Diorshow Waterproof - Backstage Makeup Mascara

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I am the biggest cry baby ever! I will blubber at anything, a cute picture, a song on the radio anything! It’s really quite pathetic. Sooo I have to make sure I am always armed with a good waterproof mascara.

Up until now I haven’t been able to find a mascara that I would re-buy as there always seems to be something I don’t like about them. 

I have been using Diorshow Waterproof - Backstage Makeup Mascara for a few months now and I really love it, I would say that it puts a tick in every box for me, it's waterproof but doesn't clog up and it gives great coverage and volumising effect with the first application. 

The applicator brush is huge which is great for the lashes but does mean that if your a little heavy handed like me it is easy to end up with mascara on your eyelids.

I know it is quite pricey at £23 but then again you are definitely getting what you pay for with this. I have tried other brands that have been more expensive and not been as impressed as I was with this one.

You can buy this here

 I might have to toughen up a bit and stop blubbering long enough so that I can try non-waterproof mascara too, which i know is better for everyday use.

I am certain Carrieanne will be putting together a review on her new fav Benefits ‘They're real’ as I know it has become on of her staples.
Watch out for her post!!

Price ***


Lisa xx

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  1. That is expensive but it sounds like its worth the money :)
    Laura xx

  2. I am finding I am gravitating more and more towards the higher-end mascaras. I am loving my Lancome Hypnose mascara at the moment! Recently bought a YSL one too....oops! hahaha

    great post x


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