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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I don’t know about you but I have always thought there were 3 skin types, oily, dry and combination. Out of these 3 I would consider myself to have oily skin which has caused me to be prone to breakouts. Now through my teens this was fine, focusing all my attention on stopping the spots.
However, as I have got older I never really thought about changing my routine, I believe that the products I buy are working in controlling breakouts (although I still get a few now and again) and I worried that If I change to anything else my spots would come back, so basically I am now in my late 20’s and still treating my skin like I was a teenager!
The main issue with this is that I have been faced with a new challenge, AGING!! I want to use anti-aging products but I have oily skin what on earth do I use! I have been researching this for quite a while now and only this morning I came across this website
Renee Rouleau is a lady who has designed a skincare range, obviously the main goal of the website is to sell these products but it is also packed with lots and lots of useful information about skin care, FAQ’s, tips and advice etc. The most interesting bit of info I came across is that there are actually more than 3 skin types. (You learn something new everyday)

This link takes you to a page on the website that describes 9 skin types highlighting the symptoms associated with each one, this then allows you to pin point exactly where you are.
You can then find details for the perfect skin care regime for your skin type so even if you aren’t interested in trying this specific brand you can note down all the useful info and the products that are best for you and then go and find products that fit the bill elsewhere.
After reading through the list of 9 it was very apparent that I am skin type 2, which is described as oily/combination/occasional breakouts/anti-aging. Which is absolutely bang on!
The symptoms are listed as;
·         Enlarged pores and produces oil mostly in t-zone
·         Skin feels tight, irritated or sensitive when harsh products are used
·         Needs hydration without heavy oils or pore-clogging ingredients
·         May get occasional mild breakouts and cysts (weekly or monthly)
·         May get clogged pores and blackheads
·         Post-blemish red/dark scars that linger
·         Wants to keep skin healthy and smooth
·         Concerned about aging
·         May have hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
Other than the last point all of the above are sooo true for me.
She then goes on to say
‘The key to this routine is: balance. It’s about giving your skin the unique oil-absorbing, acne-fighting ingredients it needs, while nourishing your skin with anti-aging antioxidants. This routine incorporates natural Elderberry Extract, stabilized Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid to do just that. Adding the benefits of Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acid to unclog pores, your skin will be healthy and balanced.
To say I am happy about stumbling across this website is an understatement and I was really tempted to try out the Renee Rouleau range (even though I have become very attached to my Liz Earle products), that was until I saw how much it costs!

For the 11 piece set which includes
·         Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel
·         Elderberry Toner
·         Vitamin C & E Treatment 
·         Daily Protection SPF 30
·         Aloe Cleansing Milk
·         BHA Clarifying Serum
·         Skin Drink
·         Sheer Moisture
·         Firming Eye Therapy
·         Mint Buffing Beads
·         Vitamin C Mask
The cost was a wopping $388.35 which works out about £330!!! I could argue that I don’t need the whole kit but once you start reading the descriptions of each item its hard to decide which bits to leave out so I think I might use the info provided in the website to look for cheaper alternative because there is no way I will be shelling out that kind of cash anytime soon.
I would definitely recommend checking this site out just for the details. I could spend days reading all the great info but here are a few other useful links to the website ;


Lisa xx

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  1. love your blog :)

    would like follow each other ? :D

    1. hi, thanks hunny we will stop by your blog now : )


  2. Oh wow, that sounds great!

    Corinne x

  3. I have oily skin also, but for some reason when it's winter time I get more of a combo skin type.

    xoxo -B ♡

    1. Ye our skin is a wierd organ it changes more than we thing and the weather definitely influences that which is sooo annoying.

      L x

  4. Interesting post! I have dry skin, and I absolutely hate it :( xx

    1. Theres some great tips on the website for dry skin too, check it out.

      Carrieanne is also working on a post on dry skin so keep an eye out for that aswell! :) x


  5. I absolutely love your blog. I loved it from the first time I came across it with the ancient chinese fact but after this I really have confirmed it. I will definitely be coming back often - your blog is so educational but it is in the most awesome, inspiring and fun way!! so interesting.

    1. Thankyou so much thats such a lovely comment we will be wearing big smiles all day :)

      L&C xx

  6. followed you on bloglovin 42 :)

  7. What an awesome post! I am in the same boat you're in! I'm in my late twenties and oily as can be... I'm trying to find some happy middle ground between keeping my skin clear and trying to prevent wrinkles. I'm definitely going to check out those links that you shared!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Im so tempted to buy some products from the range but just want to see if i can find a cheaper alternative this weekend.

      Definitely check out the site!



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