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist. So thought I would give it a whirl. It says it is made with organic bamboo and blue yucca for sustainable style.

You can use this on dry or damp hair by spraying from root to tip and shaping with your fingers for loose, tousled style. 

I applied this to damp hair and let it dry naturally and this was the result after been out and about all day. 

This made my hair look natural and weightless and not at all greasy like some other products I have used in the past. 

I will definitely be using this a lot in the future for these kind of too hot to do anything days as I don't know about you but can't think of anything worse than using straightness and blow dyers in this heat. 

Hope your all enjoying the lovely weather in the UK or where ever you may be! 

Carrieanne xx

An oily fact

Apparently using an oil-based product to remove makeup or excess dirt from your skin can actually improve your epidermis' condition. This is because Over-cleaning stimulates the sebum glands, which causes skin to over-produce oil. Using oil-based products will have the opposite effect.

Lisa xx

200 Follower Giveaway - Big Illamasqua mystery box

Firstly I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you from myself and Lisa to each and every one of you that have took time to read our blog, comment and follow. We never expected to get to 200 so quick and we are very grateful. 

 (This is mine your will come unopened in cellophane) 

 Ok now the mushy stuff is out of the way here's the deal as a big thank you we are giving you a chance to win a Illamasqua eyes and nails Mystery Box with products totalling £92.00!!!!! 

 (This is an example, what I received in mine) 

I already have snatched myself one and I have to say its amazing! The box comes with 2 definite products which are the Liquid Metal in Electrum and their Precision Ink in Glister, it also comes with 4 mystery products 2 nail varnishes and 2 eyeshadows. 

 (The gold is the liquid metal and the pink the Glister ink) 

I cannot beginning to explain how in love I am with this gold it goes on like a cream and has the best pigmentation I have ever seen, will be brilliant for a smoky eye look too. The Glister ink stays on until you makeup remover it off, it can also be doubled up for nail art... Oooooo!! 

 All you have to do to enter is follow the instructions in the raffle copter. 

  a Rafflecopter giveaway
Sorry this is open to UK only.

Goodluck wish we had enough spondoolies to give you all one but we don't booooohoooo 

Lisa - " I was stopped trying to sneak home with this, good luck your in for a real treat" 

Thank you once again for all your support we have come across some great Blogs and fantastic posts and look forward to discovering plenty more!  

 Carrieanne & Lisa Xxxxx

A vainity fact

According to researches, an average woman spends about 120 hours a year looking at herself in the mirror, which is approximately 5 days!

I really think I at least double that, I am always checking my foundation for the dreaded spot sneaking through!

Lisa xx

Brushes brushes everywhere!!

Now I have to be honest the only brush I really use is the one for applying blush and bronzer. I do have a small collection of Japonesque brushes that I was bought for Christmas last year but only the basics, foundation, blush and eyeshadow brushes. Don’t get me wrong they are lovely but I just can’t get into using them, i think it is probably because they were bought for me as a gift so they aren't quite right for what i want.

Since we have started this blog I have set myself a number of little promises, one is to get a full set of brushes and actually use them.
Gees….brushes brushes everywhere! Oh my lord there a sooo many brushes to chose from where on earth to start. As always when I am considering trying anything new, I Googled it!!
I thought it would be as easy as picking the prettiest set at a decent price but it turns out there is much more to it than that. I came across this fab website which talks us through everything we need to know about brushes. I would definitely recommend checking this out.
Anyway after taking into account all the great tips from this website, synthetic or natural, bristle length, shape, thickness, all of which depend on the look and coverage you want as well as your face shape! (who knew) .
I have decided that I will need..ok want;
  • a relatively narrow, short bristled foundation brush
  • an angled contour brush
  • a small flat edged eyeshadow brush (for eyeliner and brows)
  • A medium blusher brush
  • An thin angled eyeliner brush

All I need to do now is decide which brand to go for. I Know Carrieanne is loving the Real Techniques set and I have heard some great things about these but I can’t help the natural urge I get to check out the MAC brushes especially as I know there a lots of different options., mmmm decisions, decisions.
Just also to mention that the link I have included also has details of how to care for your brushes which is massively important for a number of hygiene and health reasons but also to ensure you continue to get the best use out of them especially as some can be quite expensive, they aren’t things we want to be replacing every month.
any brush suggestions?
Lisa xx

A sweaty fact

In Ancient Rome, sweat from gladiators and fat from the animals that fought in the arena were sold in souvenir pots outside the arena. Apparently, it would improve a woman's complexion!
I would do almost anything for a good complexion but i think i would draw the line here, what about you guys?
Lisa xx

YSL Wet and Dry Pure Cromatic Eyeshadow quads

I don't think it's a big secret that i LOVE YSL products, i have lots and lots of them and will definitely be buying more in the future. 

So far Carrieanne and I have reviewed the La Laque Couture nail polish and the Rouge Volumpte Shine lipstick which are both amazing but today i thought i would show off my eyeshadow pallets.

I have two of these pallets, my first was number 5 which as two shade of pink one is very light and the other a very bright, there is also a silver/grey and a charcoal black, all in a shimmery finish, this pallet is great for smokey eyes.

The second pallet i bought was number 6 which i bought specifically for the summer  as it contains a kakhi green, gold, pink and purple all in a shimmery finish

The four colours can be paired up to give two different looks, as well as being versatile enough to use wet and dry! So you’re getting 4 completely different looks out of 1 quad.
The pictures below show the number 6 pallet .

Used dry the shadows give a shimmery finish or if you use a wet applicator the look can be further dramatised to give a rich pearlescent finish!

Image shows eyeshadows applied dry

Image shows eyeshadows applied wet.

The packaging as ever is beautiful although they don’t stand up to being carried around in your purse as the gold colour dulls and becomes very scratched. I have to keeping these babies at home, luckily the colour stays on for quite a while especially if applied wet so you don’t have to keep re-applying anyway.

At £39 They are quite expensive and I think there maybe similar much cheaper products on the market that I would like to try to compare quality but on the whole I love these even with the heafty price tag.


You can buy these here

Hands up if you are addicted to YSL!!


Lisa xx

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