Benefits Watt’s Up highlighter.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The first hurdle when choosing a highlighter was that having never used it before I was a little unsure what to go for; I had done my usual internet trawl to narrow down the list of possible purchases and decided I would hit the Benefit counter on my next visit to Debenhams, as there seemed to be quite a few to choose from in this brand from creams, powders to liquids.

The product I chose to buy was the Benefits Watt's Up Highlighter. As always with Benefit products the packaging is funky and fun maybe even a little over the top.  The highlighter itself is a retractable cream stick that allows for accurate application and at the opposite end there is a sponge for blending.
 I really like the cream to powder finish and the champagne glow is lovely although I tend to use my fingers to blend rather than the sponge. I have worn this a few times and people have always commented on it.
The downside for me is that the on application of the highlighter it feels quite thick although I still found myself having to re-apply.

At a whopping £24 it could be argued that we are paying mainly for the excessive packaging rather than actual product but hopefully it should last quite a while !!
I would consider buying this again but  I would probably try something else first such as the sun beam of moon beam liquids by benefit or even the mineralize powder by MAC.
 Which do you guys prefer?

Staying power***
Colour *****
Application ****


Lisa xx

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  2. Lovely blog :)
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    Adriana xx

  3. nice blog!
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  4. Hi! Great review. I've heard good things about this highlighter. But I wondered if it was worth the price, there are a lot of great highlighters out there for cheaper. Thanks for the review, it was great!
    I just started following your blog, I'd love if you'd check mine out and consider following me too :)
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

  5. This is one of my all time favorite highlighters! Great product!

    Maddy @

  6. I've been considering buying this actually! May go for it if I can't find any cheaper ones that work well! x

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