Face Off Challange - 3 Product Challange

Monday, June 17, 2013

Since it was nearly a week since we started our blog we thought we would get together to celebrate!

I left work on Friday and headed straight over to carries for a night of pampering.

Once the chinese was ordered and the wine was flowing we thought it would be fun to try something different for the blog.

We thought we would do a 3 product challange where we would litrally pick three of our favourite products and then do what we could with them in under two minutes!

We took before and after shots to show you how we did. (Which can i say was quite traumatising) but we also thought this might help you put faces to our names.
Thats Carrie on the left and me and my forehead on the right.

I dove straight in for my MAC longwear foundation without even thinking. Foundation is my weakness I cant leave the house without it.

My 2nd pick was an easy one too as I can't bare to be without it, I picked up my Dior show waterproof makeup mascara (my new favourie mascara... for now at least) 

The third choice was the biggy as it would actually make the look. 
what do I go for, lips or eyes, lips or eyes!! Aarrgh I quickly picked up my Lancome Laque Fever lipgloss in 312 'Furious in Fushia' As it is such an amazing colour with lots of sparkles in it, I thought it would be quite a bold statement.

Carrieanne's first two choices were again foundation and mascara, using Maxfactors 3in1 foundation and Benefits they're real mascara but then for the third pick carrieanne went for a MUA cream blush in Bittersweet. 

The timer was set to 2 minutes and we were off .... Heres how we did.

Carrieanne was imaginative and used the blush as both a blush and a lipcolour!! (I would have never thought of that haha
What would be the three items you would grab?

We were thinking of doing a recreate the look challange, comparing highstreet brands against high end brands, if you guys think that would be fun and useful? Let us know of any other Face off challanges we could do. 

These were our takeouts haha

Lisa xx

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  1. You both look good :) Great choice picking Prolongwear it's fab!..smart move with the blush Carrieanne.
    I would really love to try this too,such a great idea...

    Bea x

  2. This is such a fun post. I would say my three are foundation, mascara and lipstick :) x

    1. Glad you like i hopefully we will do more posts like this especially uf we get to have wine and takeout in the process haha.

      Looking at those pics i think i should have picked eyebrow pencil lol.

      L x


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